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Toast2YoungLondon: An inspiring night for future Entrepreneurs

Nous devons être un catalyseur en favorisant et en mettant en relief l’excellence artistique dans les collectivités africaines de toutes les régions du Royaume-Uni et en Europe. Si tu aimerais que tes efforts soient mis evedette sur ce site, envoie-nous un courriel! | Cet poste est uniquement disponible en anglais pour le moment.

It was a breezy evening on the last Thursday of the month in October when I made my way through the mazy narrow streets of the Barbican/Clerkenwell area in Central East or East Central London – however you want to call it. My destination was the Nomad Club; Toast2YoungLondon were hosting their first networking event – good vibes, great speakers and a plenty of wise words and useful advice to scribble down on one’s phone, note pads and/or memory was a common characteristic of the audience on the night. It was an excellent event.

Event Host: Mo Chunks


An aunt of mine use to tell me a few years ago; “the faintest ink is better than the smartest brain” so I certainly made use of taking notes ahead of memorising; Emeka & Ifeyinwa Frederick’s presence was a heartfelt. The Nigerian and Grenadian Twins are multi-talented and certainly well travelled. Emeka spent a year in Spain whilst Ifeyinwa spent some time in France – great to meet this French speaking sister by the way 👏  👏 🏆👏 🏆 👏 👏 Very Inspirational!!! Anyways – back to the read; It was their shared experience and passion for food that birthed Chuku’s – The world’s first Nigerian tapas lounge.


The sophisticated and dynamic duo’s birth of Chuku’s is certainly a fresh and original concept and has flourished and gone from strength to strength ever since. Chop, Chat, Chill pop-ups are about exploring their Nigerian heritage, showcasing and sharing it with others through the medium of food. They were joined by Nathaniel Holder, the Founder of Sophisticated Knots who spoke of his unique vision  to create a company dedicated to providing a service of tying knots with a difference. Nathaniel spoke about consistency, determination and being ‘not afraid to do you’ as key attributes for aspiring entrepreneurs. Nathaniel can also show you how to knot a tie in less than a minute here.

For more info about Ife and Emeka’s Chuku’s Masterpiece cuisine and experience; check them out here:

Insta: /ChukusLDN | Facebook: /chukusLDN | Twitter: @chukusLDN | Email:



Aaron Mufasa and Lina Gadi are another combined team turning heads and gaining a whole host of features on their journey with Shear & Shine: Britain’s First Black Owned Grooming Brand – so strong was their passion and advice to us about how and why Aaron started this grooming brand which targets Afro-Caribbean skin and hair – that I tweeted a lot of what they were saying! (as seen below).



Shear and Shine Grooming Products are available to purchase at, the Shear and Shine barbershop and will soon become available in selected retailers in London.

Insta: /ShearAndShine | FB: /ShearAndShineUK | Twitter: @ShearAndShine


LUPUS UK is the only national registered charity supporting people with systemic  and  lupus and assisting those approaching diagnosis. It is also a disease significantly more common in the Asian and Afro-Caribbean ethnic groups.


Surveys in the UK, for example, suggest that the prevalence of lupus – 1 in 750 Caucasian women – rises to a striking 1 in 250 Asian/Afro-Caribbean women. As many cases remain undiagnosed lupus must rank as one of the major diseases of the Asian population. On the night; we had a great presentation from Paul Howard (below) about Lupus, signs and symptoms, how it can be treated and how we can be support the organisation to help those in need. I had never heard of Lupus – a disease that has now been identified as common and important.


There is currently no cure for SLE however the improvement of medication has allowed practices to distribute medicines that stabilize Lupus. It can take up to seven years to finally be diagnosed and certain medication is used to sustain the illness and keep episodes to a minimum. #LupusAwarenessMonth is a hashtag worth following on Twitter; please do support them – every little helps does count.

For more information; do visit | FB/lupusUK  | Twitter@LupusUK | Insta/Lupus_UK


Yinka Odukoya – Wow and Wow again! I wouldn’t say that Toast2YoungLondon saved the best speaker or speaker testimonies till last – but goodness me it felt like that with Yinka’s story behind YinxTastys. The well travelled and seasoned #GoodChef is a professional, driven and talented cook and caterer.


The modest and diligently hardworking Londoner (pictured above on the left) spoke about how she has always wanted to be a chef since the age of 7 – up and down journeys with events , working across the country and west Africa, suffering with anxiety and depression and being ‘real’ with the audience about the harsh realities of starting a business makes this lady – a winner! I look forward to seeing what God has in plan for her for the future. A specialist at Pan-African Dishes, A lover of Homemade African-inspired food and has an eye for detail. Find out more about Yinka via her YinxTasty Food Festival event here.




Entertainment from Mina West; the spoken word poet graced the audience at the end with performances centering on love, relationships and natural hair. Mina has been writing since a young age. ‘The Crown’ is a thought provoking piece on the perceptions of society (men in particularly) towards black women who rock their natural hair – I hope to feature/interview with Mina soon – it’s a poignant piece – you can check it out here


Find out more about Mina West here:

Insta: /Mina_West | FB: /MinaWestOfficial | Blog: / | Twitter: @MinaWest_Tweets



It was a remarkable event from Toast2YoungLondon! I am looking forward to their next one. And a big shout out to Mo Chunks @Mo_Chunkaay who hosted the event. Toast2YoungLondon produced this event as a networking evening in partnership with LupusUK to motivate those who want to learn or be inspired to start / grow their own businesses. The night showcased inspirational speakers to share their business stories.

Toast2YoungLondon recognise and promote Young Entrepreneurs in London through live networking events. To get in touch and to find out more:

Email:  | Twitter: @toast2youngLDN | Eventbrite: here


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Whether it’s information on the Best 50+ African Tailors, Fashion Designers & Seamstresses;  Ghanaian RestaurantsAfrican Wedding PhotographersNigerian Restaurants and Food Pop-upsBlack British Cake BakersAfrican Catering Companies in London. Or info on African migrants living in BucharestValenciaAthens. Or Info on London’s Diverse and rather unknown African Communities of NigeriensIvoriansMaliansGaboneseCongoleseAngolansSomaliGhanaiansSouth Sudanese and more. Or info about some of the dilemmas of International Students in the UK and even organisations that aid UK-based African International Students; we have it here on AfricanCultureBlog. Fresh local content on the UK and London’s Diverse African Community is available on this blog.


Enquires/Stay in touch:


Twitter: @AfricanCB

Facebook: /AfricanCultureBlog

Best 30 Mobile Afro-Hair Hairdressers in London

Nous devons être un catalyseur en favorisant et en mettant en relief l’excellence artistique dans les collectivités africaines de toutes les régions du Royaume-Uni et en Europe. Si tu aimerais que tes efforts soient mis evedette sur ce site, envoie-nous un courriel! | Cet poste est uniquement disponible en anglais pour le moment.

Mapping Hairdressers in London is a bit of an arduous task. This post is about doing just that. London has hundreds of Afro hair dressers within their own shops, renting chairs in shops, people that come to their houses or going round to the homes of others in what is known as ‘mobile hair dressers’ – a growing trade by the way – Instagram and Twitter prove that.  You’ll find a growing handful of guys too – going to hairdressers – I use to have small locs done from one in Stratford a while ago; and it’s a similar story for others.


Attached below are some of the best #BlackBritish hairdressers to save you from any future bad hair days based in central, north, south, east and west London. Voila!


(Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire)


Sarah is the name and the hairdressing pro for the months of NOVEMBER -DECEMBER will be doing all weaves for £20-£40 only!!! Depending on the style. Sarah O is an experienced hairdresser based in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire. She sells top grade raw virgin hair from the The Grey Room Collection and you can purchase this fantastic hair by emailing her at She does travel as a mobile technician and also offers others other services such as waxing, individual eyelash extensions amongst many other things. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for further enquires:

Mobile: 07825855600 | Email: | For more info; please click here


(All over London)


When you want your hair done and if you’re based or can easily access South London; make bsweet aware. Bsweethair will work in the comfort of your own home to give you and your hair a brilliant look and tailored finish. Whether it’s Micro, Senegalese & Kinky Twists. Micro, Crochet & Box Braids or other weave patterns in general; get in touch! Bri specialises in weaves and wigs.

Insta: /bsweethair | Phone: 07403137777 when you want your hair done. Twists, Crochet, Box Braids, Faux Locs, Pic n Drop, Weave | Email: | For more info; please click here


(All over London)


Here we have Alyssa – who offers her lovely bespoke service in all London areas. The well experienced mobile Afro-Caribbean hairdresser has a wide range of expertise and offers quality and affordable service at competitive prices.

Specialities Include:  – Box braids  – Senegalese twists – Kinky twists – Pick and drops – Crochet braids – Vixen crochet and weave on – Weave on – Cane rows – Ghana braids – Tree Braids – Faux/Fake locs – Previous Hair removal – Wash and blow dry – Hair relaxing

Phone: 07914082562 | For more info; please click here

3) LIZ

(All over London)


 Elizabeth, a mobile hairdresser who creates Art with every style she designs. Liz’s creations and hair designs will certainly compliment all your facial features to stunning effect. Specialities include:

– Box braids
– Crotchet braids
– Marley & Kinky twists
– Senegalese twists.

Call or Send her a text/email for a price list & more information. Furthermore, last minute/On the day appointments are also available! Just give her a call or text for a quicker response.

Phone: 07932960954 | Email: | For more info; please click here


(Edmonton + North London & Beyond)


Hairdresser & Beautician Paulina is available at a very AFFORDABLE and COMPETITIVE price for all hair and skin type. I offer my services in and around London.

Specialities include: > Wig making > Crotchet > Faux Locs > Box braids > Weave  > Cornrow > Hair treatment > Senegalese twist  AND MANY MORE….

Phone: 07477115253 | For more info; please click here


(Croydon + London)


Introducing Patrice:  An Afro hairdresser, who specializes with Weaves, Braids, cutting and styling. All prices are listed on the links below and do remember outcall Prices Differ.

Insta: /Patrice_Ramz_Hair | Fell free to contact Patrice via whats app or text to discuss 🙂 on: 07860205385 (whatsapp) or call only:07495624542. | For more info; please click here

*** Checkout: AJ’S CROWN UK ***


Freelance Hairtylist Ambitious Jai  is based between the West Midlands and London; the South London based stylist is a pro at pre made custom wigs. Whether it’s coloured hair, peruvian straight closures, blunt cuts, bleached knots, side part bob sew in and ore – AJ supplies it. Book your appointments and find out more about her custom made – ready to order wigs here:

Phone: 07576 574433 (10 am -10 pm) | Insta: /ambitousjai | Twitter: @AmbitiousJaiii | FB: /ajscrownUK | Email:



(All over London)


Okay! So Afua pursued her career in hairdressing, with one of the most renowned salons in South London. The Sociable, Multilingual and gifted stylist goal is simple: to help her clients manage their hair and stimulate hair growth with great advice on treatment and suitable products.

Phone: 07448314282 | For more info; please click here


(Seven Sisters + All of London)


Freelance & Mobile Hairdresser Pro Fizzy is a passionate hairdresser with over 17 years experience. Her goals are simple: To make you look beautiful. If you’re looking for a permanent hairdresser, then one is advised to search no further. Fizzy also sells 100% Brazilian and Peruvian Virgin human hair in curly,straight , and body waves.

“You need not worry about weaves with closure as I am so perfect when it comes to closures, I do it without glue or tape and it lays so flat,no pushing backwards after sometime,so be rest assured you will get the best in what ever style you choose to do!”

Insta: /HairByFizzy | FB: /Hair-By-Fizzy |  Phone: 07584624611 | For more info; please click here




Mobile Afro hair service in London and Raw Virgin Hair Supplier. Without a doubt; Locks is one of the best Mobile Afro Hair Stylists in London. Genuine, Professional, Reliable and Skilful. If you’re in need of Weave removal or closure , U-Part Wig, lace frontals, Hair colouring, Silk base custom closures and more – Locks is the one to contact. Available times are: Monday to Friday – from 7.30pm | Saturday – from 8am – 8pm | Sunday – from 12pm

(For services in zones 3-6 please add, £5 to cover travel expenses)

Insta: /locksandbeauty | Please email them at | Phone: 07951695036 | For more info; please click here


(Wimbledon + All over London)


Hair 2 The Throne is a Mobile Hair and Beauty Service. The talented and skilled #GoodLady behind this brand is Monica Frempong who specialises in all hair types, bespoke wigs with an affordable payment plan and all weave extensions installations. Whether it’s micro rings, cutting, relaxing, hot oil treatments and free head massages with hair appointments – it can be done with Hair 2 The Throne. Monica is also a Make Up Artist for special occasions and sells virgin human hair extensions and provides a personal Bespoke quality service dedicated to each individual client. Based in a chilled environment or within the comfort of your own home. They are appointment only as they believe in a service that caters solely to each client – what else could you ask for? Great Service!

Available for home services and functions within and around the London area. Appointment only. 

Insta: /hair2thethrone_1 | FB: /hairtothethrone1 | Twitter: @Hair2TheThrone1 | Phone 1: 02036324339 | Phone 2: 07961225106 | Email: | For more info; please click here


(All over London)


Latenda Hair Salon is specialises in protective hair styling which includes weaves, wigs, bobs, natural hair maintenance. Latenda is also available for bridal bookings, photoshoots & music videos. The Award Winning Brand and designer is a Celeb hair & make-up artist for all hair types.

Latenda’s vast experience includes:
– Screen Nation Awards 2015/2016
– Bella Naija Guest Writer (current)
– Features in Black Hair & Beauty, Pride, Black Hair Mags, Glam Hair Mag (US), Niji Mag, CosmoBiz Magazine (US)

Insta: /LatendaHairSalon | FB: /LatendaHairSalon | Twitter: @LatendaHair | Linkedin: /in/latenda-hair | Phone: 07772 808987 | For more info; please click here


(All over London)


Professional and streamlined Mobile hairstylist service. These guys provide timeless hair and beauty services to all, enhancing a woman’s confidence and amazing personality through our experience. Services include: beauty therapy, eyebrows and eye lashes treatment, facial massage, braids specialist, hair extension technician, Upcoming entrepreneur, bring beauty and salon services to your doorsteps, Hair care and maintenance, family values, makeup, mary kay, spa and more – and yes – at your own home and premises. Anaya also offer hair and scalp treatments with their new product formula – Alpha Sisters.

Insta: /OfficialAnayaHairBeauty | FB: /AnayaHairandBeauty | Linkedin: /in/Anaya-Hair-and-Beauty | Phone: 07949343969 | Email: | For more info; please click here


(Hackney + London)


Rihana is a mobile hairdresser that specialise’s in weave. In the comfort of your own home, Rihana can and will travel to all areas in London, and occasionally outside London. The well seasoned and well experienced east Londoner offers a quality and affordable service – guaranteed! Please do not hesitate to contact her at any time to book an appointment.

Availability: Weekdays after 6pm and anytime on weekends.

Phone: 07931539235 | For more info; please click here


(Watford, Hertfordshire)


Visit Fatou’s Afro and European Hair Salon in Watford, Hertfordshire for the best in Afro and European hair care, hair products perivuan and brazilian hair
Insta: /FatousHair | FB: /FatousHair | Address: 368 St Albans Rd, Watford WD24 6PQ | Phone: 01923 802463| For more info; please click here

*** Notre Bonne Coiffeuse : NINA GADI ***


Bonjour à tous  : Nina Gadi est une coiffeuse sénégalaise à Londres pour toute les spécialités n’hésitez pas à lui.

“J’habite à Londres plus précisément à islington je coiffe chez moi et je me déplace aussi voilà je vous poste quelques de mes œuvres si vous êtes intéressé appelé moi au +44 7912 227367″

Voici quelques modèles de ses œuvres ici


 HoneyHand offers bespoke services on short weaves, full lace, lace closures, lace frontal and others via their website here. Do also check out some of their video tutorials – #GoodStuff!  For more info on some of their most popular services, please read through before booking an your appointment here
Insta: /OfficialHoneyHand | YouTube: /HoneyHand07 | Twitter: @HoneyHand01 | Email:
For more info; please click here


Special. Unique. Flawless and available right here in London! Remedy can offer her clients a mobile service in the comfort of your own home. Appointments can also be made to come to hairdresser’s house. Monday – Sunday appointments available.
Contact her for more services or to book an appointment. For more info Remedy’s Price List:
Insta: /RemedyHairandBeauty | Twitter: @RemedyHB | FB: /RemedyHairAndBeauty | Phone: 07944678616 | For more info; please click here


(Greenwich, South London)


 Afro Hair Specialist Deborah provides hair services for all hair types. Specialities include: Weave/wig making; Crochet braids/braids/twist; Relaxing/retouching; Treatment on natural & Relaxed and Children’s hair – 

For more info; please click here


(Barnet, London)


Gloria is a Professional & Experienced hair dresser based in North London, with 9 years of running her own Salon. Specialities include: Hairdressing & Styling, Expert Advice & Consultations, Restyles & Glossy Colours, Brazilian Blow-Dry, Afro Caribbean & European Hair, Dreadlocks, Braiding, Weaving, Human Hair Extensions, Tracking & Weave Tracks and Relaxing Hair Treatments. Gloria offers supreme service at the comfort of your own home or in the Salon.

Her aim is to provide you with the finest hair styles at a very affordable prices.

Phone:  07956496176 | For more info; please click here




Get your weave done for the price of £40. All types of weave styles. This price applies to a maximum of four bundles or packs of weave. Custom made wigs for £50. Conrows extensions and Ghana braids £15- £40. Crochet braids £40. Relaxing and texturising £30. Weave tracks £7.50 per track (minimum of three rows of tracks). Single braids and kinky twists £60. Senegalese twists £65. I will only respond to serious customers. Esther charges an additional fee of £5 for travel but does provide all she needs to make good hair. She doesn’t provide hair products. Book your appointment in advance to avoid disappointment. Call, text or WhatsApp Esther on 07428246461

Phone:  07428246461 | For more info; please click here


(Wimbledon + South London)


Rashida is a Professional & Experienced hair dresser located in the South London area. She has many years of experience from working in Salons and freelancing in the UK and Abroad. Specialities include: Cut & Colour, Cut & Styling, Afro-Caribbean & European Hair, Weaves, Plaiting, Wedding Hair, Twists and more. You can enjoy her services in the comfort of your own home or any location of your choice.

Phone:  07950792183 | For more info; please click here


Experienced Mobile Hair dressers. (Barnet, Camden,Tottenham and Enfield) 


Boom! Fantastic Haute Couture Hairdressing Service in North London here via Hair Therapists. Whether it’s their vintage Mobile Hairdressing Service experience; Hair extensions fitting; Blow Dry’s & Colours; Afro Hair; Box braids, Crochet Braids, Cutting & Styling – If you’re in North London – you can be served! They also travel between Zone 1 and Zone 4 and beyond (at an additional charge of course).

Phone: 07469155562 | For more info; please click here


(Lewisham, South London + Other)

Unisex Mobile Stylist Riane Cuts, Colours, Perms, Tints, Locs, Braids and more. Whether it’s Bridal Parties, a Welcome do, Weddings and more – It can be done professionally and at competitive Prices. Riane is also mobile and can travel to: Surrey, Kent, Middlesex, Harrow, Hertfordshire, High Wickham, Uxbridge, Heathrow, Croydon, Epsom, Guilford and Essex

Phone: 07983521960 | For more info; please click here

22) ADE

(Palmers Green, North London)


Nano and Micro ring hair extension technician and pro Miss Ade is in demand and knows what a good extension looks and feels like.  The North London based Afro Caribbean & European Hairdresser is a qualified and insured hair extension technician in nano, micro and sew-in hair extensions. With  over 10 years hairdressing experience working with Afro Caribbean and European hair she is  flexible and can do a range of diverse hairstyles .

For more info on her price list; please click on her links below:

-Nano ring hair extensions Half Head from £180 Full Head From £280
– Micro ring hair extensions Half Head From £150 Full Head From £230

Phone: 07857431048 | For more info; please click here



Mobile/Salon Hair Artist based in London specialising in Professional Hairdressing. Celebrity, TV/Film, Music Video, Magazine and Modelling Shoots.

Insta: /SemoneLennonHair | FB: /Semone-Lennon-Hair | Twitter: @SemoneHairStyle | Phone: 07940156045 | Email: | For more info; please click here


(Stockwell, South London)


Creative hair designer and stylist, specialising in Afro-Caribbean & Asian Hair. Holistic and healthy hair enthusiast. Rohmarra is a hairstylist with 5 years experience in London offering hair extensions and hair dressing for special occasions. She’s also a natural hair specialist and gives natural hair conditioning services using organic oils and butters. She can make a hair regime to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Though Rohmarra is not mobile for single client regular sessions, you come to her home. She does travel for events and occasions or group sessions i.e. birthdays, mother and daughter, weddings.

Insta: /RohmEmpire | FB: /Rohmarra | Phone: 07746 984041 | For more info; please click here


(Croydon + all London)


Donna Rowe will give you the salon experience you deserve both in her salon and right in the confort of your own home – conveniently fitting around your daily schedule. They are fully qualified Mobile Hairdressers specialising in Afro and European hair. We also provide quality beauty treatments on request.

For more info; please click here


(Stratford, East London)


Specialities: Crotchet braids (great for balding and breakage covering)

Faux Locs | Crotchet locs | Micro Braids | Box braids | Senegalese twists | Kinky twists | Micro twists | Weaves | Cornrow | Styling | Ghana braids | Pick and drop

Phone:  07944193779 | For more info; please click here

27) ADE

(Hackney + East London)


Ade and the rest of the team at La Kesh Hairdressing in Hackney specialise in Afro and European hair services, Cuts, Blowdry, Relaxer, Treatments, Braids, Twists, Cornrows, Weaves and Wigs with with over 15 years experience in the hair industry.  we pride ourselves in providing professional and good quality services. You can be sure you are in safe hands. Our clients appreciate our honest and friendly approach.

Phone: 07479927591 | Address: La Kesh Hairdressing, Unit 3 Tilia Road, E5 8JB | FB: /LaKeshHairdressing]o  | For more info; please click here

28) BREN

(Hornsey + North London)


Bren provides a professional at home natural hair dressing service in north London for all hair types. Specialities include: finger curls, using perm rods, African threading styles, goddess locs(Lisa Monet, Eva Marcille / Meagan Good) faux locs, weaves, interlocking etc.
With over 15 years experiences, She is able to come to you in the north London area between 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday -Friday

For flexible weekday evening appointments and weekend apointments you will have to come to me in Stroud Green, N4.

Phone: 07984939631 | For more info; please click here

29) VERA

(All over London)


Mobile Afro-Caribbean Hairdresser with over 7 years experience.
Vera specializes in Senegalese, Box Braids, Crochet, Brazilian Knots, Micro Rings Extensions, Weaves PicknDrop…..  Quality and Service, in the comfort of your own home.

Phone: 07984939631 | For more info; please click here


(North London)


Adeline Hair & Beauty are an exciting hair and beauty salon located in Southgate North London and Surulere lagos Nigeria. These guys are specialists in Afro and natural hair but this is supplemented by a full range of European styling skills. They sell Natural Human hair from Brazil, Peru, India and other countries whose quality of hair is highly prized.

Insta: /adelinehair_beautyspa | FB: /adeline-hair-and-beauty | Phone: 020 8886 6893 | For more info; please click here

Are there any London based mobile hairdressers that you would recommend should be featured; feel free to comment below or tweet us on Twitter =)

Whether it’s information on the Best 50+ African Tailors, Fashion Designers & Seamstresses;  Ghanaian RestaurantsAfrican Wedding PhotographersNigerian Restaurants and Food Pop-upsBlack British Cake BakersAfrican Catering Companies in London. Or info on African migrants living in BucharestValenciaAthens. Or Info on London’s Diverse and rather unknown African Communities of NigeriensIvoriansMaliansGaboneseCongoleseAngolansSomaliGhanaiansSouth Sudanese and more. Or info about some of the dilemmas of International Students in the UK and even organisations that aid UK-based African International Students; we have it here on AfricanCultureBlog. Fresh local content on the UK and London’s Diverse African Community is available on this blog.


Enquires/Stay in touch:


Twitter: @AfricanCB

Facebook: /AfricanCultureBlog

7 African Supperclubs and Food Pop-ups to checkout in December 2016

Nous devons être un catalyseur en favorisant et en mettant en relief l’excellence artistique dans les collectivités africaines de toutes les régions du Royaume-Uni et en Europe. Si tu aimerais que tes efforts soient mis evedette sur ce site, envoie-nous un courriel! | Cet poste est uniquement disponible en anglais pour le moment.

The last month of 2016 is upon us. In case you wanted good vibes and brilliant homemade African food to befit a night out in London this month – then this read is for you. There has been a lot of ‘African Food in London’ supper club activity this year – both in this city and on this blog.


After doing a few writings on some of the 15 African Caterers to check out in London and even a detailed piece on the Best 20 Ghanaian Restaurants and Food Pop-ups in London and Best 15 Nigerian Restaurants & Food Pop-ups in London; this is the last foodie post of the year for me also. London is blessed with many Gambian, Cameroonian and Sierra Leoneon Food pop-ups also. But this month it’s “Food Glorious Food” continued. Here are the Best Seven:


(Late November 2016)


Date: Saturday 26th November | Time: 19.00pm – 22:00pm | Venue: 83 Southwark Street, London Bridge, SE1 0HX  | Insta: /ChinnysKitchen | W: /ChinnysKitchen | Twitter: @ChinnysKitchn | Email: | Eventbrite: here

In case you’re reading this article right now in November! Do checkout Chinny’s Afro Inspired cuisine live in South East London in the plush and neat abode of London Bridge. Chinny is a London based chef with Nigerian heritage who loves to cook almost as much as she loves to eat. Get yourself to this Saturday evening supper club – you won’t be disappointed!

1) Taste the Dalston Good Stuff: Food, Culture, Markets & Social Enterprise


Date: Sat 17 December | Time: 11:00 – 13:00 | Venue: Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, 13 Dalston Lane, London E8 3DF | Insta: /HackneyTours | FB: /HackneyToursLondon | Twitter@HackneyTours |  Eventbrite: here

(Engaging experiences in alternative independent East London)

Whether it’s Art * Food * Drink * Markets * Social Enterprise * or Community Sustainability; you will find something for you in this event – african inspired foods and items included.  Take a fun and intimate tour off the beaten track to find the best of East London: from world class street art to the latest street food to people making our city a better place. On their food and drink tours taste the good stuff coming out of the creative east.

2) SoulFull Café Christmas Edition


Date: Sat 10th December | Time: 19:00pm – 23:00pm | Address: Space Studios, Mare Street, Hackney E8 3RH | Insta: /SoulFullCafe | FB: /SoulFullCafe | Email: | Eventbrite: here

Back and ready to celebrate the festive season, London’s West African inspired pop-up evening brings you another night of poetry, live music performances, Afro-Fusion cuisine and all round positive vibes!
ENTERTAINMENT: The evening will feature some of the finest up and coming UK singers, musicans and poets as well as our DJ playing the best in neo-soul, hip-hop, high-life and Afrobeats.

FOOD: There will be an exquisite Christmas dinner and an assortment of delicious desserts provided by non-other than NAWA Afro Cuisine.

Tis the season so there’ll be a chance to win some amazing pizes for yourself or as gifts for your friends and family!



Date: Sat 10 December 2016 | Time: 18:00pm  – 21:00pm | Venue: The Grocery, 54-56 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DP | Insta/TokunbosKitchen | FB/TokunbosKitchen | Twitter@TokunbosKitchen | Email: | Eventbrite: here

From Strength to Strength; Tokunbo’s Kitchen are becoming a regular on this blog. They are all about creating an intimate, contemporary dining experience. I’ve given these guys a mention already in a previous blog post; but twice said means twice re-inforced that TK’s Kitchen is a must see and must eat supper club. Checkout their eventbrite page and stay impressed with their regular supper club pop-ups and awesome food!



Date: Sun 11 December | Time: 13:00 – 22:00pm | Venue: London Cooking Project, 1 Ethelburga Street, London  SW11 4AG | HostsJason’s Little Kitchen | Insta/JasonsLittleKitchen | FB/JasonsLittleKitchen | Twitter@jslittlekitchen | Eventbrite: here

Surprise Surprise! Jason’s Little thus featured yet again in our Monthly African Supperclub Series. Come and join them for a 3 course meal where they will experience the fine flavours of West African cuisine. Whilst ingredients are carefully obtained and quality produce selected to bring out the finest flavours for his meals. Jason is certainly a man on a mission; Whether you want to host a Christmas party with colleagues, enjoy a festive feast with family and friends or fancy a African meal with a modern twist then Jason’s Little Kitchen is the place to be 🙂

5) #PartyToTheEnd 2016: a celebration of our community


Date: Monday 12th December | Time: 18:00 – 23:00 GMT | Venue: 255 Elgin Avenue, Maida Vale W9 1NJ | W: /doitNowNow | Insta: /dinnAfrica | FB: /DiNNAfrica | Twitter: @DiNNAfrica | Eventbrite: here

Come FEAST and/or PARTY us as they celebrate a fantastic year in our community! This is an opportunity to have fun with a group of people who are just as passionate about Africa as you are. African cuisine will be served with a modern on the night – be there!



Date: Thursday 15 December | Time: 19:30 – 22:00pm | Venue: Paradise Unbakery59 Chamberlayne Road, London NW10 3ND | Insta: /VeganNigerian | FB: /VeganNigerian | Twitter: @VeganNigerian | YouTube: /c/VeganNigerian | Email: | Eventbrite: here

It’s the last Vegan Nigerian pop-up restaurant of the year and the festive season is upon us. What better way to round off the year than with a delectable three-course meal? Expect mouth-watering food, Christmas tunes, and the usual warm atmosphere.


Starter: Coconut, sweetcorn and scotch bonnet soup (gf)

Main: Roasted stuffed pepper; baked sweet potatoes; carrot, fennel & mint salad; gravy (gf)

Dessert: Christmas cake with pineapple/orange compote and whipped coconut cream

7) Traditional Ethiopian & Eritrean Food Buffet Night

(Outside London)


DateSaturday, 3 December | Time: 18:00 to 22:00pm | Venue: St Clements Family Community centre, Cross Street,  OX4 1DA Oxford | FB: /AbyssiniaEthiopianCuisine | Email: | Eventbrite: here

Just in case you’re in Oxford; do check out this Traditional Ethiopian & Eritrean Food Buffet Night.  Including a Large Selection of Vegetarian dishes and followed by Ethiopian coffee ceremony and a collection of Ethiopian & Eritrean music to dunce for.


Whether it’s information on the Best 50+ African Tailors, Fashion Designers & Seamstresses;  Ghanaian RestaurantsAfrican Wedding PhotographersNigerian Restaurants and Food Pop-upsBlack British Cake BakersAfrican Catering Companies in London. Or info on African migrants living in BucharestValenciaAthens. Or Info on London’s Diverse and rather unknown African Communities of NigeriensIvoriansMaliansGaboneseCongoleseAngolansSomaliGhanaiansSouth Sudanese and more. Or info about some of the dilemmas of International Students in the UK and even organisations that aid UK-based African International Students; we have it here on AfricanCultureBlog. Fresh local content on the UK and London’s Diverse African Community is available on this blog.


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Migranti Africani a Reggio Calabria: Demographics, Discourses & Dilemmas

Nous devons être un catalyseur en favorisant et en mettant en relief l’excellence artistique dans les collectivités africaines de toutes les régions du Royaume-Uni et en Europe. Si tu aimerais que tes efforts soient mis evedette sur ce site, envoie-nous un courriel! | Cet poste est uniquement disponible en anglais pour le moment.

The number of African migrants arriving in Italy by the week and by the month is quite simply put; a remarkable worry. With more than 160,000 arrivals in 2016, Italy has received almost the same number of refugees as Greece this year, and by year’s end it may surpass Greece as Europe’s new focal point for refugee flows, according to recent statistics from the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees.


Whilst working with various Nigerian, Eritrean, Somali, Ghanaian, Sudanese, Togolese and other African refugees here in Calabria; it is fair to say this well under spoken but growing epidemic has and is under-reported by British Media. The graphs and data below illustrates the number of Applications granted during the first half of 2015; these will be nothing compared to the results that will be released for the 2016 season shortly. This blog post is a sort of informal urban ethnographic report on African refugees living in Calabria.

Some of the very useful organisations working with and supporting Refugees in Calabria

I have been very encouraged by the work on the ground from organisations such as CAEP Italia, CARITAS, Kairos Europe, Itaka Training and Aware Migrants in this area. These projects (as well as assisting with the humanitarian side of things) also aim to raise awareness among potential migrants about the dangerous journey across the desert and the Mediterranean. Aware Migrants for example have a platform mainly consists of videotaped stories and accounts narrated by migrants themselves.  It is a project addressing migrants in transit and potential migrants in their countries of origin that aims to raise awareness on migration

Do Checkout: ROKIA TRAORÉ’s song: ‘Be Aware Brother, Be Aware Sister’

Chaque année, le nombre de personnes qui meurent en essayant de rejoindre l’Europe augmente. Aux 10 000 migrants qui ont perdu la vie en mer Mediterranée depuis 2014, s’ajoutent les milliers d’autres qui ont péri dans le désert, dans l’un des différents pays qu’ils ont traversés. Plus nombreux encore sont ceux qui, à leur arrivée en Libye, subissent maltraitances, viols, vols et torture, ou qui sont emprisonnés illégalement.


Rookie’s song, accompanied by a video clip directed by Gilles Delmas, will be one of the mainstays of the campaign: it will be promoted extensively through the website and social networks and can be freely downloaded from the web starting at the end of October. In particular, the intention is to promote and broadcast the song especially in the main countries of Africa with the most potential migrants.



Nigerians, Gambians, Eritreans and Guineans represent the largest number of Africans arriving to Southern Italy every week. I was fortunate enough to speak French, Hausa and Bambara with Malian, Guinean, Togolese, Cameroonian and Nigerian nationals. The Nigerian community are well numbered and scattered across the Calabria region. The Gambian community are well knit and the same can be said of Malians. Journalists, Researchers, Photographers and others that visit Riace and other notable sites are often disliked by many of the refugee locals. Taking photos without permission, twisting words that they say and rather strong ‘us and them attitudes’ many foreigners have upon arrival hinder and do not help these refugees.

Demographic of African Refugees arriving in Italy in late 2015

There has been a gradual increase in the arrival of African Women coming especially from Nigeria at the end of September 2015 was 4,371. This number has already gone up this year. Some of these women are potential victims and victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation. Furthermore, In 2015, 290 persons were repatriated from Italy in cooperation with Frontex. This has continued into 2016. 153 with flights was organised on a bilateral basis to Egypt and Tunisia, and 137 to Nigeria through joint flights with other Member States in 2015. In 2016, the current agreement is that returns will only be made to those countries where there is a re-admission agreement. A formalized agreement with Nigeria has been agreed. This was initiated by the Department of Public Safety, and forms the operational cooperation agreement with the competent authorities of the countries from which many of South Italy’s African Refugee population originate from. In particular: Gambia, Cote d ‘ Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. (Source: RAPPORTO SUI CENTRI DI IDENTIFICAZIONE. ED ESPULSIONE IN ITALIA – aggiornamento Febbraio 2016).


Osas (who I met on the train from Lamezia) is from Edo state in Nigeria and has settled refugee status and is seeking to get a Nigerian Passport so he can travel back home once in a while – African passports do offer another alternative for some African refugee.

The vast majority of sea arrivals to Italy continue to leave from Libya (88%) as seen with the UNHCR September 2016 ReliefWeb Stats below. Consistently with such trend, Libya remained the main country of departure in September. During the month, Sabratha was reported as the most common departure point. Furthermore, men continue to represent the vast majority (70%) among sea arrivals, while adult women account for 14% of the total. UASC (Unaccompanied and Separated Children) also represent 14% of all persons arriving by sea since the beginning of the year.



This is a sharp increase from the 7% share they accounted for in 2015. Their numbers almost doubled when compared to the first nine months of last year (10,133 in January-September 2015 vs 19,001 so far in 2016). Over 2,100 UASC were disembarked in the month of September alone. Gender and age profiles vary significantly among different national groups. Higher proportions of women are observed among Nigerian arrivals (women account for 29% of the total), as well as among nationals of Somalia (25%), Cameroon (25%), Ethiopia (24%) and Eritrea (22%).



Apart from the arrivals of African asylum seekers from the south of Italy; you also have the arrival of African refugees from the North. Some African families are known to have moved from Denmark and Sweden to the North of Italy. The politics of pain in regards to migration was similar to Italy. North and West Africans plenty dey there. Spain as a result had an agreement with the EU to create camps in Morocco with EU funding. In Spain, Asylum requests are increasing. The EU is telling ‘third countries’ to try to keep people in their countries – to have people stay in those countries. Much of this information has yet to filter through as many remained determined to make the journey.

Remember: Libya’s Migrant Economy Is a Modern Day Slave Market


The Doctors Without Borders Campaign (also known by its French acronym MSF) rescue ship “Bourbon Argos” landed in the Italian port of Reggio Calabria, on a Thursday morning in September 2016, with 239 migrants and refugees on board. This is a daily occurrence especially at the Reggio Calabria port.

Mediazione Globale’s Khalid Elsheikhe migrated from Sudan in the early 1990s and is now an Italian citizen. The local cooperative leads the efforts to help refugees find shelter, work and support in Satriano.

“I am happy arrived by boat from Libya, a big boat from Germany came to rescue us. They took us to the port of Bari… Then in groups of 22 we were taken to a police station by bus. It took about 45 minutes… The police were asking us to give the fingerprints. I refused, like all the others, including some women. Ten police came and took me, first, and hit me with a stick on both the back and right wrist. In the room there were 10 police, all uniformed. Some took my hands back, some hold my face. They kept hitting me, perhaps for 15 minutes. Then they used a stick with electricity, they put it on my chest and gave me electricity. I fell down, I could see but not move. At that point, they put my hands on the machine. After me, I saw other migrants being beaten with a stick. Then another man told me he also had electricity discharged on his chest. Then they just left me on the street, they said I could go wherever I wanted. I stayed there for three days, almost unable to move.”

(Source: AsylumInEurope)

19-year-old Castro fled the Sudanese government’s attacks on civilians in Darfur, which killed his two brothers and his 8-year-old sister. He then escaped hunger at the refugee camp in Touloum, Chad, following cuts in food and water provisions. Having travelled through Libya, he arrived in Italy in July 2016.

Dilemmas of the Newly Arrived Africans


According to the Amnesty International Report, many Asylum Seekers and Migrants are fleeing from various trials and persecutions. Among the thousands of men, women and children arriving in Italy every day through the central Mediterranean, about half travel to Europe fleeing conflict, persecution or other serious human rights violations. However, with the money that is involved in the travels via Niger, Libya, Egypt and sometimes other routes via the Sahara Desert; there is evidence that suggests even some ‘lower middle-class’ (If I can term them like that) are voluntarily sending some of their children (males in particularly) on these routes in hope of a better life.

“Take Care” by Francois Lepage (Refugees in France)

Around 1600 children have arrived out of 60,000 refugees to Reggio Calabria in the last two years (between mid 2014 and mid-2016). Illegals that are caught are told to leave within seven days and issued with a deportation document. However, this is always overlooked as they do not have the money, neither does the regional government have the money to facilitate their departure. There are common attempts from young refugees to escape their camps – and are often recruited by local drug dealers and groups to do criminal activities.


In October 2016, 25 minors from Eritrea who escaped were intercepted by police at Lamezia Station. They were believed to be heading for Rome where a criminal organisation exists. This organisation takes minors and tells them to do sexual work. Milan included. Popular with Eritreans and Nigerians. Nigerian women are the leading African nationality of female sex traffickers and workers across Southern Italy; many of them are betrayed and deceived by local ‘Madama’s who are from the same country and language group.


There are a number of Africans who successfully applied for their refugee status 15-20 years ago – who once they have been given their right to remain and Italian citizenship; they move to the UK and London. Italian Citizens of Nigerian, Ghanaian and Congolese origin lead the way in this department. Including those from Commonwealth and French speaking countries. This illustrates how even within long-term refugee communities still aim to move and not settle in Italy. Another common way to legally move out is to get married (legally) to an Italian national and be given Italian citizenship within two years – though this is currently being reviewed. Agriculture and ‘free jobs’ also represent an avenue for money for some Asylum seekers and refugees. 70% of African refugees in Sicily work in Agriculture. The volunteers are doing much more then the government itself – informal schools and NGOs have been set up almost entirely on volunteer led initiatives on the island.


“The Italians are not happy to be considered ‘more hospitable to refugees’ than Sweden. They feel as if the public opinion and media are pulling their legs. They think it’s a joke. They only want, apart from the leftists and the Vatican, to get rid of all these Muslims invaders and profiteers passed off as refugees.” Source: (Comments Economist)

Let’s also remember there are stereotypes and huge-scale uproars amongst many members of the rural and local communities in Calabria who are not interested in being perceived my outsiders as hospitable and welcoming. Sub-Saharan Africans do suffer from racial and religious perceptions. The outrage that took place when the syrian refugee child was found washed ashore on a Turkish beach was a despicable scene and a despicably selected media footage of a Syrian boy washed ashore when hundreds of black refugee bodies from Sub-Saharan Africa have been found dead on the shores of Egypt, Turkey and Southern Italy.

Mental Health Issues: Difficulties in asking for help

Usually it is female migrants and refugees that ask for more support; whilst men want to appear more strong and use alcohol and drugs to cope with their difficulties – this is evident in the UK and Italy. Usually Females call for more attention for help thus being likelier to receive support whilst young men are more suicidal. Many young men have seen their fellow friends killed, massacred and even brutally chopped up amongst social violence and gang-related violence.
Many are clients before coming councillors – a growing handful of former refugees want to become mentors, befrienders, mental health nurses and social workers. At Porto Reggio Calabria; it is common to find Refugee volunteers serving and assisting with humanitarian aid via various charities and initiatives.  Those that experience these problems are in better place to help those passing through these problems.
Many of the reception arrangements provided continue to prove increasingly inadequate, when not based solely on the logic of profit and often ill repute covered by emergency alleged conditions. Not only. Often the migrant is “left to itself” by a system that does not monitor or the services provided, their quality, their failure or lack, nor carry out regular inspections of entities to which managers are often assigned the management agreements on direct procurement , and thanks to dell’emergenzialità logic and need to identify places in a short time. To the detriment, in many cases, the principle of legality, as demonstrated by the judicial reports.


Nigerians and Gambians are the leading African Nationals getting married to Italian citizens with whom they have children. Many are still unable to gain a residence permit. Some organisations such as the CIE (Centri di Identificazione ed Espulsione); who apply for asylum on their behalf, some already gone on territorial commission, and awaits the outcome. When it was pointed out that, even within the CIE would have to tell his wife and children Italian has repeatedly reiterated that “the law is not equal for all.”

Nigerian women unfortunately are very well known amongst Italian Authorities to be part of an very sophisticated yet growing sex trafficking ring. For nearly three decades since the late 1970s, Nigerians travelling to Italy on work visas to pick tomatoes realised that selling sex was far easier and more profitable than harvesting fruits or vegetables. Around 12,000 Nigerian girls or women arrived in Italy by sea in 2015 and 2016, data from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) shows – a six-fold increase on the previous two years.


“Nigerian prostitutes frequently end up working as recruiters or “madams” for new arrivals from Africa, prosecutors say. These former sex workers also help with the logistics of slavery, driving trafficking victims to the cities where they become prostitutes. Victims of sex trafficking often do not want to point the finger at the madams or pimps because they are worried about repercussions or juju.”

(Source: Catania-based Prosector Lino Trovato)

Earlier in 2016, the boss of notorious Nigerian criminal organisation Black Axe was sentenced to 12 years in jail after a number of Nigerian men were brutally attacked in Palermo. The incident happened late one night in January 2014 in Palermo’s Ballaro street market, where police later found the victims with gashed foreheads.


An estimated 30,000 Nigerian women have been trafficked from their home country into prostitution, finding themselves on street corners and brothels in Italy and other European states since the mid 1980s. More than 85% of women trafficked from Nigeria have come from Nigeria’s Edo state in the south of the country, where traffickers have historically exploited chronic poverty, discrimination, a failing education system and lack of opportunities for young women to sell false promises of prosperity in Europe.


Lot B to meet A.R.F. Nigerian. Does not speak Italian, the dialogue takes place in English. It appears heavily sedated, under the influence of drugs. still he managed to tell everyone you have arrived in Italy in April 2008 (although rumored to be in Italy for 5 years) on a boat from Libya where he stayed three years spending time in Libyan prisons. His health conditions are regarded as totally inadequate to stay in a CIE. He says to take a medicine in the morning and one in the evening. Keeps saying “i am sick, help me, help me.” It has often staring into space. Even the lock companions ask to help him, claiming that give him psychotropic drugs, which is always in this state, it needs help. He is looking for a long time lawyer.

Nell’agosto 2015, la Campagna, insieme ad altre realtà che operano su Roma, si è adoperata per denunciare il tentativo di deportare 69 ragazze nigeriane detenute all’interno del CIE di Roma, alle quali era stato notificato e convalidato un decreto di rimpatrio senza prendere in considerazione sia la loro condizione fisica (alcune sbarcate in Sicilia in stato di gravidanza, vittime delle violenze e degli abusi subiti) sia il motivo del viaggio attraverso il Mediterraneo, “offerto” dalle reti di tratta dei migranti presenti in Nigeria ed in Libia.

Source: #20GiugnoLasciateCIEntrare (Ottobre 2016)

{Translation: In August 2015, our Campaign along with other organizations working on Roma sought to denounce the attempt to deport 69 Nigerian girls held within the CIE of Rome, which had been notified and validated a return Decree no taking into account both their physical condition (some landed in Sicily pregnant, victims of violence and abuse) is the reason for the journey across the Mediterranean, “offered” by trafficked migrants networks present in Nigeria and Libya.}

AGADEZ is a crucial point in the African Refugee Journey

In Agadez, Niger (the EU has an agreement) there is a big identification centre there so they can be identified prior to reaching Morocco and Europe. They are kept there with force usually and sent back to their countries. ‘Externalisation of Borders’ means the ability to keep those that want to enter your borders outside the country. Spain and Italy are attempting to do this. There is strong evidence to suggest a violation of human rights.
Agadez in Niger is the main point before the desert where all the immigrants meet. You can get a Bus to Bamako, through Burkina Faso through to Niger and then the ‘road to hell’ experience in the desert. The desert is worse than the sea – according to many refugees. Then they get to a camp in Libya where they are usually exploited and subject to violence and systematic abuse.
Greeted by the Mayor of Riace, Domenico Lucano in November 2016. This was an incredibly valuable and useful trip hosted by Kairos Europe and Itaka Training! And yes that’s me in the purple African top. Well Done Uncle Pax! Check him out here

Over 500 migrants are living in Riace from over 20 countries beyond Europe and represent about a quarter of the village’s total population. Kairos Europe and Itaka Training did a fantastic job organising this experience!

Chapeau à vous 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 !!


It is worth mentioning that CARITAS are doing a great job assisting and working with Refugees in Calabria along with other voluntary organisations. I was privileged to meet Alessandra Cugnetto of CARITAS along with Khalid Elsheikhe and Ivan Ciaramida (CAEP Italia) and all the interesting yet vital work they do with refugees in Southern Italy.

Whether it’s information on the Best 50+ African Tailors, Fashion Designers & Seamstresses;  Ghanaian RestaurantsAfrican Wedding PhotographersNigerian Restaurants and Food Pop-upsBlack British Cake BakersAfrican Catering Companies in London. Or info on African migrants living in BucharestValenciaAthens. Or Info on London’s Diverse and rather unknown African Communities of NigeriensIvoriansMaliansGaboneseCongoleseAngolansSomaliGhanaiansSouth Sudanese and more. Or info about some of the dilemmas of International Students in the UK and even organisations that aid UK-based African International Students; we have it here on AfricanCultureBlog. Fresh local content on the UK and London’s Diverse African Community is available on this blog.


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25 Africa-Themed Job Vacancies in London (November 2016)


So November 2016 is here and it’s usually that time of the year where various job vacancies are on the rise.  Below are the latest African-related job listings that are currently live in London at the moment. It’s not just about interesting events; but also jobs. There are positions readily available for Swahili speakers, Business and Telecoms analysts, paralegals and creatives with African experiences, languages and interests. Please share if you for your benefit and to the benefit of others.

Feature: DRC Community Forest Consortium Coordinator


Rainforest UK Foundation is an international organization working with indigenous peoples to conserve the world’s rain forests and uphold their human rights. RFUK considers that an essential first step to protect and manage the tropical forests and to reduce poverty in tropical forest countries is to realise the rights of the traditional and indigenous communities who live in those forests. With secure rights to land and livelihoods, forest peoples can effectively manage forest resources and direct and manage their own development.

Job Description:

Project management

· Ensure that the project is implemented by the consortium partners according to the contracts, logframe, budget and timetable;

· Work closely with the DRC Programme Manager and the Research and the Policy Coordinator to ensure the consortium strategy is in line with the overall RFUK Programme Strategy;

· Convene, meeting and liaising with external experts or consultants who could contribute to the project;

· Conduct regular visits to DRC (up to 10 weeks per year) to monitor project implementation and organise coordination meeting in countries ;

· Support relevant Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning or Research processes in relation to this project but which are conducted independently from RFUK;

· Participate in regular internal coordination meetings concerning RFUK’s overall programme in DRC, as well as representing RFUK in any similar meetings with external organisations.

For more info; please click here

1) Head of Finance and Administration


In the last 14 years, MicroLoan Foundation has dedicated itself to helping some of the poorest women in Malawi and Zambia to start small businesses so they can work their way out of poverty and provide a better life for themselves and their family. At MicroLoan Foundation we believe in providing hope for the future, not simply handouts. By providing small loans, training and support, we help these women to build small sustainable enterprises giving them, and their families, a long term solution against the effects of poverty. The organization enables women to work their way out of poverty by providing opportunities to develop lifelong skills, access vital financial services and establish sustainable small businesses. This integrated approach has the capability to improve the quality of life for women and their families.

Job Description:

  • Planning & Budgeting – Support the CEO by managing the processes for: Creation of long and short- term financial plans, including those that support the MicroLoan international strategy; Preparation of the annual financial budget in Malawi and ensuring that appropriate financial information is provided.
  • Leadership & Management – Proactively lead, train and develop the finance, Data and IT team and provide ongoing organizational leadership and direction as part of the senior management team.
  • Reporting – Manage, supervise and oversee day to record keeping and accounting in the Malawi office; Ensure accurate and timely financial management reports are generated and submitted to the CEO, UK management, Malawi trustees and Malawi Reserve Bank.
  • Internal Controls – Ensure the development and operation of an effective internal control framework throughout the organization.
  • Audit – Manage the annual audit process in Malawi and ensure that appropriate external and internal audit processes are implemented.
  • Social Investment/Loans – Provide analysis to support the viability of all forms of social investment to MicroLoan Malawi. This will include reporting statistics for outside funding agencies and also “social investment” lenders.
  • Treasury – Ensure the effective operation of treasury activities in Malawi including weekly and monthly cash flow updates and a regular review of the capital adequacy levels / reserves.
  • Payroll and Pensions – Ensure appropriate controls are in place and that this function is managed in line with Malawi Revenue Authority and other statutory regulations.
  • Tax – Ensure that the organization has the appropriate tax advice.
  • IT – Develop, implement, and ensure the effective operation of the MIS system and IT infrastructure in Malawi ensuring that is fit for purpose, staff are trained and appropriately supported.
  • Governance – Develop, implement and maintain a risk management process to ensure that risk is managed to a level agreed with the CEO and Board.
  • Fundraising – Work with the UK Head of Fundraising, and team, supporting donor applications and relations and ensuring that the Fundraising reporting is accurate and prepared on time.
  • Presentation – To represent the charity as appropriate to outside bodies (e.g. donors, partners, seminars).

For more info; please click here

2) Legal Document Reviewer (Swahili)


(Urgently Required) Document reviewers required for a Swahili / English doc review.

The client are a top 20 International law firm in the City.

£30.00 an hour, double time at weekends and time and a half over 40 hours.

Please contact Sarah on 01273 900733

For more info; please click here

3) Afro Hairdressers (South West London)


These guys are specifically looking for an AFRO HAIRDRESSER , that can do various braids most importantly you need to be able to do SINGLE BRAIDS, SENEGALESES TWISTS (twist with expressions), KINKY TWISTS, GHANA BRAIDS, cornrow with natural hair, twist with natural hair, Relaxer, Weaves etc

You will need to be able to interact with customers well and being punctual is very important

For more info; please click here

4) Project Executive


{a typical day} It’s 9 am. You read your emails from Nigeria and Hong Kong about two high-profile projects you are confidentially working on with your manager. You then spend the morning updating project plans and assessing them against key milestones, coordinating conference calls, following up on actions and recording meeting notes.

After lunch, you discuss with a Market Manager the progress of a new programme you helped launch in Kenya – you’re excited to hear it’s meeting target and the design of the marketing materials you coordinated have been well received by a key account based in Nairobi! They also mention a new competitor programme to prepare international students for Dentistry, which you research and summarise for the New Project Group. At 4pm you talk to the team in South America and talk through their actions, reminding them of the crucial role they play to launch a new academic skills programme to market in time. You enjoy working with the team as they are high-energy and enthusiastic, and you leave the call feeling confident they will complete their actions quickly.

Job Description:

If this sounds like the kind of day that you’d enjoy, then please read on to hear more about the responsibilities of the role which include:

Assisting with project management including coordination, monitoring and risk management
Understanding the appropriate priorities and sensitivities of projects to act quickly with a high degree of autonomy
Preparation of briefing documents for stakeholders (e.g. slide decks, information sheets)
Assisting with training and producing appropriate materials
Effectively and accurately communicating project information to key stakeholders, creating an atmosphere of excellence, collaboration and inclusion
Coordinate all aspects of meeting management from creating agendas to writing minutes and monitoring, liaising and communicating decisions and action points
Maintain, initiate and manage improvements to the team’s section of Kaplan’s collaboration server – Microsoft Sharepoint
Assisting with a range of operational matters, including calendar management for strategic activities
Other duties as required by the Director


For more info; please click here

5) International Consumer Insight Manager


This newly created senior position within a newly created team focusses on international consumer and market research for high heritage British snack food brands with masses of continued potential to grow in new markets.  Specific focus markets are Nigeria, India and China and experience of these particular markets would be advantageous.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Deliver the learning plan for priority markets and supporting the other markets on insights for assigned brand team.
  • Conduct research for the global marketing team and some markets of strategic importance.
  • Provide the business with the best consumer knowledge, presented in an insightful and engaging way which is appropriate to the circumstance.
  • Manage internal relationships and stakeholders.

For more info; please click here

Feature: Lawyer, Energy Transition and Environment (EU Coal & Energy Project)


ClientEarth is a public interest environmental law group founded in 2007, and we bring together law, science and policy to create practical solutions to key environmental challenges. You will be joining an organisation of 90-strong staff, including legal experts qualified in more than ten jurisdictions based across offices in London, Brussels, Warsaw, a newly established fund-raising office in New York and with lawyers in Western- and Central- African focus countries. In this role; you will be part of ClientEarth’s Strategic Litigation Programme – a vibrant and expanding team using litigation to accelerate Europe’s transition to a low carbon future.

Job Description:

The successful candidate will bring the ability to understand complex legal, regulatory, commercial and political terrains and a sound legal knowledge base and skill set in EU environmental law, with a preferred background in public/administrative law.Experience with EU energy law is a plus. You will be a self-starter and have the potential to identify opportunities to drive systemic change.You will be able to drive forward an agreed area of work, working in collaboration with key internal (including cross-office) and external partners. You are committed to making a contribution to the compelling and urgent need for action on climate change and more broadly to sustainable development.

For more info; please click here

6) Aduna Team Assistant


Aduna is an Africa-inspired health and beauty brand and social business. Their products are made using exceptional and underutilised natural ingredients sourced directly from small-scale producers in Africa. Equally, their mission is to breathe the vibrancy of Africa into the daily lives of people all over the world, creating a virtuous circle that feeds significant positive impacts back to the source. You can also listen to our founder Andrew launching Aduna at the International Herald Tribune Luxury Conference on “The Promise of Africa” in 2012.

Job Description:

Fulfil e-commerce and Amazon orders: prepare, log and post.
Prepare and post all sample requests
Book couriers and receive deliveries
Represent Aduna at consumer and trade shows
Order office supplies, manage filing & general office management
Book travel and accomodation
Assist with specific projects
General assistance to the Aduna team

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7) Business Development Manager – Africa


This role is a perfect opportunity for someone with experience of the African market to build a lasting career within a global market-leader. William Russell are looking for someone to manage the existing portfolio and develop new relationships with the objective of increasing sales from a panel of brokers and raising the profile of William Russell within the African market.

Essential Qualities:

  • Honest with integrity – A strong sense of Honour, Integrity, Ethics and Loyalty are core.
  • Ambitious – you will be ready to take on the challenge of establishing, managing and growing new business relationships.
  • Well travelled – you will ideally have worked as an expatriate, and you will be familiar with the Africa region.
  • Energetic – you will have the energy to travel throughout the region, developing and maintaining contact with key intermediaries in the region.
  • Responsible – you will take the responsibility of building the William Russell brand very seriously.

The ideal Business Development Manager will have prior experience of selling Insurance products into the African market and will be either living in the region or willing to relocate.

You will have a successful track record within one or two African-based insurance organisations where you will have achieved progression and results

For more info; please click here

8) Relationship Director – Commodity Finance (Africa)


An International Bank seek to recruit a senior Commodity Finance banker to build client relationships and market the banks product offering in the African Metals, Energy and Soft Commodities markets

Job Description:

  • Originate new business in the African Commodity Finance market
  • Structure and execute Commodity Finance deals in relevant markets (Metals, Energy, Soft Commodities etc.)
  • Manage existing client relationships
  • Market the banks product suite
  • Prepare credit applications
  • Work closely with senior staff members to develop the banks Commodity Finance strategy

Key Skills

  • Commodity Finance experience
  • Exposure to African markets

For more info; please click here

9) Year 2 Teacher (January 2017)


The School serves an area of high deprivation. The proportion of pupils from minority ethnic background is high; Black Caribbean and Black African pupils from the largest groups. The proportion of pupils with EAL is above average.

* Pupil’s achievement is outstanding, enabling them to reach above average standards by the end of year 2. * Pupil’s behaviour is excellent and personal development is outstanding. * Outstanding curriculum is enlivened by drama, puppetry and cooking. Use of modern technology such as filming videos of their own drama sessions. * Teachers are regularly challenged to ensure that their predictions for pupil’s attainment are as realistically high as possible.

Job Description:

* £130 -£180 per day depending on experience. Requirements * Know and understand the curriculum for KS1 * Be a qualified teacher – must have QTS * Have a good understanding of classroom and behaviour management * Be keen to work in a forward thinking improving school * Be reliable and team orientated * Satisfy all the eligibility requirements to work in the UK If you would like to apply for the role or find out more, please submit your CV

For more info; please click here

10) Finance Controller (Knowledge of South African Market)


This company is a global leader in the agricultural & construction sector is looking to recruit a Financial Accountant/Manager to join their team located in the Essex area.

Job Description:

Statutory Reporting Preparation of local GAAP accounts at year end

* Manages the activities of the General Ledger team and ensure all deadlines are met
* Point of reference for new and existing accounting flows
* Support project teams in new initiatives with reference to accounting activities
* Detailed knowledge of commercial accounting structures – discount/warranty/manufacturing variance accounting
* Work with external and internal auditors to support in collation of financial data
* Delegation of Authority (DA) – ensure accounting entries are made in accordance with DOA/appropriate approval level and position.
* Ensuring all accounting activities are performed to required time and quality standards
* Control log for all accounting reconciliations – listing of all accounts and responsibilities. Ensure all reconciliations are completed on a timely basis, in accordance with the company’s requirements
* Reporting implementation which consists of evolving and defining Chart of Accounts (COA)
* Inter company (IC) reconciliation process including the resolution of ageing issues and development of process for improving results

For more info; please click here

11) Presidential Campaign Manager


The organisation

  • A Presidential candidate for a West African country.

The role

  • To begin in early 2017.
  • To lead the strategy of a campaign to gain supporters and voters including the media relations.
  • To line manage a team of 6 policy and communications staff members.
  • To manage the campaign budget.

The candidate

  • Demonstrable experience in managing activism campaigns or political organising
  • Successful press relations experience and knowledge of media buying.
  • The ability to build individual relationships successfully and coalitions.

Job Type: Contract

Required experience:

  • Campaigns: 5 years

For more info; please click here

12) Business Analyst MFID II


ICBC Standard Bank Plc was formed in February 2015 when Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC) acquired a 60% stake in Standard Bank Plc. As a result, a compelling strategic platform was formed, one that benefits from a unique Chinese and African parentage and an unrivalled global network and level of expertise

Job Description:

Delivery focused Technical Business Analyst who will drive the delivery of IT change required front to back through the organisation in response to MIFID ii. MiFID II experience/knowledge is necessary with a focus on:

  • Transaction reporting
  • Trade Reporting

Keys responsibilities: 

  • Interpretation of the regulatory requirements in order to articulate what needs to be done
  • Conduct In-depth gap analysis of the impacted processes and underlying systems and produce BRD and FRDs in order to remediate
  • Data Sourcing activities in relation to the above
  • Input into Solutions Design and required Architecture
  • Liaise with and communicate progress to the project manager

For more info; please click here

13) Textile Arts and Craft tutor


African Cultural Association will be teaching people between the ages of 7 and 18 years old EVERY Tuesday 4:30pm to 6:30Pm after school.

Work with the rest of the team to help 7-18 year olds achieve various goals relating to Textile Crafts /Art.
The post holder will be responsible for planning and organising their own daily work load.
Job Description:
Regular evaluation and monitoring of students
Give appropriate feedback to students
Record enrolment, attendance and guide students.
Qualified and experienced in teaching Textile Crafts and Art.
Able to travel  between centres in a timely manner.
Experience working with children
Must be willing to undertake a DBS clearance.
Patience and the ability to explain things clearly.

For more info; please click here

14) Adventure Specialist


Join a dynamic team in the leading global Adventure travel company; inspire customers to follow their inner wanderlust, create amazing travel experiences and become integral in the rapidly growing business in the UK and Europe.

Job Description:

Your mission – should you choose to apply for it – is to achieve and exceed sales targets, whilst maintaining a high degree of accuracy, and never ceasing to delight our customers. If you have an appetite for travel, are driven by meeting monthly sales targets, and love talking to people, then we want to hear from you.

This role is the primary point of contact for our customers in the South African market and also serves our UK & European customers.

To apply, please email your CV to

For more info; please click here

Feature: Investment Professional – Senior Analyst: 2-year fixed contract


The role is a 2-year fixed contract, following which candidates will most likely wish to do an MBA. This is a great opportunity for a junior level candidate to break into African private equity.

Job Description:

The role will include identifying investment opportunities; analysis of potential transactions, including due diligence, financial modelling and preparing investment proposals; deal execution, involving structuring, negotiation and legal documentation; and portfolio monitoring.

This is a highly entrepreneurial environment and requires flexibility and commitment. The candidate must have strong financial and strategic analysis and excellent verbal and written communication skills gained from private equity and/or investment banking, and excellent analytical, modelling and reporting skills. Demonstrable interest in Africa or emerging markets would be beneficial. Exceptional academic record, strong business acumen and a long-term approach to investment decision-making necessary. The candidate is likely to have 1-2 years of investment banking experience from a major investment bank or private equity experience.

For more info; please click here

15) Analyst (Telecoms)


This is an exciting opportunity to join an expanding organisation determined to become the world leader in market intelligence. As a Research Analyst you will work on and develop a combination of models and forecasts, analytical reports and consulting projects focusing on the African & Middle Eastern Market.

Job Description:

  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis on market trends within the telecoms (Africa and Middle East) market
  • Prepare analytical reports built around primary and secondary research together with the existing database.
  • Perform research and analysis tasks as part of a team working on ad-hoc consulting projects
  • Respond directly to client requests for ad-hoc research, analysis and reports
  • Collaborate directly with internal sales teams to support client renewals
  • Support marketing and business development activities

For more info; please click here

16) Customer Services Assistant Apprenticeship


(Apprenticeship) This expanding business boasts a director who received an OBE from the Queen and a director who was voted ‘Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. Sounds good?

Job Description:

  • Good customer service skills
  • Good numeracy skills
  • Experience in retail or selling
  • Able to work independently and part of a team
  • Driving licence is an advantage but not necessary

Bantuway Ltd was established in 1996 to provide a one-stop quality meat, poultry and fish shop for Africans and AfricanCaribbeans, who travel long distances in the early morning to buy the fresh products they sell at wholesale prices. Bantuway Ltd has now grown from a small retailer to a major meat, fish and poultry importer.

For more info; please click here

17) Vice President, NGL Origination – Europe & Africa


The VP NGL Origination focuses on long term business development efforts for BP’s NGL business in Europe and Africa.

Job Description:

  1. Extensive experience in origination/marketing with a broad experience in the energy commodity space
  2. Knowledge of European and African NGL infrastructure and a robust network of contacts along the NGL supply chain
  3. Negotiation and deal structuring skills
  4. Expertise in transactional economics, deal and risk valuation
  5. Interpersonal skills and comfort interacting with executive level individuals

For more info; please click here

18) Junior Relationship Manager


  • Should have 1- 2 years Relationship Management or customer services experience, preferably within a financial services institution.
  • Educated to degree level (i.e Bachelors degree) with a minimum grade of 2.1
  • Knowledge of the West African market is desirable
  • Excellent, proven client relationship skills. Must be sociable and very strong at creating and developing business relationships.

Job Description:

  • Transaction monitoring
  • Be the first point of contact for customer enquiries
  • Reviewing and processing account opening applications
  • Dealing with customer queries on existing and potential accounts
  • Attending to customers in person or over the phone
  • Treating customer transfers
  • Monitor and prepare daily exports on PEPs and Past due loans
  • Customer file reviews
  • Ad hoc duties

For more info; please click here

19) Housing with Support Manager


You will be working 25 hours a week covering two sheltered services within the same vicinity to provide support to vulnerable African and African-Caribbean adults over the age of 55.

Job Description:
Manage the service budget to ensure all budgeted income is received and costs are in line with the budgeted expenditure.
To monitor and support the collection of rent and any rent arrears.
Professional tenancy sign ups and terminations.
Manage and coordinate minor ASB issues with an aim to resolve before it escalates.
Deliver a daily welfare check on all the customers in your designated patch for older persons.
Ensure there is a planned programme of activities that take place every week in line with the immediate and local community – Creating a HUB for social inclusion.
Ensure effective line management of cleaners, caretakers or any other direct reports.

For more info; please click here

20) Programme Finance Adviser – Africa (French Speaker)


Job Description:

Acting as the finance business partner for the Africa country teams you will provide technical support in accounting, compliance, reporting and proposal development. Your duties will include:

* Budgeting and Financial reporting
* Capacity Building
* Supporting the Head of Finance with the statutory financial audit
* Support the Senior Programme Adviser
* Carry out field visits to country programmes
* Review restricted income and expenditure against programme implementation
* Analysis and follow up of monthly financial reporting packs

To be considered for this role you will be a fluent French speaker and a fully or part qualified CCAB Accountant with previous experience in financial management in a non-profit organisation. You will be prepared to travel to countries in the African region approx 25% of your time. In return you will receive a generous pension and holiday allowance and working for a charity that makes a massive difference to some of the worlds most vulnerable.

For more info; please click here

21) Office Administration Assistant


(Apprenticeship) Ades Limited is an African Caribbean Food/Drinks Cash and Carry in Charlton andThamesmead. We are currently looking to recruit an Administrative Assistant to support the Administrative Team. The post will be ideal for an apprentice, with the opportunity to gainpractical experience while studying.

Job Description:

  • Answering the telephone, directing calls or responding to enquiries
  • Reception duties, managing diary, organising meetings
  • Data entry
  • Filing and maintaining filing system
  • Typing and setting up documents such as invoices
  • Using office equipment such as computers, printers,scanners, photocopiers, fax machines etc.
  • Supporting the Admin Manager & Store Manager
  • Opening, date stamping and mail distribution
  • Stationery order

For more info; please click here

22) International Business Support Associate


This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to gain international business experience and enhance their employability.

Are you interested in gaining training and work experience in business skills and project management?
Apply now for our 12 week African Business Support training programme starting in February.
Our placements are open to all 18-25-year-olds from the UK. The programme is fully funded by the UK Government; you will receive internationally recognised training in business consultancy and spend 11 weeks working in a growing business in Ghana, Uganda or Zambia to help them unlock access to trade and finance.
You do not need any previous business skills or experience to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity – Challenges Worldwide will provide all training, accommodation and a weekly allowance while you are on placement.
Apply today for more information.

For more info; please click here

23) Credit Analyst


Barbara Houghton Associates are seeking to recruit a Credit Analyst to report directly to the Head of Risk (on behalf of their client).

Job Description:

The successful candidate will have over 5 years financial analysis experience gained within an international banking environment. A proven ability in credit risk identification and control along with a good understanding of Security and Facility documentation. A good grounding in Market Risk, Trade Finance and knowledge of Project/Structured Finance is essential along with working with emerging markets. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

-Trade Finance Facilities to African Financial Institutions providing L/C confirmation, advising, issuance of Irrevocable Reimbursement Undertaking, Guarantees, Standby L/Cs, refinancing etc.

-Structured Trade Commodity Finance transactions for Corporate entities in Africa -Non-regulated property lending

– UK buy-to-let- Overseas investment -Secured Corporate & Personal lending. – Project and Structured Finance.

– To provide timely assessment of all areas of risk.

– Monitor and control credit exposures to ensure compliance with authorisations and limits

– Monitor collateral and security values

Please send your CV to

For more info; please click here

24) Sales Consultant


This company is an importer and distributor of authentic African foods, has an immediate requirement for a sales consultant. Initially a temporary role, the right candidate will transfer onto a permanent contract within 3 months.

Job Description:

• Cold calling prospect candidates
• Identifying new leads
• Attending canvass and service visits to new and existing customers
• Servicing current clients
• Responding to telephone and email enquiries
• General administrative duties

For more info; please click here

25) Investment Broker


Welcome2Africa International is a private sector development company committed to the positive economic growth of Africa. In addition to the consultancy services we provide for our clients, we develop and initiate a range of activities to catalyse and facilitate investment, trade and business interest into and across Africa. Currently, we have a focus and commitment to the positive development and transformation of Africa’s Agribusiness sector.

Job Description:

  • Identify and develop viable investment opportunities within our pipeline.
  • Develop and build network with investors who may be interested in investing in Africa, particularly Africa’s Agricultural sector.
  • Assist with prospective investments, including analysis of eligible investment proposals, undertaking detailed due diligence, applying rigorous analytical techniques, and stress testing business plans to assess investment opportunities, from both a social impact and financial return standpoint;
  • Preparation of investment brochure material, presentation documents & material
  • Integrate with contemporaries in target client list
  • Assist in the preparation of reports and advice to network of investors
  • Represent the company at industry events.

For more info; please click here



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