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100 African Tailors, Seamstresses & Fashion Designers to checkout in London


‘Paradigm Shift’ by Doug Kazé: Contemporary AfroSoul Jazz at it’s best

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Grill N Roses Special: 7 African BBQ Grills Londoners can look forward to this Summer

100 African Tailors, Seamstresses & Fashion Designers to checkout in London

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SOS 30 Coiffeuses Afro à Londres

Is Britain guilty of ‘Trafficking’ International Students?

La liste des emploi (20 offres) en rapport avec l’Afrique basées à Paris : Decembre 2016

Best of #BlackBritish: 30 Mobile Afro-Hairdressers in London you should check out

Migranti Africani a Reggio Calabria: Demographics, Discourses & Dilemmas

Talented Africans in London: 7 Reasons to visit East Ham’s Market Hall

5 Gambian Restaurants & Supperclubs in London you should get to know:

Soirée Tabaski 2016 Maliens de Londres : Malian Community in South East London

Lali London: Beautifully Tailored with an Afrocentric Twist

10 Couturièrs Africains hautement recommandés à Paris




Sénégalaise de Londres (2017): Mapping London’s Senegalese Community

Mapping London’s African Community (2016): Demographic, Dilemmas & Discourses

  Les Congolais de Londres: Mapping London’s Congolese Community

Les Nigériens au Royaume-Uni: Mapping London’s Nigérien Community

Angolanos em Londres: Mapping London’s Angolan Community

Les Maliens du Royaume-Uni: Mapping London’s Malian Community

Aw yu du? Mapping London’s Sierra Leoneon Community

Les Gabonaise au Royaume-Uni: Mapping London’s Gabonese Community

Les Ivoiriens du Londres: Mapping London’s Ivorian Community

Mapping London’s Somali Community: Discourses, Dilemmas, Demographics

Mapping London’s Ghanaian Community: Demographics, Dilemmas & Discourses 

Mapping London’s Nigerian Community (2016): A Brief Overview

South Sudanese in the UK: Mapping London’s South Sudan Community

Les Camerounais à Londres: Mapping London’s Cameroonian Community



Directory: Best 50+ African Tailors, Seamstresses & Fashion Designers in London

Top 15: London-based Black British Women making Art with every Cake they Bake

Best 20: African DJ’s you should know in London (2016)

Best 20! African Wedding Photographers in London (2016)

Best Five Cameroonian Food Joints in London (2016)

15 African Catering Companies to Check out in London (2016)

Best 20! Ghanaian Restaurants & Food Pop-ups in London

Best 15 Nigerian Restaurants and Food Pop-ups in London (2016)




Are British Universities guilty of ‘Trafficking’ International Students?

Officially Unwelcome: How Great Britain is making great strides to deter Foreign Students from studying in the UK

Dilemmas International Students face in London: African Perspectives (2016)

Books2Africa: Equipping Africa’s Rural Education Sector

5 Organisations International Students in the UK should know (2016)




Black Man in Bucharest: What is it like for Africans living in Romania?

Africans in Athens: Social Dilemmas, Demographics & Divisions

La communauté africaine en Espagne: Notes on Valencia



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<< Thanks for tuning in. I’m Tholani, a seasoned Digital Communications Specialist & Community Manager serving African communities in London & across Europe for almost a decade now. >>

<< Un pécheur sauvé par la grâce >>

<< Egyagaza omubi omulungi takimanya (Luganda) >>

<< I write about migrant communities in London and other European cities when I’m based there (which is a frequent situation) due to the nature of my work >>

<< I don’t write that much and ain’t Social Media friendly. Apologies >>


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5 thoughts on “Welcome to AfricanCultureBlog

  1. Tholani,
    I love your blog. I need to explore how I can bring my thesis to the attention of groups in Africa who wish to benefit from it – but in a sense as i start to think about this, I am not sure what it is that will be of value – therefore maybe I need to understand if there is a particular University I could approach in Africa – I presented some years ago in Dakar and was well received so I suppose this is a logical starting point. Perhaps also it is important you can give some time to reading it (link provided below to share as you feel fit) so you can advise me in relation to moving forward.

    Kind regards and thanks for your time.

    Peter Walker

    Walker, P (2016) One story, many journeys: an auto/biographic narrative case study of a community-university partnership, University of Derby Ed.D, Available online at:  http://hdl.handle.net/10545/620811

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    1. Hey! I have a great collection of African Stock Photos that represent African Identity and Culture. You can use those if you want to use them… pichastock.com
      Hopefully, It will help you.


  2. Bonjour nous avons ouvert un nouveau concept de restaurant africain à Paris, AFROODIZIAK. Je vous invite à venir déguster nos délicieux !
    Nous somme situé :
    42 bd magenta
    86 rue de belleville


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