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Les Nigériens au Royaume-Uni: Re-Introducing London’s Nigérien Community

The Nigérien community in the UK and London is tiny; but deserve to be distinguished and not mixed with the Nigerian Community

“I don’t want to go Nigeria because my parents dislike the place!”

Unknown to many British ‪African‬ parents; they are the cause (and not media propaganda) of why many of our children are not interested in our ‪c‎culture‬ or the continent.

Les Congolais de Londres: Re-introducing London’s Congolese Community (2016)

London's Congolese Community is established and growing: Find out more here.

Best 50: African Tailors & Seamstresses in London (2016)

Where can I find good African Tailors in London? (Part II) | Another attempt to answer one of London's common African questions.

French speaking Africans in Spain: a few notes on Valencia

Why are Spain's ‘looky looky’ men or 'manteros' French speaking African Refugees? Here's my answer

Importance of Women in Africa’s Culture and Tourism Ministries

It's not often you'll see a male blogger write about the value of women within the Culture and Tourism Industry. Well I might as well give it a try! When it comes to Culture and Fashion; many onlookers will asses women's role as central and … Continue reading Importance of Women in Africa’s Culture and Tourism Ministries


Returning Home: The Diaspora’s Fears

In continuation with a previous account that touched me to write concerning young people within Africa's Diaspora and some of the troubles they face growing up abroad and staying in touch with their cultural heritage; the number of the Diaspora’s adults interested in returning home … Continue reading Returning Home: The Diaspora’s Fears

London Gallery showcases Andrew Esiebo’s Barbershop Photography

I wonder what people think when it comes to their local Barbers or hairdressers? Black barbershops are not often seen as a culture of their own. Nevertheless American films have stereotyped them as no holds barred locations where men chatter about everything from current events, … Continue reading London Gallery showcases Andrew Esiebo’s Barbershop Photography