100 Events African Londoners can look forward to in December 2017

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This Events guide is so big that the majority of readers probably won’t be able to make through the whole list; nevertheless – December 2017 is a record breaker in the number of African-themed events taking place in London. Whether it’s Food, Film or Fiction; Debates, Conferences or Networking – Diplomats, Entrepreneurs and Experts – there is surely something for everyone – including the vibrant dancing sessions from Ezinne Asinugo (pictured above) of Zinarts Productions – see listing no. 24. These AfroCentric list is for all and not some; and the Top 15 are my choice of interesting events! The rest are in order in terms of dates. Good Luck on trying to get through all of them!






Date: Sat 9 December 2017 | Time: 19:00pm – 22:00pm |  Venue: The Canvas Cafe, 42 Hanbury Street, London E1 5JL | Hosts: My African Hob | Insta: /MyAfricanHob | Twitter: @MyAfricanHob | FB: /My-African-Hob | Blog: /myafricanhob.com/blog | RSVP: here

4 course home-cooked menu & welcome cocktail!

My African Hob would like to invite you to an evening of delicious and mouth-watering Sierra Leonean cuisine, where you can sample some of our family favourites. Expect a warm welcome, a friendly atmosphere and a relaxed ambiance guaranteed to make you feel at home.

For more info about this event; please click here


2: &SUYA: December Pop-Up


Date: Sun Dec 17th | Time: Midday tiil late | Venue: North London (Colindale) | Hosts: AndSuya | Insta: /&Suya

If you haven’t heard of &Suya – You have now! Bold, Stunning and Quality West African Fusion Dishes flying and frying out of North London means this parlour is the main African Gastronomy Joint that we expect to be taking London by storm in 2018!

Sign up to access the & SUYA experience at: greatfood@andsuya.com

For more info about this event; please click here


3: Going Back to Get It, a conversational memory practice ritual (open to all)


Date: Sat 2 Dec | Time: 15:00 – 17:30pm | Venue:  Arts Catalyst, 74-76 Cromer Street, London WC1H 8DR | More info: here| Hosts: Arts Catalyst

Artist and curator Barby Asante invites you to join a workshop at Arts Catalyst’s Centre examining the role of women in the creation and telling of stories in a contemporary globalised world.

This event forms part of Dreamed Native Ancestry (DNA), an installation and programme by artist group Mission//Misplaced Memory, critically addressing and re-thinking contemporary issues around race, migration, biopolitics and culture, through an Afrofuturist-inspired science fiction narrattive.

For More Info about this event; please click here


4: A Taste of Twi: Twi Language Workshop


Date: Fri 8th Dec | Time: 18.30pm – 21.00pm | Venue: Diorama Arts Studios, 201 Drummond Street, London, NW1 3HP | More info: here | Hosts: Ghanaian Language School

The Ghanaian Language School Presents a Taste of Twi, an introduction to the Twi Language

 This special edition of our introductory Twi Language workshop is a must for anyone who wants to learn impressive survival phrases for Christmas in Ghana or getting through the holidays with Twi speaking friends or family.

In this fun and informal workshop you’ll discover:

* The basics of interacting in Twi covering * How to greet * How to take a taxi * How to order food at a restaurant & more!

You’ll also get to meet the team, network and have a peek into the GLS classroom experience.

Early bird tickets are just 25 pounds (plus booking fee).

For More Info about this event; please click here


5: #StooshNot: BIBLE STUDIES


Date: Thurs 18th Jan 2018 (participant applications open now) | Time: 19:00 – 20.30pm | Venue: Somewhere in East London | More info: here | Hosts: #StooshNot

A purely biblical exercise: #StooshNot is a bible study platform for young christians primarily between the ages of 16 – 22 in London. It has been organised by a Christian couple who are under the stewardship of elders at a local Reformed Evangelical Church in East London. In the same way that some men came together in Luke 5 to lower the paralysed man to the feet of Jesus Christ – so to do the founders behind this platform desire to be used by God to draw the souls of young Londoners to the feet of the Almighty, Eternal and Loving Christ within this perishing and wicked world.

For more info about this event; please click here


6: Blatantly Blunt 10th Anniversary Hip hop & Grime Party


Date: Sat 16th De | Tine: 20:00pm – 04:00am | Venue: Junction House, 578 Kingsland Road, E8 4AH London | More info: here | Hosts: Blatantly Blunt
United Kingdom

To celebrate 10 years since their inception, Blatantly Blunt is throwing an unmissable party in the heart of Dalston, East London on December 16th, in association with Hoochinoo.  Bringing to the stage some of London’s best underground hip hop and grime talent, Blatantly Blunt have handpicked some of the most authentic and respected artists. The overall aim of the show is to represent London culture best way they know how!

The London based brand which began as a blog continues to post the best hip hop, grime, dancehall, drum & bass and everything in between.

For More Info about this event; please click here




Date: Wed Dec | Time: 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM | Venue: Trew Era Cafe, 34 Whitmore Road, London N1 5QA | More info: here | Hosts: SimplyTola

A night featuring an exciting merge of cultural recipes, good company and great music! simplytola; bringing people together…for people who eat together stay together…like it! love it! share it!

For More Info about this event; please click here


8: CSEP Saturday School Open Evening 1 December 2017


Date: Fri 1 Dec | Time : 16:00 – 19:00pm | Venue: Croydon Supplementary Education Project, 32-34 Sydenham Road, Croydon CR0 2EF | More info: here | Hosts: Robin Walker

What are the 3 main educational mistakes that hinder the progress of Black and Ethnic Minority children at school? What can you as parents do about it? Do you want your child to end up as just another statistic? The Croydon Supplementary Education Project is hosting an Open Evening for Parents and Children in the Community. Would you like to join our Saturday School? Can we help your children to succeed?


The Croydon Supplementary Education Project has built a 35-year reputation for academic excellence in helping Black and Ethnic Minority pupils from Year 1 to Year 11 to achieve (i.e. 5 to 16-year olds). We teach Mathematics, English and the Sciences. Our teachers are experienced and highly skilled practitioners in their fields.

For more Info about this event; please click here


9: Rainmaker Campfire: Featuring Anti-Slavery International & Just Transcriptions


Date: Tue, Dec 12 | Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM | Venue: Berenberg, 60 Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8HP | More info: here | Hosts: Rainmaker Foundation

Humans are truly amazing. Innovative, creative and resourceful, we’ve had more technological developments over the last 200 years than in the last 5000. Almost everyone today has heard of driverless cars and artifical intelligence robots, even if we don’t completely understand how they work. However, one issue that we do understand, yet still struggle to have on a global scale, is human dignity. How are we still living in a world where 21 million people are in slavery? Where, even in the UK, the cost of a court transcription in a justice trial costs a vulnerable prisoner £20,000? We are progressing towards deep social change and now your experience and skills can help.

The most powerful impact happens in person

The Rainmaker Campfire was conceptualised as a space where brilliant minds gather together to spark meaningful change: helping two charities turn some of their greatest challenges into exciting opportunities.

For More Info about this event; please click here


10: Learn Swahili with Refugees (Language Learning by Chatterbox)


Date: Sun 10 December (Flexible Dates) | Time: 19:00 – 22:00pm | Venue: SOAS Senate House, Paul Webley Wing, North Block, Torrington Square, London WC1E 7HX | More info: here | Hosts: ChatterBox 

Whether you are a complete beginner, or more advanced Arabic learner, you can share stories with Chatterbox Tutors who will be on hand to help you find the right words. Chatterbox tutors are professionals from a range of backgrounds, including teaching, business, and medicine. Since becoming refugees and arriving in the UK, they have been training with Chatterbox to rebuild their careers. Their trained conversation practice partners will guide you towards the ultimate goal in language learning -communicating across cultures with real people in the real world.

For More Info about this event; please click here




Date: Sat 2 Dec | Time: 10:00 – 14:00pm | Venue: Private Location | More info: here | Host: Natalie A. Carter

This event is for black women who are practicing as solicitors either in the City, in-house or at regional firms.

The idea to hold a brunch was inspired by a desire to encourage black women working in the legal industry to form strong bonds with other black women on the same journey as them from as early a stage as possible. The brunch will be a relaxed, casual and safe space for us to connect, share experiences and hopefully start meaningful friendships.

It is the desire of the host that all attendees have quality conversations and to build genuine connections with the other attendees so she has limited this event to 30 spaces only.

There is no structure to this event or dresscode.

For More Info about this event; please click here


12: Project 1957: TWI CLUB


Date: Tue 12 De | Time: 18:30 – 20:30pm | Venue: Africa Centre, 66 Great Suffolk Street, London SE1 0BL | More info: here | Hosts: Project 1957

After the success of their launch event in April, Project 1957 presents our monthly TWI CLUB!

Twi Club is designed to bring together beginner and intermediate Twi speakers (both Ghanaian and non-Ghanaians) and provide them with a fun, relaxed and unique environment where they can practice and improve their knowledge of conversational Twi, without the fear of ridicule.

They will have designated specialist speakers who will listen in on conversations, and guide where necessary, which will assist attendees in building confidence in their speaking ability.

Project 1957 would love for you to join them from 6:30pm to 8:30pm on Tuesday 12th December for our final Twi Club of 2017! Furthermore; they are teaming up with the Young Africa Centre to make this happen, so make sure you get involved!

For queries, email them – info@project1957.com

For More Info about this event; please click here


13: OKWU ID: Young Igbo Forum


Date: Thurs December 28 | Time: 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM | Venue: Canada Water Theatre, 21 Surrey Quays Road, London SE16 7AR | More info: here | Hosts: OKWU ID

Okwu ID is a UK based platform by and for young Igbo people. The purpose of the platform is to connect with eachother and discuss issues that affect our community.

On the 28th they will be hosting a live forum. The event will feature a panel and audience discussion. It will also include, games, challenges, food and an opportunity to connect and have fun with other young Igbo people.

For More Info about this event; please click here


14: Muslim Responses To Westernization: Retreat from the Secular Path


Date: Thu 7 Dec | Time: 18:00 – 20:00pm | Venue:  IAS Common Ground, Ground Floor, South Wing, UCL, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT | More info: here | Hosts: UCL Institute of Advanced Studies

John Esposito, University Professor & Founding Director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University, Washington, USA

In contrast to the past when modernity or becoming modern was equated solely with a Western secular paradigm, we live in a more cosmopolitan world today of “multiple modernities” that go far beyond the standard, homogenous western secular paradigm for modernization. The conventional wisdom in the late 20th century, which assumed the centrality of secularism, separation of church and state, and viewed religion as a private affair, has been challenged in much of the Muslim world.

The lecture will be followed by a panel discussion the next day, Friday 8 December, 5-7pm, on Muslim Responses to Westernization: Living in Non-Islamic Societies. Details here.

For more info about this event; please click here



Date: Sun 10th December | Time: 12:00pm – 18:00pm | Venue: Little Hands Designs, 67 Belsize Lane, London NW3 5AU | More Info: here | Hosts: Priscilla Okpan

‘Sewing with Kim’ is the first ever sew along class with Kim Davehosted by Little Hands Designs.
It is going to be an intimate sewing class organized by published womenswear fashion designer and DIY Youtuber of kimdave.com, Priscillia Okpan. The class will hold at the vibrant Little Hands Designs studio in London for a duration of six hours.

In this class, you will learn how to make a dress for yourself perfect for the festive season ahead. The dress design is a fit and flare dress with a gathered skirt, 3/4 sleeves and a zip at the centre back. You have the freedom to customise features such as dress length and neckline at the class, two and half metres of fabric will be needed to make this dress. See dress design here

You will also learn how to;

– Understand sewing patterns
– Cut sections of a dress with pattern pieces.
– Insert a sleeve.
– Fix zippers.
– Create gathers.

For more info about this event; please click here




Arranged in chronological order of dates =)


1) Black Women in Publishing


]Date: Thu 30 November | Time: 19:00 – 21:30pm | Venue: Black Cultural Archives, 1 Windrush Square, Brixton, London SW2 1EF | More info: here | Hosts: Code Ébène

Ever wanted to publish a book? Or edit one? Or commission one? Maybe you’re a blogger or freelancer who would love to write full time and see yourself in print but have yet to take the leap due to the industry’s reputation of being an old (White) boy’s club. Maybe you write full time already or have a manuscript out there but don’t make much money from it.

If any of this sounds like you, join us for an evening of lively discussion about Black women and our books!

Black Women in Publishing aims to bring together some of the women who are living their publishing dreams either independently or within an organisation. Come along, sip some wine and tap into their knowledge, experience, advice and stories of a sector that doesn’t often appreciate us.

The kind of topics we’ll be getting into on the night: Is book publishing dead? Is going independent/self-publishing the best option? As a Black woman, what topics should we/shouldn’t we be writing about? Do literary Black British women exist? What blogs and ezines by Black women thrive and why? Who are our readers? How might misogynoir impact our publishing careers?

For More Info about this event; please click here

2) African Diaspora Social Enterprise Network: Dinner – Meet and Greet


Date: Thurs Nov 30th | Time: 6:30 PM – 8:30pm | Venue: Bill’s Holborn Restaurant, 42 Kingsway, London  WC2B 6EY | More Info: here | Hosts: African Diaspora Social Enterprise Network

Looking to set up a social enterprise in Africa? From the African diaspora? Want to network with potential collaborators? Want to share ideas, discuss solutions and be part of a positive and supportive community? Then this meetup group is for you!

Come along to their first meetup and meet fellow (budding) social entrepreneurs!

This will be an informal and intimate meetup over dinner to connect, share ideas, knowledge and experiences, and help shape the format of this group for the New Year.

For More Info about this event; please click here

3) Geography Evening Lecture at Dulwich College “African & Arabian Climate Change”


Date: Thurs Nov 30th | Time: 18:30 – 20:30pm  | Venue: Dulwich College, Science Block Auditorium, Dulwich Common, London SE21 7LD | More Info: here | Hosts: Department of Geography, Royal Holloway

Professor Simon Blockley is an expert on studying climate change and working with climate modellers who predict climate change in the future. He will deliver a lecture on African and Arabian climate change (including A level focused content).

Royal Holloway colleagues will then run one workshop session on the archaeology of the area and another on linking archaeology to climate records using volcanic ash. This evening will also look at the wider question of climate drivers on human dispersal.

For More Info about this event; please click here

4) Black Tudors: The Untold Story


Date: Thurs 30th Nov | Time: 18:00 – 20:00pm | Venue: Guildhall Library, Aldermanbury, London EC2V 7HH | More Info: here | Hosts: Guildhall Library & Miranda Kauffmamn

Hope to see you there!

Historian Miranda Kaufmann tells the intriguing tales of three Africans – a diver employed by Henry VIII to recover guns from the wreck of the Mary Rose, a Moroccan woman baptised in Elizabethan London and a porter who whipped a fellow servant at their master’s Gloucestershire manor house. Join us to learn more.

Includes wine reception.

Refunds will only be given if places are cancelled more than 48hours prior to an event (minus the booking fee) or if an event is cancelled by GHL.

For more info about this event; please click here

5) NCDs in Africa: Sugar disease, bitter medicine – diabetes in urban Ghana


Date: Thurs 30th Nov | Time: 16:00 – 18:30pm | Venue: University College London, IAS Common Ground, Wilkins Building, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT| More info: here | Hosts: UCL Grand Challenge of Global Health

The Grand Challenge of Global Health and the Institute of Advanced Studies are delighted to welcome Professor Ama de Graft Aikins to as a visiting scholar to UCL.

Ama de Graft Aikins is Professor of Social Psychology and Dean of International Programmes at the University of Ghana whose research focuses on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Africa. Her work includes experiences and representations of chronic physical and mental illnesses, Africa’s NCD burden, and the social psychology of knowledge in African settings.

On Thursday 30 November 2017 Professor de Graft Aikins will speak about her research on diabetes in Ghana “Sugar disease, bitter medicine: living with diabetes in an urban poor community in Ghana“.

For more info about this event; please click here

6) Black Heroes Soul Food Cafe – 30 November 2017


Date: Thu 30 November | Time: 19:30 – 22:00pm | Venue: Leilani Restaurant & Ashanti Lounge Bar, 14 Lavender Hill London SW11 5RW | More Info: here | Hosts: Black Heroes Foundation

A Black History Month event, that runs throughout the year! Every month is a Black History Month, at the Black Heroes Soul Food Café.

The Black Heroes Soul Food Café provides a creative space for inclusive artistic expression celebrating Black Heroes and exploring the historical and contemporary presence of Black Britons in Wandsworth. These gatherings at the Leilani Restaurant and Ashanti Lounge will facilitate cultural enquiry whilst celebrating the significant contributions to humanity by peoples of Africa and the African diaspora.

For more info about this event; please click here



Date: Thu 30 Nov | Time: 18:30 – 22:00pm | Venue:  Browns Covent Garden, 82-84 Saint Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4AG | More info: here | Hosts: Vana Trust

Tickets are a minimum recommended donation of £65 each. All funds raised on the night will go directly to support the construction of a science lab at St. David’s School in Zimbabwe as well as building a livestock barn in Buckinghamshire to support vulnerable children in the UK

Prepare to be taken on a journey of Africa, where Nyasha Gwatidzo, Founder of Vana Trust together with John Usher and Thandi Hauperi walked 189km in June 2017 to raise funds for the charity. Feel the buzz, celebrate the work that our charity Vana Trust does, and discover how you could partner with us to create better futures for children in Africa and the UK.

You will enjoy a three course dinner, charity auction, raffles and more; all in a celebration of the joy and hope that comes out of Africa. Our keynote speakers will inspire you.

Vana Trust provides education, food, water and resources for orphans and vulnerable children.

For more info about this event; please click here

8) In a Different Light: FINISSAGE


Date: Thurs 30 November | Time: 18:30 – 20:30pm | Venue: Autograph ABP, Rivington Place, London EC2A 3BA | More info: here | Hosts: ABP Autograph

Join ABP AUTOGRAPH for the finissage of In A Different Light, a temporary display showcasing recent acquisitions to develop Autograph ABP’s Archive and its permanent collection of photography, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Collecting Cultures programme.

Autograph ABP’s Archive and Research Centre has a unique remit: collecting, preserving and disseminating the work of a diverse constituency of contemporary artists and historical image portfolios that address critical questions of cultural identity, human rights, race, representation and difference.

For more info about this event; please click here

9) Pop Farm Urban Gardening


Date: Thurs 30th November | Time: 10am – 12pm | Venue: Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, London SW9 8PQ | More info: here | Hosts: Urban Growth

Join Urban Growth Learning Gardens at Pop Farm: an urban garden sitting in central Brixton. There is all sorts of flowers on display here; including African Blue Basil, Black Krim Tomatos, Palm trees, Amalanchier and Lomquats. Starting at 10am; they will be gardening on site, tending to our edible and ornamental sections of the site.

Maintaining this green oasis involves a range of tasks, suitable for a wide range of participants, offering the chance to learn new skills and knowledge in:

– Caring for edible plants from seed sowing, pricking out, planting out and harvesting – Caring for ornamental plants -Taking cuttings

All welcome! Join us on Thursday mornings (10am – 12pm)

For more info about this event; please click here

10) Femmes Aux Yeux Ouverts (Women with Open Eyes) + Q&A


Date: Thurs 30th Nov | Time: 18:00pm – 21:00pm | Venue: BAWSO, Clarence House, Clarence Road, Cardiff CF10 5FB | More Info: here | Hosts: Wales African Film Festival

Dir: Anne-Laure Folly

Togo/France/1994/52 mins/French/Local languages with English subtitles

Screened as part of the 16 Days of Activism and followed by Q&A with Magdalene Kimani, Head of FGM Services at BAWSO.

In Femmes Aux Yeux Ouverts, award-winning Togolese filmmaker, Anne-Laure Folly presents portraits of contemporary African women from four West African nations: Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal and Benin. The film shows how African women are speaking out and organizing around five key issues: marital rights, reproductive health, female genital mutilation, women’s role in the economy and political rights. It has screened to enthusiastic women’s audiences across West Africa, reinforcing their demands for a place at the center of the development process. African American feminist Alice Walker said of the film: “It takes courage to see the true condition of women in the world and to speak out about it. Courage and a strong stomach. The women in this film possess the necessary radical vision that neither romanticizes nor renders remote the obvious consequences of female enslavement.”

For more info about this event; please click here


11) ADA Gala Dinner & Christmas Ball


Date: Fri 1 December | Time: 18:00 – 23:59pm | Venue:  The Cumberland Hotel, Great Cumberland Place, London W1H 7DL | More Info: here | Hosts: CMG Media Group |

Theme: Multiculturalism is our competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

The African Diaspora Awards (ADA) ceremony is an event, which celebrates honours and recognises high achievement from within the African Diaspora Community.

We aim to lead in developing this pioneering, unique and prestigious event so that we continue to pay tribute to all the successful African leaders here in the UK, emphasising achievement and highlighting inspirational role models in the fields of Business, Sport, Entertainment, Philanthropy and Popular Arts and Culture.

For more info; please click here

12) Hidden Scars Exhibition Opening Night


Date: Friday 1st Dec | Time: 18:30 – 21:00pm | Venue: The Centre for Better Health, 1A Darnley Road, London E9 6QH | More Info: here | Hosts: FORWARD (Foundation For Women’s Health Research & Development

FORWARD’s Artists Unite to End FGM project presents Hidden Scars, an exhibition exploring harmful practices such as female genital mutilation and other similar issues affecting African girls and women, both in Africa and in the global African diaspora.

This exhibition aims to highlight the physical and mental trauma suffered by many women due to these practices, the art inspires hope, focuses on the strength of survival and also celebrates African girls and women. The exhibition is being held to mark the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign, an international campaign to challenge violence against women and girls.

For more info; please click here

13) Evening with John Blanke


Date: Fri Dec 1st | Time: 18.30 – 20.30 | Venue: College of Arms, 130 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4BT | More Info: here | Hosts: John Blanke Project

John Blanke, the black trumpeter to the courts of Henry VII and Henry VIII, is considered to be the first person of African descent in Britain for whom we have both an image and a written record. His image appears twice in the 1511 Westminster Tournament Roll currently in the College of Arms collection. He is noted in the court’s accounts of the day as having being paid wages, other records have him successfully petitioning Henry VIII for a wage increase and receiving a gift from the king.

This event explores and commemorates the life of John Blanke and showcases how the archival records have influenced the work of the project’s musicians, artists, poets, rappers and historians.

The John Blanke Project is a work in progress which celebrates the life of John Blanke through a variety of media and art forms – writing, drawing, poetry, and music.

For more info; please click here

14) Kings and Queens Singles Night


Date: Fri, 1 Dec | Time: 19:00pm – late | Venue: Rock Island Bar and Grill, 320 Old Kent Road, London SE1 5UE | More info: here | Hosts: Kings & Queens United


Geared at 25 – 45 years old, but anyone over 18 can attend.

After the successful launch of Kings and Queens Singles Mingles Night, we’d be silly not to follow up with regular Singles night!!

This event is for you if :

– You’re a single black King looking for a Queen to build with

– You’re a black Queen with inner beauty looking for a King with an open mind to grow with and create asustainable relationship?

– You’re looking for someone to set goals and build legacies with!

For more info; please click here


15) Tokunbo’s Kitchen’s Annual Christmas Party


Date: Sat 2 December 2017 | Time: 11:00 – 21:00pm | Venue:  The Clerkenwell Kitchen, 27 – 31 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R 0AT | Hosts: | Insta/TokunbosKitchen | FB/TokunbosKitchen | Twitter@TokunbosKitchen | Email: info@tokunboskitchen.com | Sitetokunboskitchen.comRSVPhere

Join Tokunbo’s Kitchen as they end what has been an amazing year of ‘Bringing a taste of Nigeria’ across London and the pond, to New York City with our annual Christmas Party.

As is the Tokunbo’s Kitchen traditions, there will be plenty of great home cooked Nigerian meals and drinks as well as entertainment and music as would be expected of any Nigerian party.

Come with friends if you can but don’t worry if you are coming alone as there is a table full of new people to meet!

Oya, come celebrate at Tokunbo’s Kitchen with other food lovers and feast to your heart’s content because no one leaves a Nigerian kitchen without a full stomach and heart.

For more info about this event; please click here



Date: Sat 2nd December | Time: 09.30am – 23.00pm | Venue: The Mermaid London, Puddle Dock, Blackfriars, London EC4V 3DB | More Info: here | Hosts: TEDx Euston

The theme for the eighth edition of TEDxEuston reflects us all – as a team, community, and a continent. At TEDxEuston our desire is to evolve, to develop and to challenge misconceptions.

However, to change is a complex nuance.  There are many layers we must firstly deconstruct and understand to experience growth. To be able to break the mould, there are areas of our past we must revisit with compassion and forgive to heal.

On the 2nd of December, 15 speakers and performers at various stages of their incredibly evolving journeys will share their stories with you on the TEDxEuston stage. The ways through which they engage, innovate and disrupt on the continent will be explored. Expect to be challenged and stirred by the brightest ideas from those who take the boldest steps.

TEDxEuston is a platform dedicated to ‘African Ideas Worth Spreading’ and an incredible experience that only those who have attended can attest to.

For more info about this event; please click here

17) Play & Grow Presents: AFRICAN CHRISTMAS EVENT


Date: Sat 2nd Dec | Time: 14:30 – 18:30pm | Venue: St Mary’s Church and Community Centre, Saint Mary’s Road, London SE15 2EA | More Info: Here | Hosts: Beatrice Kaunda

Play and Grow are a small charity with big aspirations! They would like to not only send toys to the underprivileged in different parts of the world but to do so by funding Playgroup leaders who will help nurture the children’s development through play.

For more info about this event; please click here



Date: Sat 2 December | Time: 19:00 – 22:00pm | Venue:  Orchard Gardens Community Centre, Columbine Way, Lewisham, SE13 7LQ | More Info: here | Hosts: The School of Africology

The definition of independence is defined as Self Rule, Self Governance, Self Determination, Sovereignty, Autonomy, Liberty & Freedom. But can we really claim that any of the African and Caribbean nations in the world are truly independent?

Have any of the Colonial superpowers really relinquished control of their former territorial possessions? What role does the IMF play? The World Bank & United Nations? Why is our economy weak? We possess all the resources desired by the rest of the world but are the poorest! We will look at all of these questions and more and what we can do to change our status in the world.

For more info about this event; please click here

19) L’AVIYE Christmas Pop Up Shop


Date: Sat 2nd / Sun 3rd December | Time: 09:00am – 17:00pm | Venue:  Marylebone, 35-37 Church Street, Marylebone London NW8 8ES | More Info: here | Hosts: L’Aviye

*** L’AVIYE’s first pop-up shop in the heart of London! ***

With only a few days before Christmas, last minute shopping is something we’re all guilty of – it can feel like a drag; but don’t fear, we have got you covered!

L’Aviye’s African fashion shopping event is an exclusive shopping experience with never been seen before L’AVIYE pieces showcased at their Central London pop up shop! You will have the chance to try on & shop items in person, meet the team and enjoy exclusive discounts to treat yourself and your family & friends this Christmas.

For more info about this event; please click here

20) Budiriro 2017 Dinner with Chartwell Dutiro

Date: Sat 2nd December | Time: 19:00 – 23:30pm | Venue: Holiday Inn London, Bloomsbury, Coram Street, London WC1N 1HT | More Info: here | Hosts: Budiro Trust
Budiriro Trust is pleased to announce that Chartwell Dutiro* the renowned and critically acclaimed mbira player, will be returning this year to perform at the Christmas Fundraising Dinner on Saturday December 2nd. His mbira playing takes the listener direct to the heart of his homeland Zimbabwe which is also the country of origin of the mbira itself. This promises to be another unique, lively and uplifting experience.
As a bonus you will enjoy a really fun night out with old friends and new, including our lovely MC, Caroline de Moraes*, who has so generously offered her time again this year to act as Mistress of Ceremonies for this evening of fun. A video of the 50th Anniversary celebrations filmed last July in Zimbabwe by Tom Brooks of Inspiring Film will also be shown.
While enjoying a three-course Christmas Dinner, (including a half bottle wine), a raffle, laughter, dancing and music, you will be actively raising funds through your attendance so that cash can be sent to help young Zimbabweans study for ‘A’ Level.
For more info about this event; please click here

21) 19th Annual Gathering of Africa’s Best (GAB) Awards London


Date: Sun 3rd December | Time: 5.30pm – 11pm | Venue: Hilton London Canary Wharf,Marsh Wall, London E14 9SH | More Info: here | Hosts: Trumpet Media Group

* A showcase and celebration of the best of Africa and Africans.

* An evening of Recognition of Achievements, Entertainment and Enlightenment.

* A networking event of top Africans and Friends of Africa from the continent and the Diaspora.

* An exhibition of top businesses and organisations serving the community.

* A platform to reach a potential audience of over 10 million people through Media coverage.

For more info about this event; please click here

22) Janka Nabay + The Bubu Gang (Luaka Bop)


Date: Sun 3 December 2017 | Time: 19:30 – 23:00pm | Venue: The Rose Hill, 70-71 Rose Hill Terrace, Brighton BN1 4JL | More Info: here | Hosts: Dictionary Pudding + The Rose Hill

Dictionary Pudding + The Rose Hill are thrilled to present…

Janka Nabay + The Bubu Gang (Luaka Bop)

Janka Nabay’s songs are an edgy blend of ancient African styles and modern technology that reflect his own uneven career. In the 90s, he became a star in Sierra Leone by recording cassettes of updated bubu music, reworking traditional songs that were used in Islamic ceremonies by using keyboards, drum machines and multitracking.

For more info about this event; please click here



Date: Tues 5th Dec | Time: 16:00 – 18:00pm | Venue: Guildhall, City of London, London EC2V 7HH | More info: here | Hosts: Partnership For Young London

This group will look beyond the key actions from the original event to what else needs to be addressed as part of the conversation regarding the emerging themes in work with young people of the African Diaspora. The actions that came out of the initial event are as follows:

  • African Diaspora Youth Work Training – Racial Identity
  • A Conversation in Youth Work with Young People of the African Diaspora
  • African Diaspora – Challenging Practice Policy and Research
  • African Diaspora Continuing the Conversation
  • African Diaspora Developing a National Framework

For more info about this event; please click here

24) Zinarts Productions: STEP 2 STEP FITNESS (Every Tuesday)


Date: Tues 5th Dec | Time: 7pm – 8pm | Venue: Husky Studios, 29A Amelia Street, London SE17 3PY | More Info: here | Hosts: Zinarts Productions


Founded by international choreographer Ezinne Asinugo over a year ago. We are excited to be expanding with more classes available for DANCE and FITNESS Lovers.

Classes are African and Caribbean dance grooves fused with energetic workouts to the BEST MUSIC EVER.

what do you gain?

Learn To Dance | Build your Confidence | Lose Calories | Socialise in a Positive Atmosphere


what to bring?


2) Gym Gear + Trainers

3) Bottle of Water + Face Towel

4) Postive VIBEZ

For more info about this event; please click here


25) Black Labour, Speaking for Ourselves social and networking evening


Date: Wed 6 Dec | Time: 18:30 – 22:30pm | Venue:  Saint Luke’s Church Hall, Chandler Way, Peckham London SE15 6DT | More info: here | Hosts: Black Labour Movement UK

The Black Labour Movement, an informal group representing the views of many African and Caribbean members and friends of the Labour Party are very pleased to invite you to the ‘Black Labour Speaking for Ourselves’ autumn social and networking evening.

We intend to use the event to explore the ongoing Labour Party Democracy Review and how it will affect the participation and representation of members of the African and Caribbean communities within the party.

Come ready to contribute to the interactive discussion as all comments and suggestions will be fed into the ongoing National Labour Party Democracy Review exercise.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome, even if you are not able to attend.

Some light refreshments and networking from 6pm.

RSVP: blacklabourmovement@gmail.com

For more info about this event; please click here


26) SISTAH SPACE: The African Heritage Perspective on Domestic and Sexual Abuse


Date: Thurs 7th December | Time: 17:00 – 19:30pm | Venue: Hackney Museum, Ground Floor, Technology And Learning Centre, 1 Reading Lane, Hackney E8 1GQ | More Info: here | Hosts: Hackney Museum

This event is for anyone who is interested, from a personal or professional perspective, in gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges and barriers facing African heritage domestic and sexual abuse victims accessing mainstream services and a greater awareness of the cultural sensitivities when working women and girls from these communities.

For more info about this event; please click here

27) Learn how to DJ – DJ Class


Date: Thurs 7th December | Time: 3pm – 5pm | Venue: Dalston Junction, 5min walk from Dalston Junction & Kingsland Stations, London N16 7XJ | More Info: here | Hosts: Quest4Success

Inspiring DJs helps both children and adults discover the Art of DJing, and supports existing DJs as they continually improve their skills. Learn the basics of DJing or brush up on your current skills.

1:1 DJ Classes where you will be taught how to use the following tools to DJ:

  • Vinyl (Technics 1210s)
  • CDJs (Pioneer 800s)
  • Digital (Traktor)

Available Days, Evenings & Weekends.

1:1 Sessions booked at a time convenient for both parties.

Children and Adults on the Autism spectrum are also welcome to participate.

Music supplied by ourselves ie Vinyl, CDs, MP3s but music from yourselves is encouraged and welome.

For more info about this event; please click here

28) Trust Me, I’m an Artist: DNA Ancestry Testing with Larry Achiampong and David Blandy


Date: Thurs 7th December | Time: 18:30 – 21:00pm | Venue: Arts Catalyst, 74-76 Cromer Street, London WC1H 8DR | More Info: Here | Hosts: Arts Catalyst

Ancestry DNA testing has been widely embraced as a new way to understand our identity. But how does this removal of identity from its narrative and social dimension impact on understandings of race and relationships? And what is the scientific validity of this testing? As part of a new project with Arts Catalyst, artists Larry Achiampong and David Blandy are each taking multiple Ancestry DNA tests.

In this special event, the artists will present their findings and discuss the bioethical issues with a specially convened ethics committee of medical experts, geneticists and artists, chaired by ethicist Professor Bobbie Farsides.
This event forms part of Dreamed Native Ancestry (DNA), an installation and programme critically addressing and re-thinking contemporary issues around race, migration, biopolitics and culture, through an Afrofuturist science fiction narrative and deep history perspective.
For more info about this event; please click here




Date: Fri, 8 Dec | Time: 16:00pm – late | Venue: Great Suffolk Street London SE1 | More info: here | Hosts: Africa Centre


THE AFRICAN CHRISTMAS MARKET, brought to you by @TheAfricaCentre, will take place in Union Yard Arches and on Great Suffolk Street, Southwark, on Friday 8th (4 – 9pm), Saturday 9th (midday to 9pm) and Sunday 10th December 2017 (midday to 6pm).

THE AFRICAN CHRISTMAS MARKET will feature an incredible seasonal offering of African and Caribbean food, craft, fashion and jewellery stalls; gospel choirs; a special Santa’s Grotto and kids’ activities; Christmas lights; warming drinks and seasonal surprises.

Discover a vibrant market celebrating the extraordinary diversity of the continent bringing some African warmth and sparkle to London to keep the December cold at bay. It’s free – so come down and share the Christmas spirit, African style!

Let us know that you are coming by registering online and SPREAD THE WORD.

For more info about this event; please click here

30) Supporting BME families in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham to access support for parenting, sexual health and wellbeing


Date: Fri, December 8 | Time: 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM GMT | Venue: Straight Talking (Peer Education), 5th Floor Hannibal House, Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre London SE1 6TE | More Info: here | Hosts: Race Equality Foundation

This training is aimed at managers and practitioners working in Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark in a range of settings including social care, education, health, housing, youth services, voluntary and community sector

Want to find out more about:

  • The sexual health needs of BME communities in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham?
  • How the Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities Programme can support families to promote good sexual health and healthy lifestyles for parents and their children
  • Helping improve parent-child relationships; confidence of parents; and child social competence
  • What other services are available in the RiSE partnership
  • How to refer parents to this preventative service

This is a free event and lunch and refreshments will be provided.

For more info about this event; please click here

Date: Fri 8 December  | Time: 19:30 – 21:00pm | Venue: Brunei Gallery SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, London WC1H 0XG | More Info: here | Hosts: SOAS Concerts Series

SOAS Concert Series: Simo Lagnawi

The Healing Roots of Gnawa

Gnawa is the music of formerly enslaved black Africans who have integrated into the Moroccan cultural and social landscape and founded a model to preserve the traditions and folkloric music of their ancestors. Gnawa musicians play a deeply hypnotic form of ‘trance music’, featuring low-toned, rhythmic guembri (sintir) melodies, call-and-response singing and the unforgettable sound of metal, hand-held rattles called krakeb. Traditionally, Gnawa ceremonies use music and dance to evoke ancestral saints and cure everything from psychological ills to scorpion stings. Since his arrival in the UK in 2008, Gnawa musician Simo Lagnawi has performed everywhere from East London’s Passing Clouds to the Royal Albert Hall, Glastonbury Festival and The British Museum. As well as playing traditional Gnawa music, Lagnawi continuously pushes new boundaries within Gnawa through his work with Electric Jalaba, Gnawa Griot, and Gnawa Blues Allstars. In this concert, Simo returns to the healing and hypnotic roots of Gnawa.

Recommended donation: £3

For more info about this event; please click here

32) CASSETTE: Under the Tracks

Date: Fri, 8 Dec | Time: 21:00 – late | Venue: Fu Manchu, 15-16 Lendal Terrace, London SW4 7UX | More Info: here | Hosts: Strum Live
Cassette is back bringing the funk, soul, dnb, house and rock – anything to get you moving. All about the posse, all about the fun. With a special line up designed for the boogie on an intimate and stunning clapham dancefloor through timeless classics from younger days, the culture of carnival, the itchy feet of swing and a deplorable/acceptable amount of xmas.
A railway arch party like no other, taking it back to the old school!
Line Up as follows,
Gentleman George
Phil Lowe b2b. George Mackenzie
Electric Press [LIVE]
Papa and the Jim Jams [LIVE]
Two live bands with something to prove having been on hiatus for some time, expect a very special showcase. Debut Cassette performances from Kenyan Brothers Phil & George on the decks mixing in some African flavour. And the general himself Gentleman George bosses proceedings weaving that mash up style we know and love so well.
For more info about this event; please click here

Date: Fri 8 December | Time: 18:30 – 21:00pm | Venue: Lecture Theatre B40, Darwin Building, University College, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT | More Info: here | Hosts: Black History Studies

UCL BME Network and Black History Studies presents ‘The Amazing History of Black People in London before 1948’ on Friday 8th December 2017.

This fascinating presentation by Black History Studies focuses on the hidden history of London and the contributions made by people of African and Caribbean descent to London in the areas of Literature, Politics, Music and Health & Welfare before 1948. Most people believe that Black people only came here in 1948. Black people have lived in Britain since Roman times. Moors were a common sight in Elizabethan England. There were great Black personalities in 18th and 19th century Britain. This presentation tells their story.

They will cover key questions such: Were Black people here in Roman times? What roles did Black people have in 17th century Britain? Who were the great Black personalities of the 18th and 19th centuries? What was that Black newspaper that operated out of Fleet Street in 1920? This presentation will highlight the invaluable input people of African and Caribbean descent have provided to London, from the 17th century to 1948.


For more info about this event; please click here

34) Returnees London Christmas Dinner at Enish


Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2017 | Time: 18:00 – late | Venue: Enish Nigerian Restaurant & Grill, 228 Lewisham High Street, Lewisham, London SE13 6JU | Hosts: The Returnees | Insta: /the.returnees | FB: /thereturneesNG | Email: info@thereturnees.com | RSVP: here

The Returnees London is the No 1 networking platform for people moving back to Nigeria. Returnees London is back again for our final event of the year! Following our great networking night in September, we are looking forward to seeing old and new faces this December, Friday 8th for some Christmas cheer.

Join ReturneesNG for our Christmas Dinner for some amazing food at Enish Nigerian Retaurant and Grill. Enish won Restauranteur of the Year Award at the 2017 African Pride Awards, so you know you are in for a real treat. Their food is delicious and their Chapman Slushies are not to be missed!

Eat until your heart’s content with the Enish buffet menu: incl. Jollof Rice | Fried Rice | Beef | Chicken | Fried Fish | Egusi Soup | Pounded Yam | Plantain | Salad

For more info about this event; please click here

35) Top Range Movie premiere Fri December 8th ,Odeon Greenwich Bugsby way se10 0QJ


Date: Fri 8 Dec | Time: 20:00 – Midnight | Venue: Odeon IMAX Cinema Greenwich, Bugsby Way, London SE10 0QJ | More info: here | Hosts: Danny Promotional Media

Top Range movie premiere set to hit the cinema in the UK. Friday December 8th 2017,Odeon Greenwich Busby Way, London Se10 Oqj STARRING NOLLYWOOD VETERAN TONY UMEZ & REGINA DANIELS.

Produced by Florence Blaster Okonkwo, Rita Akpojator. Directed by the DGN Taiwo Oduala.

TOP RANGE is a tale of Love, Romance, Betrayal and Forgiveness , true life story.

TOP RANGE is a movie you dont want to miss!

Filmed in the Uk and Nigeria, TOP RANGE stars multi award winning Queen of Red Carpet Florence Blaster Okonkwo, Tony Umez, Rita Akpojotor ,Regina Daniels, Rita Daniels and some of the best Actor’s from the Nollywood industry in the UK.

For more info about this event; please click here


Date: Fri 8 December | Time: 19:00 – 21:30pm | Venue: York House Hotel, 10 Drury Lane

Wakefield WF1 2TE | More Info: here | Hosts: Tosin Oso

Authentic African Cooking at it’s best

Fine dining that promises a full African experience

For more info about this event; please click here




Date: Sat 9 December 2017 | Time: 19:00pm – 22:00pm |  Venue: The Canvas Cafe, 42 Hanbury Street, London E1 5JL | Hosts: My African Hob | Insta: /MyAfricanHob | Twitter: @MyAfricanHob | FB: /My-African-Hob | Blog: /myafricanhob.com/blog | RSVP: here

4 course home-cooked menu & welcome cocktail!

My African Hob would like to invite you to an evening of delicious and mouth-watering Sierra Leonean cuisine, where you can sample some of our family favourites. Expect a warm welcome, a friendly atmosphere and a relaxed ambiance guaranteed to make you feel at home.

For more info about this event; please click here


[For the Next Generation]


Date: Saturday 9th December (every Saturday) | Time: 12pm – 3pm | Venue: Forest Hill Pools, London SE23 3HZ | Facebook 1: /Destination-Africa-Group | Facebook 2: /Listen-Speak-Learn | Twitter: @DestAfricaGrp | Phone: 07877 020458 | Email: info@listenspeaklearn.com

Boom! Creative Language learning classes for children and teens in Twi, Hausa, Yoruba, Shona and Swahili in South London at discounted prices – Yes!  Destination Africa run tailored Saturday Classes for young children between the ages of 5 – 16 in South East London. They have a vision to connect young Black British sons and daughter with knowledge of their ancestral heritage and creative language sessions make this particular Saturday school a fun and ‘must-try’ experience for parents and young parents with kids in London.  Parents are more than welcome to sit with their kids and meet a very small but growing hub Black parents who homeschool all their children at the classes – I have been truly blessed by attending and seeing our children excel in our languages!  For more info; contact Ms. Abena Richardson via the details above or below.

For more info; please click here

39) African Diaspora Women’s Forum 2017: A Conversation on Culture, Sex & Society


Date: Sat 9 December | Time: 15:00 – 19:00pm | Venue: Africa Centre, 66 Great Suffolk Street, London SE1 0BL | More Info: here | Hosts: FORWARD (Foundation For Women’s Health Research & Development

Organised by FORWARD with the support of The Girl Generation, the 2017 edition of the African Diaspora Women’s Forum will be an intimate conversation between three generations of African women on how cultural and social norms shape African women’s sexuality.

ADWF 2017 will enable African women in the diaspora, young and not so young, to explore the topic of sexuality in contexts where they are straddling several cultures and managing the associated norms and pressures.

Considering the taboo aspect of discussing sexuality in many parts of the African diaspora, this intergenerational conversation will participate in breaking the silence in a safe space.

With guest speaker: Jannette Davies, co-founder of Scarlet Ladies

For more info about this event; please click here

40) The NELAS (Nollywood Excellence And Leadership Awards London 2017)


Date: Sat 9 December | Time: 18:00 – 23:00pm | Venue: O2 Centre, 255 Finchley Road, London NW3 6LU | More Info: here | Hosts: Danny Promotional Media

The NELAS ,Nollywood Excellence and Leadership Awards are dedicated to Pan African Filmmakers around the world and to increase representation of Pan African films,
television and digital media at the world’s stage. It’s organized by The Queen of Nollywood Awards Film Academy Nigeria. The London Awards will be organized by multi Award winning Media company Danny promotional Media and Queen of Nollywood International HRM Nnenna Ani on behalf of Queen Of Nollywood Awards Nigeria and Danny promotional Media is the official Media Partner .

The award night will take place Saturday 9th December 2017 at the spatacular community suit at the O2 Centre in Finchley road London.

Everyone is a VIP and we have set our ticket price to be VIP for all at a very affordable price. All tickets includes dinner and drinks at the venue. Early Bird ticket price at £25 ,£35 + After party. Early bird will open 1st September 2017 . Closing date is 22nd September then £35 after or £40 + After party.

For more info about this event; please click here



Date: Sat 9 December 2017 | Time: 17:00 – 20:00pm | Venue:  The Pill Box, 115 Coventry Road, London E2 6GG | Hosts: The Social BlocInsta: /TheSocialBloc | FB: /TheSocialBlockUK | Twitter: @TheSocialBlocUK | Email: hey@thesocialbloc.com | RSVP: here

West Africa here we come! If you have ever been to Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone or any other ocuntry in West Africa in December you will know that there is no Christmas party like a West African Christmas party!
The Social Bloc will be combining flavour and foods from the region in a 3 course dinner.. with the sounds of DJ BAJ who will take us into the night. There will a photobooth! Fun games and competitions and giveaways, not to mention mulled wine!
Party Bookings will get a special treat.. so what are you waiting for? Book your Christmas party with Social Bloc and experience a taste of Africa!
<< For vegan options please send us an email. Please let us know if you have any allergies. For parties greater than 10 please send them a message for a special discount. >>
For more info about this event; please click here

 Date: Sat 9 December | Time: 13:00 – 15:00pm | Venue: 10 Portland Road, South Norwood, Croydon SE25 4PF | More Info: here | Hosts: Elizabeth James Gallery & Tricia Trotman-Maraj
Elizabeth James Gallery
Tricia Trotman-Maraj is back by popular demand for the 2nd of her Caribbean Folklore Experiences.
In the Caribbean storytelling is a very important part of life especially in deep country areas where there is a lack of electricity and other modern conveniences. It is a tradition that was brought to the Caribbean by African slaves and was used mainly to pass on information from one generation to the next mainly because reading and writing were forbidden by law and slaves who were caught would pay with their lives. We will explore some folklore characters and participants will have the opportunity of artistically representing their interpretation as art be it good or evil, beauty or beast. Join us!
1.Storytelling on the following folklore characters: Douen, La Diablesse, Soucouyant, Papa Bois, and Phantom
2. Students create their version of one or a collage of the characters talked about in the stories with a caption of the main thing the character does.
Medium: Paper, paint, pencils, glitter, etc.
Please Note: This event is Suitable for children aged 7-15 years. Furthermore; please note there will be photographs taken at the workshop, please let us know if you would rather not have your child face included in the pictures.
For more info about this event; please click here

43) Healing from Within Conference 2017


Date: Sat 9 Dec | Time: 09:30 – 16:00pm | Venue: Jurys Inn Croydon, Wellesley Road, Croydon CR0 9XY | More Info: here | Hosts: Anita Bradshaw

Healing From Within Conference is an event for everyone (women and men). No matter our level of successes in life, there is always something to learn from others in order to move forward.When the storms life hits, it is important to know how best to navigate through, in order to reach our desired destination

Come and learn how letter writing could be used to heal inner pain.

Come and hear the story of an individual who went through mental and physical challenge, but was able to come out of it all.

With so much pain out there due to life challenges, and circumstance which has held people back from reaching their full potential, we know a lot of people have been limited and condition to think ‘there is no away out’. This has lead to us putting this event together to support others on their personal and professional journey.
* Network with quality people * Quality Speakers * Discover how to heal yourself through letter writing and thought * Discover your greatness * Get on the road to recovery through discoveries * Exhibition * Meditation *Healing sessions (Energy Healing, Prayers, Coaching, Next level planning) * Refreshment will be provided.
For more info about this event; please click here

44) Luton Black Men Community Group/BIS. Science & Technology

Date: Sat 9th December | Time: 17:00 – 19:00pm | Venue: Luton Irish Forum, 102 Hitchin Road, Luton LU2 0ES | More Info: here | Hosts: Luton Black Men

Register at www.lbmtech.eventbrite.co.uk or £5 at the door on the day. Children (under 18): Free

Michael Williams the author of the international bestselling books on Black Scientists & Inventors will be presenting his recent finding on why he believes that Africa is the birth place of all technologies. He will also demonstrate the creative intellect of the African (pre-transatlantic Enslavement, during and after enslavement) is second to none. Williams wants to show African Heritage parents that their children are potential geniuses, they just need to know who they really are by gaining a real knowledge of self.

Come and listen to the inspiring words and stories from Michael Williams, the co-author of these awesome titles from this international best-selling series.

Stalls available (free) with products for sale

For more info about this event; please click here

Date: Sat, 9 Dec | Time: 20:00 – 5:00am | Venue: VUK Luxury Banqueting Suite, Park Place – Chiswick-Richmond, Brentford, London W3 8JY | More Info: here | Hosts: TZUK

TZUK Diaspora Come together and reflect in history and facts, eyeing on thier potential and subtantial contribution as Diaspora’s in walfare and economic development of their motherland, interms of investment, financial relationship between Tanzania diaspora reside in the UK and financial institutions operating in Tanzania, involving their services and products that can suite diaspora needs, interms of effective deployment and utilization of the expertise, technical know-how ( technology transfer ) and the entrepreneurial skills (exposures) of Tanzanian Diaspora Abroad

Entertainment and more Artists from East, West, Central and South African Diaspora to perform Live on the Night

Queen Malaika – RARUA RARUA | Ditto – MOYO SUKUMA DAMU | Engine – Sinyamazi | Aslay – NATAMBA | King Mwalubadu – ISHU

For more info about this event; please click here

*** SUNDAY 10th DECEMBER ***

Sofitel London St James

Date: Sunday, 10 Dec | Time:  15:00 to 18:00pm | Venue: Sofitel London St James, 6 Waterloo Place, London SW1Y 4AN | More Info: here | Hosts:  STWeddings MGT

An Industry focused Discussion, Mastermind Afternoon & Networking Event for African Caribbean Wedding Planners

“Are you an AC wedding planner looking to expand and excelerate your business in 2018”

“Would you like to learn how to brand, position and expose your business in such a competitive market”

If so, then Come and connect with Established and Up and coming Wedding planners as we discuss solutions, share strategies and exchange contacts

A true learning environment for like-minded wedding planners to meet and discuss”.

“A Place to find Support & Give Support”


Afternoon Tea | Networking | Round Table Discussion | Business Spotlight | Sponsor Showcase


An afternoon for AC wedding planners to Discuss :

Best Business Practice – Business Wins vs Business Struggles – Defining our role as Wedding Planners vs Client Expectations – Pricing Structure – Marketing & More


Sotonye Deru founder of Award Nominated SD Weddings MGT, The ultimate Wedding Planning Course and The Training Association For African Caribbean Wedding professionals  (TAACWP)

For more info about this event; please click here


Date: Sun 10th December | Time: 12:00pm – 18:00pm | Venue: Little Hands Designs, 67 Belsize Lane, London NW3 5AU | More Info: here | Hosts: Priscilla Okpan

‘Sewing with Kim’ is the first ever sew along class with Kim Davehosted by Little Hands Designs.
It is going to be an intimate sewing class organized by published womenswear fashion designer and DIY Youtuber of kimdave.com, Priscillia Okpan. The class will hold at the vibrant Little Hands Designs studio in London for a duration of six hours.

In this class, you will learn how to make a dress for yourself perfect for the festive season ahead. The dress design is a fit and flare dress with a gathered skirt, 3/4 sleeves and a zip at the centre back. You have the freedom to customise features such as dress length and neckline at the class, two and half metres of fabric will be needed to make this dress. See dress design here
You will also learn how to;

– Understand sewing patterns
– Cut sections of a dress with pattern pieces.
– Insert a sleeve.
– Fix zippers.
– Create gathers.

For more info about this event; please click here

Date: Sunday 10th Dec | Time: 12:00 – 19:00pm | Venue: Golborne Youth Centre, Acklam Road, London W10 5YU | More Info: here | Hosts: Raising Black Achievement

Every type of gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Eid, you name it!

Jewellery, Shoes, Bags, Formal & Casual Clothes, Books, Creams, Soaps, Kitchenware, Arts & Crafts, even Black Superhero Calendars! We have everything!

We don’t want the entry fee to stop you supporting community businesses or giving you access to gifts that will make a PROFOUND impact on the lives of your children, friends and family. So, we have made the entry only £3.50 if you buy online!

Yes, a Playstation game can turn them into a zombie for days at a time, but the right game could help them to raise their self-esteem and spend more time WILLINGLY supporting their parents around the home. Which gift do YOU want them to have?

If you haven’t been to an African / Caribbean styled marketplace event before, make this your first trip. All are welcome to get a taste of Arican & Caribbean culture.

For more info about this event; please click here

 *** MONDAY 11th DECEMBER ***

49) Dementia and black and minority ethnic communities – Birmingham


Date: Mon 11 Dec | Time: 12:00 – 16:00pm | Venue: BVSC, The Centre for Voluntary Action, 138 Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 6DR | More Info: here | Hosts: Race Equality Foundation

Black and minority ethnic people experience a number of inequalities related to dementia. This ranges from particular ethnic communities having a higher risk of developing dementia, to more general difficulties for all black and minority ethnic communities in accessing appropriate care and support.

These inequalities vary across communities. African Caribbean communities have greater risk of developing dementia at an early age. Both African Caribbean and South Asian communities have a higher prevalence of dementia than the White British community. The Irish and Jewish communities both have a higher average age, as well as often sharing the experiences of migration and discrimination. Gypsy and Traveller communities can experience extreme barriers to accessing services, and there is growing evidence to show they also develop dementia at an early age.

The Race Equality Foundation with Faith Action and Friends, Families and Travellers, as member of the Health and Wellbeing Alliance, have been commissioned to help undertake a range of activities on dementia.

The aims of this event is to:

  • raise awareness of dementia
  • explore issues around risk reduction for dementia; and
  • explore dementia support for these communities,

This event is aimed at practitioners, individuals and organisations working on dementia.

For more info about this event; please click here

 *** TUESDAY 12th DECEMBER ***


Date: Tue, December 12 | Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM | Venue: Lab 1a, Idea Store, 321 Whitechapel Road E1 1BU | More Info: here | Hosts: Journey To Justice

“Class, race and democracy: marginal lives in 21st century Britain?”

After a degree in African History at SOAS Dreda trained as a teacher and worked in secondary and primary schools, finally as a deputy head teacher, after which she was a consultant in various London local authorities. She now works freelance in prisons and young offenders institutions. An award winning writer of crime fiction such as ‘Running Hot’ and ‘Geezer Girls’, Dreda appears regularly on radio and TV and writes on social and educational issues for the national press. During the 2016 EU referendum Dreda was a prominent Leave voter.

Journey to Justice is a human rights education charity. We are a national volunteer-led alliance of educators, students, youth and community groups, human rights and faith organisations, artists, film-makers, musicians, trade unionists and historians. Our mission is to galvanise people to take action for social justice, learning from human rights movements and the arts.

For more info about this event; please click here

Addai Sebo recives African Voices from Ama Gueye
Date: Tue 12 Dec | Time: 18:30 – 21:00pm | Venue:  Monks Park Community Cafe, 2 Monks Park, Wembley HA9 6J | More Info: here | Hosts: BTWSC
Plug what you do, highlight your needs, or simply network. And have a pleasant African-Caribbean meal and a complimentary fruit punch. Cash bar for any other drink.
Golden Mic Session: Got something to say or sell? Focus it to within 1 minute on the microphone.

This is deliberately aimed at a cross-sector audience, as our stakeholders are not to be found just in our sector! So whether you are an individual or representing an organisation, no matter what sector you operate within, the Who I Am & What I Do networking session is for you to plug what you do, highlight your needs, or simply network with statutory, community and voluntary organisations, professionals, entrepreneurs, funders, artists, poets, and music and cultural industries businesses and personnel.

The main aim is to promote business contacts and social inclusion through networking. Includes a Caribbean meal at the start of event (7pm) – so get down early, and tuck into your dinner (choice of chicken, fish oe vegan), before doing some business, or telling us about your business.

BTWSC is a pan-London voluntary organisation that uses the creative arts to develop potential, raise aspirations, and promote social inclusion. It works with youths, adults and inter-generational audiences. Its core areas of delivery cover music industry, event planning, and African history education and programmes. For more details: btwsc@hotmail.com.

For more info about this event; please click here


Date: Tue 12 Dec | Time: 19:00 – 21:00pm | Venue: Calvert 22 Foundation, 22 Calvert Avenue, London E2 7JP | More info: here | Hosts: Calvert 22 Foundation

Join this panel discussion exploring the recent history of feminism in Russia and the feminist perspectives of Russian art today with the curator of Calvert 22 Foundation’s exhibition Dmitri Prigov. Theatre of Revolutionary Action, the co-editor of the new book Cosmic Shift: Russian Contemporary Art Writing,art critic Katy Deepwel, curator Elena Zaytseva, and artists Maria Kapajeva and Natalia Mali.

For more info about this event; please click here



Date: Wed, Dec 13 | Time: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM | Venue: St Giles-in-the-Fields Church

60 St Giles High Street, London WC2H 8LG | More Info: here | Hosts: African Promise

Join African Promise at their second annual Christmas Carol Service and help raise vital funds for our work with primary schools in rural Kenya. Come together with family, friends and work colleagues for a festive evening of traditional carols, musical performances and readings, followed by wine and mince pies, in the heart of London’s West End. Confirmed performers include the London International Gospel Choir who will be with us again to entertain you with their brand of funk, soul and African song. Other performers and celebrity readers will be announced in due course.
For more info about this event; please click here

54) CONCLUSION (Topical Debate/ Open Discussion


Date: Wed 13 Dec | Time: 19:30 – 21:30pm | Venue: The Archivist, Unit V Reliance Wharf, 2-10 Hertford Road, London N1 5ET | More Info: here | Hosts: IGIME Group

It was 7 years ago at the mural of African leaders which surrounded the basement of this African restaurant, then known as Open The Gate in Stoke Newington that accommodated our first vibrant audience, knowledgeable panelists and energetic performers (music and poetry) for heated debates and open discussions.

They have now relaunched and continue to maintain that same energy!

Join us in our second show, with a panel of experts and performances where we’ll be discussing:

  1. Gentrification
  2. Religion
  3. Gang Culture
  4. Current Affairs
For more info about this event; please click here

55) MPC Property Coffee Morning



Date: Wed 13 Dec | Time: 10:00 – 11:30am | Venue: London Marriott Regents Park, 128 King Henry’s Road, London NW3 3ST | More info: here | Hosts: Midas Property Group

Welcome to the Property Coffee Morning!

The Biggest and most attended regular daytime property networking event in the UK.

Richard Obahor is the CEO of Purple Premium Ltd, a U.K./Nigeria based Real Estate Company and he considers himself to have a dyed-in-the-wool attitude to accomplishment, doggedness and resilience.

Richard’s career first started in the Real Estate industry in 2003 with Alandale Construction UK, where he worked as a Senior Manager on multi-million pound projects like theBankside 123 in the City of London, Tower Place, and Westfield Shopping Centre in West London. He set up his first Real Estate Company in the U.K. in 2008, offering property acquisition, property development, and property management services to his ultra-high net worth clients.

Soon after, he integrated into the Nigerian property market, catering for the demands of Nigerians based in the Diaspora whose intention is to own a home in Nigeria, but rather than transact with individuals would prefer to do business with a reputable company. The company now develops quality luxury homes. His philosophy is that if you would dream anyway, you might as well dream big and his vision is to build 2022 homes right across Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Kenya by the year 2022, to house Africans living in the Diaspora.

Find out more about Richard and this bespoke event here

*** FRIDAY 15th DECEMBER ***

56) Friday Night at the Museum – The Enlightenment of Europe…


Date: Fri, Dec 15th | Time: 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM | Venue: The British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG | More info: here | Hosts: Afristoricals | FB: /Afristoricals | Twitter: @Afristoricals | Pinterest: /akigwe

In response to the overwhelming demand for True Knowledge, Afristoricals presents Friday Night at the Museum. Each month the Friday Night at the Museum tour will focus on different themes covering different aspects of Ancient African presence around the World. Themes include:

  • The Glory of Kmt (September 2017)
  • The Glory of Africa (October 2017)
  • African Presence in Europe (November 2017)
  • The Enlightenment of Europe at the Detriment of Africa (December 2017)
  • African Presence in Asia & America (February 2018)
  • Assyria and the Mesopotamian Lie (March 2018)
  • The Greek Conundrum (April 2018)
  • The Destruction of Black Civilization (May 2018)
  • The Exhibition (June 2018)

The British Museum is the perfect place for people wishing to discover the true History of Civilisation – especially if you are an Afristorian. Nowhere is it more clearly stated that Africans (i.e. all “Black people”) made absolutely no contribution to the development of Human Civilisation, than in the British Museum!

For more info about this event; please click here



 Date: Sat 16 Dec | Time: 11:00 – 14:00pm | Venue:  Albrighton Community Centre, Albrighton Road, London SE22 8AH | More Info: here | Hosts: AGA Global Ambassadors
AGA Global Ambassadors are a not for profit group, based in the UK, who share a passion to help disadvantaged communities across Africa, particularly in The Gambia.
For more info about this event; please click here


Date: Sat Dec 16th | Time: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM | Venue: Crik Hall, 252-262 Romford Road, Stratford, London E7 9HZ | More info: here | Hosts: SAIE Mental Health Organisation

This is our 1st Winter Soiree. Get Dressed to impress! They’ll be fun and they’ll be food, but most importantly you’ll have a chance to learn from others.

Prize for best dressed male and female!  #BREAKTHESTIGMA2017

Mental Health is a taboo subject in African and Caribbean Communities, but individuals from this community are the most commonly affected by Mental Health. Join us on our evening of the 3 Es… Education, Enlightenment and Enjoyment.

#MentalHealthMatters #NightOfPoetry #NightOfLiveMusic #NightOfLiveDancers #NightWithLiveSpeakers #NightOfAfrican&CaribbeanCusine

Raffles and Prizes to be won. SAIE will also be collecting Christmas Shoebox which we will be delivering to a Mental Health Hospital.

For more info about this event; please click here

59) BACC End of year party / AGM meeting


Date: Sat 16 Dec | Time: 16:00 – 18:00pm | Venue: Central Baptist Church, 52A Park Street, Luton LU1 3ET | More Info: here | Hosts: /Bedfordshire-African-Community-Centre | Phone: 01582 484807

Join us for our end of year party and Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Agenda to include:

Introduction to Annual General Meeting | Presentation of the Trustees Annual Report and Financial statement | Any Other Businesses | After party | All are welcome

For more info about this event; please click here

Date: Sat, Dec 16th | Time: 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM | Venue: Espacios Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Road London E2 7DG | More info: here | Hosts: Kingsley Nebechi & Espacios Gallery
Growing up as a product of the African diaspora.
Growing up in Italy.
Growing up in London.
Growing up on Hip Hop.

Colour. Life. Love. Art. Passion. Mind Body & Soul.

These are a few words to echo the genius that is Kingsley Nebechi. A mind like no other. An artistic flair like no other. An eye for rich detail and unmatched expression like no other.

Kingsley doesn’t just draw, he doesn’t just illustrate. Kingsley creates and recreates.
He realises the images we all see in our mind’s eye. He breathes life into your dreams and fantasies. He represents what we all hope for when we pitch ideas. He portrays people and places with different faces and colours, immersed in different shapes going through life’s different stages. He creates and recreates.
For more info about this event; please click here

*** SUNDAY 17th DECEMBER *** 

61) &SUYA: December Pop-Up


Date: Sun Dec 17th | Time: Midday tiil late | Venue: North London (Colindale) | Hosts: AndSuya | Insta: /&Suya

If you haven’t heard of &Suya – You have now! Bold, Stunning and Quality West African Fusion Dishes flying and frying out of North London means this parlour is the main African Gastronomy Joint that we expect to be taking London by storm in 2018!

Sign up to access the & SUYA experience at: greatfood@andsuya.com

For more info about this event; please click here


Date: Sun 17 Dec | Time: 11:00 – 18:00pm | Venue:  The Croydon Dance Academy, 54 & 58 Frith Road, Croydon CR0 1TA | More info: here | Hosts: Culture Alliance UK

Culture Alliance U.K is a platform for citizens to be educated about the African and Caribbean culture and heritage.

Culture Alliance UK have a passion for dance and music! Experiencing the biggest culture educational dance classes in the U.K. Having fun while learning, networking and discovering your true talents. A dance program for everybody to join. These inspiring world class teachers have come to collaborate on training people that enjoy and have a passion for dance and would like to have the opportunity to learn different types of dance styles. Through out this years they’ve seen it all; dance battles, dance classes, dance performances, etc…

And so much more, this year they’re bringing to you EVERYTHING. A fusion of what you’ve already seen, we’re bringing it back and better, an unforgettable experience which children and adults will like to re- live; You do not want miss out.
For more info about this event; please click here

63) WOEI: Christmas Dinner & Dance

Date: Sun 17 Dec | Time: 17:00 – 21:00pm | Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Royal Victoria Dock, Western Gateway, London E16 1AL | More info: here | Hosts: Women of Excellence

Women of Excellence International cordially invites you to an evening of celebration, Dinner and Dance.

The vision of the Women of Excellence International was birthed in the heart of Pastor Dunni Adesola-Thompson, Senior Pastor of Immanuel House of Worship, London, United Kingdom in March 2001. As a woman in ministry, Pastor Dunni believes that it is time to stand up against the tradition and misunderstanding in regards to the area of women ministries around the world. She believes that women are also chosen in this time to shine forth, not as the shamed inferior or defeated but a chosen vessel of God.

For more info about this event; please click here

64) Ancient Africans in Europe, Asia & America – December 2017 Tour


Date: Sun Dec 17 | Time:  2:00 PM – 5:30 PM | Venue: The British Museum, Great Russell Street London WC1B 3DG | More info: here | Hosts: Afristoricals | FB: /Afristoricals | Twitter: @Afristoricals | Pinterest: /akigwe

History”, as we know it today, suggests the only contributions Africans played was the role of slaves and poverty stricken souls unable to survive without the aid of their enforced enslavement and colonialism.

The concept of “race” is a European invention, yet when it comes to identifying the ethnicity of the first humans and civilizations, European scientists and institutions claim not to recognise “race” and attribute the founders of ancient civilizations and the first humans to non-Africans, when the evidence clearly shows that these original founders were African.

JOIN Afristoricals and witness institutional racism that writes Africans out of world history. Discover the evidence of Ancient Africans in Europe, Asia and America ONLY on this month’s tour of the British Museum!!!

For more info about this event; please click here

65) Similarity & Difference, Experiential Workshop


Date: Sun 17 Dec | Time: 10:30 – 13:00pm | Venue:  Claremont Project, 24-27 White Lion Street, Islington London N1 9PD | More info: here | Hosts: Art Therapy: Race & Culture SIG


The focus of the workshop is to help encourage attitudes of openness in addressing and exploring experiences of difference in a safe and non-discriminatory way. Attendees are invited to bring past experiences and issues of exploring difference in the therapeutic space, including working with client’s through art making, as specific experiences to work through. We will experiment through art making and image in order to make meaning of, and find language for our experiences.

For more info about this event; please click here

*** MONDAY 18th DECEMBER *** 

66) Gospel Carols by Candlelight


Date: Mon 18 Dec | Time: 19:00 – 21:30pm | Venue:  St Paul’s Church, Bedford Street, London WC2E 9ED | More info: here | Hosts: Feed The Minds

This unmissable event is the perfect way to start your week and get into the festive spirit ahead of Christmas! Join us for what is promising to be a colourful, magical and heart-warming carol concert by candlelight, with traditional carols which you can singalong to, as well as performances by our gospel choir. Your ticket includes a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie.

Incredible mix of choral performances and sing-along carols | Only £14.50 per ticket (+ booking fee) | All ages welcome to this special event | Ticket includes a warming cup of Mulled wine and a mince pie

The evening promises to be the perfect mix of classic sing-along carols combined with traditional carols sung by our talented choir. Our choir is made up of East African singers, so we are lucky enough to be treated to a couple of carols sung with an African flavor! It’s going to be a really special evening, and we hope to see you there.

The event takes place on Monday 18th December 2017, at St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden and everyone is welcome to this special night celebrating Christmas.

Additional refreshments will be available on the evening.

For more info about this event; please click here


67) 3rd Wednesdays – SA Politics Lite and Social – An update from the Front-line


Date: Wed 20th Dec | Time: 18:30 to 21:30pm | Venue: The Earlsfield Gastropub, 511 Garratt Lane, SW18 4SW London | More info: here | Hosts: Democratic Alliance Abroad | FB: /DAAbroadUK | Twitter: @DA_Abroad | Linkedin: /in/Democratic-Alliance-Abroad | YouTube: /DA-Abroad

Bring your friends and join us for an evening of “Politics Lite” a chance to get together with interested South Africans for a fun, informative “Low-Cal” and “Sugar-Free” update on the topical issues that are on all our minds!  Otherwise if solo, it’s an easy way to engage with other interesting people.

On 3rd Wednesdays of every month, The DA Abroad UK will introduce a fantastic speaker who will talk briefly about a topical subject – plenty to choose from! After the update there will be a Q&A session followed by informal discussion/social.

For the last event Dr Ivan Meyer MEC (Western Cape Finance Minister and Deputy Federal Chairperson of the DA) joined us via video link, and gave a very interesting update on the state capture report and how the DA is tackling the challenges of winning new Metros and gearing up for 2019.

For more info about this event; please click here




Date: Thu 21 Dec | Time: 20:00 – 23:00pm | Venue: Boxpark Croydon, 99 George Street, London CR0 1LD | More info: here | Hosts: AfroBox

AfroBOX is a celebration of the continued growth of the sound of young Africa – across the continent, throughout the diaspora and most especially in the UK. Hosted by Croydon resident, artist/producer SILVASTONE, and boasting an incredibly exciting talented line-up of renowned African DJs/artists that are actively instrumental in the movement’s continued rise and future progression in various capacities and on multiple platforms. Come get down to sounds from, and inspired by, the motherland.


For more info about this event; please click here


69) Men & Women of Distinction Presents….The End Of Year Special


Date: Sat 23 Dec | Time: 17:00 – 23:00pm | Venue:  The Artworks Classrooms, 60a Weston Street, London SE1 3QJ | More info: here | Hosts: Qadosh Kingdom

QKM Men and Women of Distinction Presents…. The End of Year Special!

Come join us in the heart of the city for an intimate night of beautiful food and amazing entertainment in wonderful surroundings.

Qadosh Kingdom Embassy London is holding its first fundraising dinner and they invite you to come and be a part of it.

All proceeds from this event will go towards our 2018 Holy Nation Summit Conference – HNS2018 so your participation is certainly for a good cause!

For more info about this event; please click here

70) Dee East Dining Supper Club!


Date: Sat, Dec 23 | Time: 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM | Venue:  The Concept London, Lee Gate, London SE12 8SS | More info: here | Hosts: Dee


Welcome to the Dee East Dining Supper Club!

“If we are yet to meet, my freinds call me Dee, and I’m excited to bring traditional East African cuisine to you, your dinner date and to the masses.”

On Saturday 23 December, you’re in for a traditional three course meal with a twist and a persoanl design of very my own. Dee is going to throw in a few exciting extras such as traditional Somali treats and tea after dessert. Plus you will receive a free drink on arrival – Whoop Whoop!.

Dinner will be served for 8pm prompt, so please try to make it for 7.30pm to get comfy! The venue will be all ours for the evening so expect to get chatty with the other guests.

For more info about this event; please click here



\Date: Sat, 23 Dec | Time: 20:00 – late | Venue:  White Post, 92 White Post lane, Hackney, London E9 5EN | More info: here | Hosts: Chop X Beats

Get ready to kick off your Christmas with good vibes and beautiful people!

What to expect?

Authentic West African Cuisine * Face Painting * Traditional Games * Happy Hour * Giveaways * Dope AfroVibes in one of Hackney’s secret gems.

Prep your African prints and dancing shoes – DJ Nore is set to take this Christmas party to another level!

*Afrobeats * Hip-Hop * Reggae * R & B * Old School

Question, can it ever be a party without Mama’s Jollof rice? Of course not! So expect to see this and more tasty West African food on the night!

We’ve got the menu to tantalise your taste buds:
Jollof Rice * Sweet Plantain * Kebab * Grilled Salmon * Puff Puff * Fried Yam * Red Red *
{Menu subject to change}

Happy hour from 8 – 9 pm half price on drinks!

72) Black Heroes Soul Food Cafe – 28 December 2017


Date: Thu 28 December | Time: 19:30 – 22:00pm | Venue: Leilani Restaurant & Ashanti Lounge Bar, 14 Lavender Hill London SW11 5RW | More Info: here | Hosts: Black Heroes Foundation

A Black History Month event, that runs throughout the year! Every month is a Black History Month, at the Black Heroes Soul Food Café.

The Black Heroes Soul Food Café provides a creative space for inclusive artistic expression celebrating Black Heroes and exploring the historical and contemporary presence of Black Britons in Wandsworth. These gatherings at the Leilani Restaurant and Ashanti Lounge will facilitate cultural enquiry whilst celebrating the significant contributions to humanity by peoples of Africa and the African diaspora.

For more info about this event; please click here



Whether it’s information on the Best 100 African Tailors, Fashion Designers & Seamstresses;  Ghanaian RestaurantsAfrican Wedding PhotographersNigerian Restaurants and Food Pop-upsBlack British Cake BakersAfrican Catering Companies in London. Or info on African migrants living in BucharestValenciaAthens. Or Info on London’s Diverse and rather unknown African Communities of NigeriensIvoriansMaliansGaboneseCongoleseAngolansSomaliGhanaiansSouth Sudanese and more. Or info about some of the dilemmas of International Students in the UK and even organisations that aid UK-based African International Students; we have it here on AfricanCultureBlog. Fresh local content on the UK and London’s Diverse African Community is available on this blog.


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