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Southern Sudanese in the UK: Mapping London’s South Sudan Community (2016)

Mapping London's South Sudan Community begins here with AfricanCultureBlog

Mapping London’s Ghanaian Community (2016): Demographics & Discourses

Where can I find Ghanaians in London is an easy question; here is a 2016 mapping exercise of London's famous African Community

Dilemmas International Students face in London: African Perspectives (2016)

A couple of things International Students need to know upon arrival to the UK and London

Mapping London’s Somali Community (2016): Discourses, Dilemmas & Demographics

London's growing and established Somali Community need re-introducing in 2017; here is our brief overview

Les Ivoiriens du Londres: Re-Introducing London’s Ivorian Community (2016)

London's Ivorian Community is changing, growing and needs re-introducing in 2016 and beyond:

Mapping London’s African Community (2016): Demographic, Dilemmas & Discourses

An informal report on the changing demographic and dilemmas of London's Diverse African Community (Part 1)

Les Maliens du Royaume-Uni: Malian Community in London (2016)

There is a small group of Malians or "Les Maliens" who are calling London and the UK home. Plus d'informations ici:

Les Gabonaise au Royaume-Uni: Gabonese Community in London

There are over 300 Gabonese Citizens that are calling the UK; or at least for the time being. Find out more about them here

Aw yu du? Re-introducing London’s Sierra Leoneon Community (2016)

Sierra Leone's London Community need re-introducing and I've taken it upon myself to do it. Let's do this:

Angolanos em Londres: Re-introducing London’s Angolan Community

Our Lusophone Brothers need a re-introduction: Angolan Community in London aren't only growing; but have always been here.