Southern Sudanese in the UK: Mapping London’s South Sudan Community (2016)

Na tueny deŋ, ke röör aabï pur. (Dinka Proverb) If it rains, men will cultivate.

D’accord. There’s not much to state about one of London’s smaller African Communities. You will find some pockets of South Sudanese communities across the country and capital. Lambeth, Chelsea and Kensington, Harlesden and North London base some of the larger communities.


Are there any South Sudanese community associations in London?

Yes! There are a few. In London, BirminghamReading and Wales. In London specifically; many of the South Sudan NGOs have only been recently formed whilst some existed prior to the creation of the state in 2011. The groups are used for various migrant related, social, cultural, academic and religious purposes.



Akol Dong: I am proudly representing South Sudan at the 2016 Mister Africa International Competition hosted in London, UK. This year’s theme “Body, Brains, and Business” seeks to find an individual who will inspire a young generation of Africans towards entrepreneurship that will rapidly change the continent. I believe that I have the vision, experience, and knowledge to adequately represent the great continent of Africa and with your support and encouragement I shall become Mister Africa International. (Akol will be representing South Sudan at London’s Mister Africa International 2016)

Akol Dok on his invitation to represent South Sudan in the Mister African International in London

UK based South Sudan Organisations you should know:



Insta:/2ndChanceMK | Facebook:/Yr2ndChance | Twitter:@2ndchanceMK | Phone: 07501828958 | Email:

2nd Chance a non-profit organisation helping young people in UK and building the first youth centre in South Sudan. 2nd Chance is a non-profit organisation that will soon build youth centres in developing countries while also running after-school service programs in London’s urban areas.

SSSUK (Society for the Study of the Sudans UK)




South Sudanese Community Association (UK) seeks to advance education, social welfare, and health in the refugee communities within the UK and South Sudan.





The Sudan Women’s Association, based in Camden, north London, has been working with the Basis Project on governance and funding.

The Association was established by Sudanese women in 1991. The reason was at that time Sudan was in a big war and the refugees were coming from all over. Some of them came to England and some went to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand – all over. As a newcomer coming from a different background and culture to settle in the UK with a different language, it was very hard. That is why the women decided to establish the organisation.


Address: 223 Belsize Rd, London NW6 4DJ | Phone020 7372 0944

SSWSD is a registered organisation provides support for South Sudanese women, their families and all women targeting those from the BME backgrounds; we provide activities tailored to meet the social and educational needs of our beneficiaries/ members, to actively participate and integrate in the society to achieve their aspirations.

Staff and Management

  • The organisation is managed by 9 members of the committee.
  • The organisation have one paid staff and many sessional/temporary for different projects.
  • Various team of dedicated volunteers.


  • Children Activities (Dance, Martial Arts, Art & Crafts)
  • Trainings (Listening Skills, Safeguarding Children, Conflict Resolutions)
  • Recreational Activities (Sewing, Knitting, Tile Mosaics, Cross Stitches)
  • Awareness Workshops (Healthy Eating, Mental Well-beings, HIV/AIDS workshops)
  • CV & Covering Letters workshops




Location: London and Abroad

The Dut Jok Youth Foundation aims to fight poverty and violence in post-conflict Southern Sudan by empowering the youth to become transformative leaders through sports and academic training. The foundation is headed by Dut Jok who is based in London.



Address: 73 Hornsey Road Holloway Islington London N7 6DJ

Based in North London; this organisation provides advice, representation, translating and Interpreting services in matters such as asylum and immigration for the greater London South Sudan community. Advice on welfare benefits, housing, health education, training and employment are also provided.



Location: Newham, Birmingham City and Camden

This organisation exists to serve those of east bank sudanese descent, in particular refugees and asylum seekers, both in the uk and overseas who are in conditions of poverty, hardship and distress.


South Sudanese Association is a community organisation which supports people in Reading from South Sudan to learn about their culture, socialise with each other, integrate into life in Reading and celebrate diversity. We work with everyone in the South Sudanese community with a strong focus on children and young people.

Embassy of The Republic Of South Sudan (London)

Bentinck House
3-8 Bolsover Street,
London, W1W 6AB
Telephone: 020 7339 3100
Fax: 020 7339 3001

General Enquiries: sends e-mail)

Visa Enquiries: sends e-mail)

Trade and



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