Best of Black British: 10 Interior Designers Everyone should know


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Within #BlackBritish  London there are all sorts of fiercely talented professionals adding glamourous designs and tastes to your wardrobe, visual appearance, catered events and more. Here is this guide are a select few of interior designers, decorators and visual artisans that can add succinct designs to your living room, garden, bedrooms and beyond working well with space, lighting and affordable budgets. Do checkout Amenze Designs and Qemamu Mosaics amongst the rest – Let’s Go!

Natalie Yaa Obenewa Thompson: BESPOKE BINNY


Insta: /BespokeBinny | FB: /BespokeBinny | Twitter: @BespokeBinny | Email: | Etsy: /shop/BespokeBinny |Site: here

Feel good homeware and lifestyle products rooted in the beauty of African expression. The best there is = Bespoke Binny. High Quality Visual Designs at affordable prices – this brand is remarkable. So too is the North London born and raised founder: Natalie Yaa Obenewa Thompson. The qualified CBT Therapist recognises the implications of being a product of one’s environment – hence why she launched Bespoke Binny, an eclectic, African-inspired home furnishings brand that encompasses inspirational quotes taken from African proverbs. Only a viewing of her site plus reviews on FB, TW and INSTA will give you an understanding of this brand’s raw talent.



🌵 Rooted in the beauty of African expression 🌍 U.K. based – WE SHIP WORLDWIDE 🚚 NEXT DAY shipping 🎨 Also available on Etsy ✂️ Handmade 🌴👇SHOP HERE👇🌴



Insta: /AmenzeDesigns | Enquiries:

Simplicity. Comfort. Clean and Stylish. South London born and raised Natalie may be deemed ‘up and coming’ to many but the privileged few (including myself) that have been involved in her evolving journey with Interior Design will tell you that this is a fiercely talented visual designer who specialises under the motto ‘Simplicity is Genius’. Amenze Designs creates interior spaces that evoke clean simplicity with a comfortable balance of proportion and scale. Natalie’s interior designs works very well with space, natural lighting and the creations of warm and welcoming ambiences. The works of this #GoodLady and Friend is guaranteed to leave with you and your rooms impressed  with her unmistakable originality. Natalie can only be contacted through email (at the moment) via


For more info on Amenze Designs; please click here

Kouassie Anguie: TAMIAH DESIGNS


Insta: /TamiahDesignsDotCom | FB: /TamiahDesigns | Twitter: @TamiahDesigns | Phone: 0191 308 0308 | Email: | Site: here

Kouassie, from Southern France became fascinated  with design textiles after starting her career in a Global Glass Manufacturing Company in Southern France. Some years later Kouassie was fascinated by the bold and rich fabric from West Africa – the rest is now history. Kouassie’s TAMIAH Designs offers a selection of inspirational and powerful decorative and/or practical ideas made with African wax prints.

TAMIAH Supplies offers a wide range of African wax prints fabrics. From the cheaper but good quality ones to the rarest even discontinued wonders, they would suit any budget and taste!

For more info on Tamiah Designs; please click here



Insta: /FourCornersInteriors | FB: /FourCornersInteriorsLTD | Etsy: /shop/FourCornersInteriors | Email:

Handmade, Homegrown, Soft Furnished and Colourful. Four corners interior design house allows you to create a corner of the world in every room of your home! Founded by the London based Paralegal/Analyst Alimah Sitta; African bean bag chairs, crafty handmade Asian cushion covers, colourful lamp shades can be delightfully yours visually enhancing your interior space with an afrocentric twist.  Four corners has something to appeal to your wondering mind.

To Find out more about Four Corners Interiors; click here

Miniver Oliver: MNBO IntuloYane

M N B O Intulo Yane

Insta: /MiniverOliver | FB: /MNBO-Intulo-Yane | Email:

Beautiful Brand. Beautiful Name. MNBO: IntuloYane is set to be a brand that specializes in using the bright, bold and beautiful African fabrics to create unique designs of Shoes,Bags,and fashion Accessories.

The amazing chairs above was a stunning collaboration between MNBO Intulo Yane and Four Corners Interiors (listed above). Relying on the vibrancy of the textures, patterns, and colours of the african fabrics I.Y. is able to create unique personalised pieces, to suit the feel and personality of each customer.

To Find out more about MNBO Intulo Yane; click here


Insta: /QemamuMosaics | FB: /QemamuMosaics | Twitter: @QemamuMosaics | YouTube: /Qemamu-Mosaics | Etsy: /shop/QemamuMosaics | Phone: 07973 717564 | Email: | Site: here

Dionne was working in a city within a firm of solicitors but she needed something more creative to do – meet Dionne! She is an Expert Mosaic Artist with over 10 years experience working with numerous schools, private clients and establishments creating bespoke mosaic art for interior and exterior locations.

She quite simply put is one of the best #BlackBritish Mosaic Designers in the UK; and can certainly add a bespoke touch of African-inspired mosaics to your decor – she creates African Inspired mosaics for your home, office, garden, just about anywhere really.


Title: African Village Mosaic
Commissioned piece
Size: 80cm x 60cm | Designer: Dionne Ible

Find out more about Dionne & Qemamu Mosaics here



Insta: /EvaSonaike | FB: /Eva-Sonaike | Twitter: @EvaSonaike | YouTube: /Eva-Sonaike-Designs |Pinterest: /EvaSonaike | Google + /Eva-Sonaike | Email: | Phone: +44 203 371 9910 | Site: here

Eva Sonaike is a London-based lifestyle company using African prints and African inspired textiles to create beautiful fabrics and luxurious accessories for home décor, fashion and interior design.

She is all about producing luxurious textiles and home decor that deliver vibrancy and colour to people’s homes. Eva Sonaike is her name – and the label is also named the same. Whether it is her exquisite cushions and pouffes that cna be found in the $42 Million design project of the private hideaway resort of the Kanuhura Maldives or her designer lampshades and shopper bags that can be spotted in the homes of various clients in Germany, South Africa, Switzerland and Hong Kong – Eva’s works are available to Londoners also! Her textile collections – inspired from classical centuries of West African Architecture for me are stunning – the tray below illustrates …


Odi Tray Pink | Size: 38cm | Designer: Eva Sonaike | Info:  Perfect for serving cocktails and nibbles, the ODI tray is a wonderful gift for any occasion and brings a touch of African luxury and colour into any home. 

For more info on Eva Sonaike; please click here

Munirah Olton: SALONGO ARTS


Twitter: @SalongoArts | Email: | Site: here

Interior Accessories Designer Munirah (pictured above at Stockwell Studios) is a qualified Art Tutor and professional artist, specialising in handbuilt ceramics and constructed wax print cloth panels. She founded Salongo Arts to create and exhibit original contemporary art and designs, centred on a fusion of African, Caribbean and European art, craft and cultural influences. She founded Salongo Arts (relaunched 2005) for creative and professional development, programming and facilitating community art events, classes and workshops for all ages, cultures and abilities.

The exclusive, inspirational range of 2D and 3D sculptural ceramics, textile panels and framed images, designed and handmade by Munirah, are a declaration of a richly innovative, shared ancestry.



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