Les Ivoiriens du Londres: Re-Introducing London’s Ivorian Community (2016)

Ivorians have been growing as a number in London coming from France, Belgium and the Netherlands as well as other countries. Many reside in South London around Deptford, New Cross, Peckham and Greenwich. The DiasporaIvorienneUK is the UK’s premier Ivorian Association which is based in London.


There are a few organisations out there to put you in touch with our Ivorian Community: Connection Ivoirienne, RDR Royaume-Uni, Ivoiriens Ivoiriennes Amis de la Côte d’ivoire, Matthias Gbooizo, il etait une fois l’Afrique et sa diaspora et plus.

Ehh London French

Channel: Grace and Glory Productions | Title: Ehh! London | Producers: R. Sagoe &  D. Bigdi

Francophone African Culture is still relatively unknown in the Britain. This creates a demand and opportunity for those involved in the hospitality, tourism and food sector to respond. That is why we see many Congolese and Senegalese Restaurants are popping up in North London and East London such as Little BoababChickpea Sistersand The Bash amongst many cultural groups and embassy efforts to promote their countries (such as Gabon, Niger, Mali and Senegal). Dance, Cultural and Diaspora groups such as Yaye Dib SabarEhhh London (pictured above) and YPC highlight that there is a demand for discovering more about Francophone culture in Britain and it starts here in London. Ivorian included.

Flames Restaurant:

“I get takeaway from here regularly because the food here is delicious. Home cooked authentic African food. I highly recommend the jollof rice dish.” (Zomato Review, 2016)


Address: Flames Restaurant 221 Lee High Rd, London SE13 5PQ | Phone: 020 8297 6606

This restaurant is de facto the only Ivorian Restaurant in London. With a diverse and multicultural society, these guys offer a wide variety of cuisine promoting African and Ivorian culture by bringing to the western world the taste of the old continent food and music. Check these guys out at Lewisham.

{ A few organisations: }



Rassembler tous ceux qui partagent la meme ideologie que le parti




Insta: /diaspora.ivoirienne.uk | Youtube: /Diaspora_AUK_CIVFacebook: /Ivorian-Diaspora-UK | Twitter: @Diaspora_CIV_UK | Phone: 07449 881318 |

<< Diaspora Ivoirienne UK:  Tous Unis Pour Une Communauté Forte >>

The UK and London’s premier Ivorian Diaspora Community. Dedicated towards the cultural promotion, social integration, physical and economic empowerment of the British Ivorian Community. Diaspora Ivoirienne UK works within the Ivorian community and other BME communities to reduce poverty, youth unemployment and crime.



Page Officielle Facebook de la Délégation RDR du Royaume Uni



Do remember that the Mandé or Manden people are a family of ethnic groups in West Africa who speak any of the many related Mande languages of the region. Various Mandé groups are found in Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Chad, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone. The Manden-UK Association welcome their newcomers into the country regardless of nationality.

“New comers generally tend to face isolation in some societies as integration is a gradual process. Therefore, it is important to have some social and cultural associations, whereby new comers of similar backgrounds can meet share ideas as how to best integrate into the host countries, through self-helps from their own communities.” (Personal Statement)

Ivory Coast Embassy in London:

We all know what embassies do. In London; the Ivoirian Embassy in London is the official representative body of the Ivoirian Government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. London has an Ivorian Embassy, Consulate and Visa Office all functioning at the same address. The Embassy provides general information about the Ivoirian embassy in the United Kingdom and has no affiliation with the Ivoirian embassy or the Ivoirian visa section in London.

Embassy Address: 2 Upper Belgrave Street, London SW1X 8BJ | Phone: 020 7235 6991 – Fax: 020 7259 5320 | Nearest Tube: Hyde Park Corner (Consulate is at the same address)

*** Do you know or want to recommend other Ivorian organisations and/or Entrepreneurs in London/UK that deserve a shoutout? Feel free to comment below or contact me via:

Twitter: @AfricanCB or Facebook: /AfricanCultureBlog


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