Best 50: African Tailors & Seamstresses in London (2016)


OK! So after the rather successful but old article Where can I find African Tailors in London? (2015); it seems that there is a growing demand amongst many country men and women in London to find a decent tailor. Now, tailors are rather ordinary people with extraordinary word-of-mouth style marketing preferences that means it is very common to argue with some (very good tailors) who have been around for a long time about their need to at least have a Facebook page! Now let’s be honest; we know some rather terrible tailors out there exist and it’s also common to find that one tailor somebody likes is fiercely resented by another. East Ham Shopping Hall has some very hard-working and talented tailors by the way.



Insta: /WF_LDN | Twitter: @Wura89Afolabi | Blog: /WuraFola | Email:
An aspiring fashion designer, photographer & business woman is how she defines herself but there is no hiding in Ms. Wuraola’s dressmaking skills to date. Her blog sums up it all up: an inspirational woman indeed.

London is where i’ll be focusing on however; and you’ll be sure to find some great tailors here that have established themselves and regularly ship abroad. Grass_Fields included! If you want to learn how to make your own dress; can someone please encourage Abi and Olive to make more videos! Their online Tutorials are amazing. Furthermore Chinello Bally does a few good ones too.

*** Checkout: ***



Contact: 07951638722/07448531221 | Email: | Address: Unit 94, East Ham Market Hall, London E6 1HY

Mr Akeem is a man on a mission, very popular and in demand. The Charming dressmaker and menswear is very experienced and more than able to design and complete grooms Aso-Ebi clothing and bridal train wear also. Whether is classy evening African dresses, Lace and Ankara designs, Aso Oke on lace, satin designs, Ankara and Chiffon, Shoulder lace blouses and more; Mr Hakeem and the rest of the team are Reliable, Affordable and keep to deadlines!

Okay; so – In this list: there are tailors who have been in the industry for more than 20 years to those that are more up-and-coming but gifted. They’re not arranged in any particular order; except for the Top 10 but I won’t hide my biases in wanting to give the least and unknown the platform to mix it with the high fliers. Prices range accordingly. Personalities (of Tailors) also differ. Please contact professionally and for business only enquiries.

It’s divided into three sections:

  1. Special Feature (Anointing Fashion Designs)
  2. Top Five (Highly Recommended African Tailors in London)
  3. Mini-Directory (African Tailors in London)

So Where can I find African Tailors and Seamstresses in London? Here’s part two!



Insta: /RebeccaAdusei | Address: Unit 222, Stratford Workshop, Burford Road, E15 2SP | FB: /Anointing-Fashion-Designs | Mob: 07984013029 | Phone: 02085360016

Authentic African Clothing for all occasions. Authentic African designs made into dresses, Shirts, original beads. In different styles to suite every occasion and season. Based in Stratford, East London, Becky has been designing bespoke dresses and shirts for 15+ years. Very professional service and can make anything you want. She is talented, an excellent seamstress and certainly does her best to make her clients satisfied. Find out more about AFD and their reviews here.

*** Checkout: CATAH DRESSES ***


Insta: /CatahDresses | FB: /CatahDresses | Email: | Phone: 07541 622 138 | Address: Unit E2, East Ham Shopping Hall, Myrtle Road, London, E6 1HY

I’ve met Catah Haghiac in person and her boutique carries some of the best collections of glamorous evening and prom dresses. Inspired by the biggest fashion shows. Catah’s mission and values are to give to all ladies the peace of mind when it comes to special occasions. East London’s diverse community of African women are also popular fans of Catah’s dresses;  checkout their Instagram page to approve! For more info; get in touch via their details above.

Five Star: Top Ten London-based African Tailors,  Seamstresses & Designers (Recommended)



Insta: /NaomiDeru | FB: /NaomiDeruPage | Twitter: @NaomiDeru | Email:

One of the most well reviewed dressmakers and African Designers in London out there. Three Words: Custom. Bespoke. Thoughtful. Naomi Deru is an established fashion brand who cater dominantly for the but not exclusively for the African market but If you’re after bespoke dressmaking and design services then Naomi Deru is the one. I was personally advised about her services and a brief scroll through her custom designs via her site will certainly leave one impressed!



Insta: /ChinelloBally | FB: /theClothingChic | Twitter: @ChinelloBally | Blog: chinellobally | Email:

Chinello is a very giving lady and seasoned African dressmaker. She doesn’t only make but teach. She love making dresses, especially going out dresses, evening gowns, ‘glamorous stuff’ and more. She does Nigerians Proud. Africans Proud. Those that want to learn sewing Proud. Ms. Chinello was a finalist on the Great British Sewing Bee in 2014. The Colchester and London based Dressmaking pro is good – really good. Everything is pretty much 5 star with her and her service. I’ve known about her for a while as she was included in a previous article about UK African Tailors that I wrote two years. You won’t be disappointed. Find out more about her service here.



Insta: /ELDIMAAfashion | FB: /EldimaaFashion | Twitter: @EldimaaFashion | YouTube: @Eldimaa | Pin: /EldimaaFashion

Eldimaa is a label from the Nigerian designer Elizabeth Agunbiade-Kolawole. I’ve been following and monitoring her label for well and since 2009 it’s fair to say both Senior Designer and the Boutique are doing very well indeed. The label focuses on creating timeless fashion pieces using African print, their ability to bring African fabric to the mainstream; is established though union of the African and Western culture. Find out more about the bespoke tailoring service from this award-winning label here



Insta: /MazeCouture | Phone: 07984144960 | FB: /Maze-Couture-London | Twitter: @MazeCouture

Fresh. Charming and Talented guy who is a great designer by the name of Maze. He runs a fashion design studio based in South East London – Greenwich and is a seasoned designer in high quality Afro contemporary Clothes and Traditional African Designs. They make Gowns, Iro and Buba, Kaftans, Shirts, Suits, Embroidery Clothes, Kiddies design, Family designs and clothes for functions like weddings.



Insta: /ScissorhandsStylingEmpire | FB: /XcissorHands | Twitter: @AbiolaDawodu | Etsy Store:/ScissorhandsCouture | Email: | Phone: +447950162917

Abiola Dawodu is an expert in Handmade Bespoke Freehand tailor made clothing. She is in principal the Nigerian Tailor with the one of the biggest followings on Social Media. This brand provides expertise in distinctive and wearable clothing range combining exceptional West African textiles with the trend and styles of London’s high end styles. Abiola Dawodu is an award winning creative fashion designer and couturier best known for her in-depth knowledge of bespoke British/African tailoring.


Address: Bold & Beautiful Boutique, Unit 16 & 17, East Ham Market Hall, Myrtle Rd, London E6 1HY | Email: | Phone: 07448527127
Inspiring Story. She was the deputy minister of Agriculture in Liberia, then came to the UK and suddenly found her after being an English teacher and teaching at a couple of colleges in Newham and London; her interest in fashion and demand for her designs outgrew her teaching career. She moved from wholesale in plus size designer womenswear to designing her own. Ms. Beaulah knew something was there with regards to fashion. She is an expert at plus size dresses; mixing colours, shapes and visual aesthetics in her designs. He boutique can be found in East Ham and she is also a seasoned seamstress and dressmaker. If you’re looking for bespoke plus size wear, Beaulah can “look at it and tell you what colour matches you.

 Still Five Star: Top Ten (Recommended)



Phone: 07958573270 | Address: 19 Deptford High Street, London SE8 4AD

Affordable. Reliable and his impressive studio is located in the ground floor of a busy Lingala and Chinese speaking hairdressers off Deptford High Street. It’s only fitting that a grateful customer who is writing a blog on African Tailors in London will include his own tailor into the mix. So here is the humble West African Tailor known as ‘Uncle Pax’ whose studio is based in the ground floor of a busy Francophone African Hair Salon in Deptford. The Charming dressmaker and menswear is very experienced and more than able to design and complete grooms Aso-Ebi clothing and bridal train wear also. Check out ‘Uncle Pax’ out via the details above. Reliable, Affordable and does keep to deadlines!



Insta: LCobbina | Email: | Phone: 07851769431 (Business)

Okay. Linda Cobbina doesn’t need to speak much but her designs pretty much speak for itself. This lady has a love for every and anything African and her belief that it’s every women’s right to look and feel glamorous and elegant regardless of body shape and size. Certainly worthy of a Top Ten place. Check out her instagram page; one of the most detailed, well-fitted and quality African couture bridal dressmakers out there – or should I say right here! In London. Find out more about here here



Insta: /ZeeksConcept |  Facebook: /ZeeksConcept | Twitter: @ZeeksConcept | Email: | WhatsApp: +447885235608

Probably the best Instagram page of contemporary African inspired dress designs in London. Bespoke, Brilliant and Beautiful men and women’s designs created with the sole intention of ‘standout quality’ with their clients dresses. They use their “uniqueness to make items that once you step into an event the crowd will automatically know who you are wearing.” Confident statements require thorough evaluation. And ZeekConcept deliver abundantly.



FB: /ReddskinUK | Twitter: @ReddskinUK

South London (Forest Hill) based Karen Arthur is the name and brains behind this fresh and innovative ‘family feel’ brand. Primarily a Bespoke Clothier specialising in colour and pattern including African prints; Karen’s particular interests in creating one-off heritage pieces to be cherished and passed down are matched by the fact she teaches private sewing classes for those who want to get to know their sewing machine. Find out more about her here.



Insta: /Kitoko_World | FB: / | Twitter: @Kitoko_World | Phone: +44 330 330 3439 | Email:

Notre Meilleur Congolais: Benjamin Kitoko is the name! If you’re looking for top notch menswear design from award winning talent; then look no further. Established in 2005 by its Creative Director. Benjamin Kitoko initially offered exclusively bespoke and made-to-measure sartorial services, Kitoko has now expanded to a wider range of products and services. (BEFFTA AWARD WINNER: Best Male Designer 2011, DEBENHAMS AWARD NOMINEE: New Menswear Designer 2011 & CAA AWARD: Outstanding Brand Achievement 2013)

*** Checkout: ITANNA EWEKO ***


Insta: /ItannaEweko | Twitter: @DelaPops

London based Seamstress Tosin @DelaPops has been sowing since the age of 14. Her story about how she got into fashion is an inspiring one and certainly inspired me. The self taught dressmaker initially made clothes for friends and family. In Swahili we say; Chema chajiuza, kibaya chajitembeza  (A good thing sells itself, a bad thing must be advertised). And it’s the former that happened with Tosin’s designs. She makes bespoke, finesse and very meticulously designs womenswear. Do follow on Instagram and Twitter. By the way; ìtànná ewéko’ means blossom/flower in her mother tongue (Yoruba).



Insta: /gisellacouture | Phone: [+44] 020 7 277 5253 | Email: | Twitter: @GisellaCouture | Youtube: /GISELLAboutique

One of the most decorated, respected and highly regarded tailors out there in London. Bespoke Designs are done by appointment. A number of established high profile staff and clientele. More than 25 years in Fashion Design and owning her own boutique; I think it’s fair to say you’re in safe hands with Gisella.



Insta: /BestowElanGirl | FB: /BestowElan | Twitter: @BestowElan | Email:

So: Erzumah Ackerson,  the designer behind fashion label Bestow Elan, with her amazing designs clearly gets a lot of inspiration from her Ghanaian heritage – an good on her! The the 2011 BEFFTA Award – winning women’s wear label is all about being contemporary in style, inspired by cultural awareness whilst remaining relevant, elegant and striking. Find out more about their Ayawa Kente coats, vibrant African-themed dress designs and cultural awareness here



Insta: /KazinosCouture | FB: /Kazinos-African-Couture | Phone: 07728481899

Lead Designer Stella is based in the Chadwell Heath/Dagenham area. Kazinos are well reviewed and reliable. Their Social Media presence does not do them justice but Kazino’s African Couture and their designs will not let you down. Their personal Tailoring experience is a luxury approach to bespoke African garments. Furthermore, comprehensive made to measure service perfectly represents modern African wear. Prices are reasonable also.




Insta: /HouseofLoulee | FB: /houseofloulee | Twitter: @HouseofLoulee | Email:

Childrens-wear, Babies shoes and Bibs and some Adult-wear. This brand uses a lot of African print textiles and head designer Lucy (surprise surprise). Handmade African Textile Clothing & Gifts Boutique for the whole family are readily available along with a bespoke tailoring service for kids upon request. Find out more about Loulee here.



Insta: /DesignerRootz | Twitter: @DesignerRootz | FB: /DesignerRootz

London based Fashion Entrepreneur & Creative director May J  Robinson London creates Artistic Revolutionary outlets. May J had a vision to create a company to celebrate the beauty of African weaves and prints used in new and interesting ways and also to provide insight into the skill and craftsmanship of each piece. She provides bespoke tailoring service amongst others; one to watch this year! Find out more here



Insta/ItannaEweko | Twitter@DelaPops

London based Seamstress Tosin @DelaPops has been sowing since the age of 14. Her story about how she got into fashion is an inspiring one and certainly inspired me. The self taught dressmaker initially made clothes for friends and family. In Swahili we say; Chema chajiuza, kibaya chajitembeza  (A good thing sells itself, a bad thing must be advertised). And it’s the former that happened with Tosin’s designs. She makes bespoke, finesse and very meticulously designs womenswear. Do follow on Instagram and Twitter. By the way; ìtànná ewéko’ means blossom/flower in her mother tongue (Yoruba).

*** Checkout:  T2 PEREFECTION ***

Insta: /Oladipupo_Falaye | Facebook: /T2Perfection | Phone+44 7432 665589 |  Email:
Yes. Designer & Stylist Bespoke Tailor Personal Stylist combined with true love for fashion with a strong desire to get a great outfit. Lead Designer Oladipupo Falaye started producing bespoke couture tailored garments with European and African Fabrics, using African flare twist, that can be worn corporately, socially, casually  also fit enough to enter the European fashion shows . Mr. Falaye is a top man and brilliant gentleman. Get in touch with him via the details above.



Insta: /MunaStudios_LDN | FB: /MunaStudios | Email: 

MunaStudios merging South London with West Africa! Designer and Artist Fatima Bangura is a London/Lagos based creative combining urban style with African design and ethics. Influenced by Fashion Trends within London and West Africa;  Ms. Fatima’s creativity and interest in different cultures led her to explore the story and meaning in found contemporary pieces. For more info; click here

Feature: Handcrafted ANANSI HANDBAGS


Insta: /AnansiHandBangs | FB: /AnansiHandBags | Twitter: @anansibags

Ghanaian roots and boom! These guys produce accessible luxury re-working African prints and weaves to create a line of handbags. These bags feature top grain colourful leathers and suede with an overlay of a digital print of an African print on a hard-wearing fabric. We at Mefie are creating Afro-inspired bags for everyday use. Mefie [mé fíéy which means my home in Twi] began in 2012 by Samantha White. Since then; they have re-branded and are now called Anansi. For more info; click here



Phone: 07536 317466 | FB: Sen.Teranga.Couture | Pinterest: /SenTerangaCoutu | Phone: 07536 317466

Sen Teranga Couture is a lifestyle brand defined by Afrocentric sophistication, class and elegance. Renowned for designing stylish, modern, classics with African fabrics. Easy to wear elegant dresses mixed with dramatic coats and tailoring (womenswear and menswear) is the signature of Sen Teranga. Find out more about them here


Chichia London

Insta: /Chichiagram | FB: /ChichiaLDN | Email:

With most of her items having been produced by clothing manufacturer SOKO in Kenya, supporting the community using local craftsmanship is something London-based designer Christina Mhando does very well. Chichia London is not only a Label but also is a very-well able and seasoned seamstress upon request. Find out more about Chichia here



Contact: 07735 488818 | FB: /P&L-Fabrics | Site: /PandLFabrics

Croydon based and have been around for more than 8 years. Fashion designers Paul and Lydia are experianced designers and tailors for both african and european styles. Their four designers and tailors each have their own personal syle which they can use to help you to choose the fabric and styles which will suit you and your family. Find out more about them here

*** Checkout KiiMolo: ***


Artist: Lilas Lafleur | Design: Kimono Fashion 2016 | Insta: /KiiMolo | Facebook: /KimoloDesign | Linkedin: /Kii-Molo-Kii-Molo | Email:

Fashion Designer Aaliya Kim is ceo founder of fashion brand KII MOLO. Kii Molo is a expressionist fashion designer with a confident love for luxury colours, prints mix and match materials that stand out. Her collection is vibrant fun and exotic with a sophisticated sassy twist. Do checkout some of the grand designs of Ki Molo Fashion based in London via the details above. You can email them at:



Insta: /solondonboutique | FB: /SugarandLace | Etsy: /solondonboutique | Email: 

Singer turned Designer Stephanie Oyerinde is the name behind the brand. ‘Sugar and Lace Boutique’ is a new boutique run by S.O. London (singer/fashoinista Stephanie Oyerinde) who takes traditional african prints and gives them an edge that will make a statement whoever wears them. S.O.London bring you bespoke statement pieces using beautiful and vibrant African print fabrics and giving them the S.O.London twist! Find out more about them here



Twitter: @AutumnsCloset | FB: /Autumns-Closet-Image-Consultants-Boutique | Email:

Personal stylist and Bridal consultants – Autumn’s Closet also offer a bespoke tailoring service for ladies with specialist African-themed designs in dresses, coats and accessories. Autumn’s closet comprises of personal styling, making unique clothing from African textiles,(newbie) blogging and generally loving fashion. Find out more info here



Insta: /VanOfori | FB: /Vanessa-Ofori | Twitter: @VanessaOfori | Email:

Okay – Luxury African Inspired Menswear is Miss V. Ofori’s notable and distinguished passion. Vanessa and fellow Fashion Design graduate Atosa Nikkhahe-Eshgi were sponsorsed from Vogue Magazine to show their collections on the catwalk at London Fashion Week in 2014 and she has grown her brand and designs very well since. The rich West African culture themed menswear include men’s shirts, jackets, blazers are well complimented with accessories and a seasoned grasp of embroidery, engraving on leather and tie dying.  Find out more about Vanessa Ofori‘s designs here



FB: /Colourful-Confidence | Twitter: @SusanIdama

Head Designer Susan Idama’s Afrkutyr designs do actually liven and make your wardrobe pop with our newest line of colourful attire. With expertise in European styles in hand crafted African prints and fabrics; Susan specialises in:

  • Hand Weaving
  • Hand Embriodery
  • Surface Textiles

They’re detailed, edgy and cool, while the lightweight fabric makes them an irresistible part of your spring/summer wardrobe. Each made to flatter your figure and curves. Wear them with a pair of heels or wedges and your outfit is complete! Top tucked in for a chic, girl about the city weekend look.



Insta: /KoyawoFashion | FB: /KoyawoFashion | Twitter: @KoyawoFashion | Email:

DRC Congolese born and raised Atandjo Francoise Omanga is an Entrepreneur and CEO of KOYAWO. Now this lady’s designs are very interesting. Whilst Koyawo’s design feel is bold, innovative, edgy but modern and cool;  there’s a sort of classical, elegant and contemporary – eque feel to her dresses. Koyawo is based in Birmingham and London’s based service. This brand is very original indeed. Find our more about Koyawo’s designs here.

*** Checkout: CIO UNNIC TEXTILES ***


Address: Unit 73-74 East Ham Shopping Hall, Myrtle Road, London E6 1HY | Phone 1: 07737115283 | Phone 2: 07404211159

Wonders indeed shall never end. Mrs. Magdaleen Ozurumba is the shop owner in Unit 73-74 here and is practically a seasoned and well experienced Seamstress and Boutique owner for over 25 years. CIO UNNIC TEXTILES are specialist in Afro-Caribbean Fashions; Laces, Georges, Super – wax Hollandis, Headties & Ready Made Unisex clothes at all affordable prices. Her designer machinist is available upon request and there are several fabrics on display in her shop. This place without doubt is the only place in East Ham where you can find these fabrics plus lots more at affordable prices.



Insta: /kkencoo | NotjustaLabel: /Onalaja | tumblr: @konalaja 

Onalaja is a contemporary womenswear brand founded by Kanyinsola Onalaja. The focus is on perfect execution, craftsmanship and the imaginative concept of luxury and culture. Ms. Kayinsola was awarded best fashion collection of the academic year 2013 – 2014 at the Istituto Marangoni. Onalaja experiment with fabrics, manipulation, textiles and colour to create a refined yet creatively experimental piece, that is often unconventional but wearable. Find out more here



Insta: /BunmiOfficial | FB: /BunmiOfficial | Blog: /bunmiofficial.tumblr

Okay. Bunmi is a highly skilled dressmaker, designer and illustrator. Luxury Dresses, experiences in life and love of luxurious fabrics pretty much sum up who this highly sought-after seamstress is. Bunmi co-founded the “Bunmi Koko” label, where she worked as the Creative Director, designing four critically acclaimed ready to wear collections but has since (in 2013) started her new self-titled fashion venture, and has been designing made to measure bridal and eveningwear pieces for her growing affluent clientele. Find out more about Bunmi’s designs here



Insta: /SOMIES_Z | FB: /SomieZ 

London based Dressmaker and Seamstress SOMIE’Z design and make clothes for today’s African woman. Constructing patterns to suit the individualist. Consultations in Styling and Wardrobe wear also available. Fabulous garments for ladies and children with African ankara prints/fabrics incorporated. Find out more about SOMIEZ here.

Feature: Handcrafted Ties? Checkout SIMEON ARTISAN


Insta: /SimeonArtisan | Twitter: @SimeonArtisan | FB: /SimeonArtisan

Seasoned Visual Merchandiser, Fashion Stylist and Bespoke Tailor Simeon Olusesan is the name behind this brand.  This brand is all about Neckwear. Having worked with fabrics such as Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, J&J Minnis, Ermenegildo Zenga, Lanificio Cerruti, Alfred Brown, Younger, Thomas Fisher, & Brook Taverner – SIMEON ARTISAN continues to find and search for the best cloths that the world has to offer. Bespoke Simeon Artisan haute couture neckwear piece that has been uniquely crafted and created for the groom to compliment a golden theme. If you’re interested in high quality and refined ties; check Simeon Artisan out here



Insta: /OhemaOhene | FB: /ohemaohene | Pinterest: Ohene | Twitter: @OhemaOhene

Abenaa Pokuaa, the brains behind fashion brand Ohema Ohene. High End, Quality and luscious designs set the framework in which African fabric and textile garments are made. They produce ready to wear collections in Ghana and employ Ghanaians in Ghana. Good on them! Genuinely their products are very good quality. Attention to detail, well finished print concepts the sense of glamour achieved in all their products make this brand one of the best in the country. They do offer a bespoke tailoring also. For more information; check them out here. By the way: OHEMA OHENE means ‘Kings and Queens’ in the Twi language.



Mark your special occasion in a picture perfect dress and tailored designs for any wedding-worthy ensemble. Justine Couture London is based in E17, Waltham Forest and literally can deliver “whatever you wish”. Find out more about this growing boutique here

*** Checkout: DMANGO COUTURE ***


Insta: /DMango | FB: /DMango-Couture | Email: | Phone: 0207 274 0404,  Mobile: 07903425111  Mobile: 07931333956 | Address: B19 Eurolink Business Centre,  49 Effra road, London SW2 1BZ

#TopMan Nigerian born designer Sheriff Sanusi runs his fashion business with a brand name D.Mango Couture in london. His branding gives him unique identity and reflect his proficiency and creativity. His artistic endowment enhances creativity to translate his abstract vision and imagination to real and qualitative styles on any fabrics materials. He his simply good at his niche of dress-making.



Insta: /TessCouture | FB: /Tess-Couture

Tess Couture invests in clothing that you wouldn’t just wear and throw away. Their products are made with quality and care to ensure a long use of their clothing. Their website does them no justice but be assured that they are very good. They’re based in Peckham South East London and can occasionally be found with a stall at the Open the Gate Market; for more information click here



Insta: /AisuLondon | FB: /Aisu-London | Twitter: /AisuLondonKids

If you’re in the mood for modest yet custom made and visually beautiful children’s wear; then do checkout Aisu London. The Ugandan Londoners behind this very niche label, Daphne and Lois use classic cuts and vibrant prints for their and your children! They do offer a bespoke tailoring service – so if it’s high time your kids needed detailed vibrant, tailored african inspired clothing – they are the ones.

33) 929 CLOTHING


Insta: @929Clothing | FB: @929-Clothing | Email:

Contemporary African apparels, preppy styles & accessories. This London based Couture ensures that their fabrics are carefully selected in local and international markets to suit their designs. More info about can be found here



Insta: @LoicRostand | FB: @Loic-Rostand | Email:

Okay; here is the Loic Rostand brand. Great Menswear here. The a retrospective and urban feel compliment their African designs. Fresh, Focused and Formal. Furthermore, their Dashiki shirts can also be worn on a casual night out.  For more info; check out their site here


FB: /Yaa-Ohenewa-Textiles | Twitter: @YaaOheneWa | Phone: 0208671 0800 | Address:  102 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1AH
Michelle has made all her garments to all her clients for 15+ years. Of British Ghanaian heritage; Yaa’s style represents an Urban Africa, using bold and vibrant prints infused with an array of different western fabrics, offering versatility & modernity. Motherhood gave her that drive to want to follow her vision & create something that reflected and combined who she is, as a creative individual whilst representing her cultural background. She can be located at the Pempasie Shop in Brixton.  Find out more about them here

*** Checkout: QUEEN CAZ ***


If you’re in need of custom designed accessories, Afrofusion Earrings and more; then do checkout Caroline’s QueenCaz Collection. Brilliant handmade products here! Insta: /QueenCaz | Twitter: @Queen_Caz | Blog: /QueenCazShinanigans | Email:



Insta: /YemiKosibah | FB: /YemiKosibah | Twitter: @yemikosibah | Email: 

Yemi Osunkoya is the designer behind the Kosibah label. Kosibah is an exclusive brand specialising in figure enhancing Bridal, Evening and formal Daywear using luxurious fabrics and sumptuous embellishments – Period! Mr. Kosibah is an renowned international designer and very busy yet approachable. To book an appointment and for more info click here



Insta: /Mammaw_Fashion | YouTube: /Mammaw | 

MamMaw was founded in 2012 to fill the gap for the discerning modern man & women who is inspired by Africa, so much so that they want to represent their love of the rich African culture via African fashion in a modern classic way. Furthermore, did you know 90% of MamMaw products are made in Ghana? Find out more about what they do and their bespoke tailoring service here



Insta: /kisuaonline | FB: /KisuaOnline | Twitter: @KisuaOnline | Pin: KISUAonlne

This online based African fashion label also offer a bespoke tailoring service (hence why they are on here) and have an established and growing brand. Aside from offering  exclusive contemporary African fashion online, their head wraps and matching accessories also compliment. KISUA clothing brand collaborates with carefully selected African fashion designers, both emerging and established.



Insta: /cerrurafashion | FB: /CerruraFashions | Pinterest: @CerrruraFashions

Cerrura Fashion create contemporary modest and mature designs in African-themed womenswear.  Find your ideal outfit for the big day with our edited selection of Mother of the Bride outfits. Cerrura Fashions is a wedding and special ocassion shop based in Finsbury Park, London and Romford, Essex. Find out more about them here


Ferrura Dezignz

Insta: /francess_dezignz | Email:

Francess is is an online fashion store specialising in dresses and accessories made using African patterns, Ankara styles, Kente cloth, lace and traditional fabrics. The London based (Barking and Dagenham) designer Francess works with a number of looks from haute couture to rocker chic to everyday wear. Find out more about her here



Address: 115 Peckham High St, London, SE15 5SE | Info: Fabric Shops, African Prints, Fabrics, Embroidery, Lace, Headgear, Haberdashery, Tailoring Service Available, Wholesale & Retail | Tel: 020 7635 6700 | Mob: 07956 449131
Yemmy Textiles and Fashion in Peckham is a textiles shop that stocks traditional African fabrics and dresses. They offer a bespoke tailoring also at very reasonable prices. Quality, attention to detail and experienced professionals have been designing for more than 10 years. 



Blog: Sophie Kingo | FB: /SophieKingoCrafts | Twitter: @SophieKingo 

Amazing brand by an amazing woman. Many haven’t heard of Sophie Kingo up until this read but they have now. Sophie doesn’t only do beautiful cowls, tote bags and jewellery but also specialised African themed girls dresses and childrens-wear. Sophie Kingo hand makes African-Scandinavian inspired children’s clothing, women’s accessories and home decorations in her North London flat. Find out more about her bespoke tailoring service and accessories here.



Insta: /HighLifeTailored | FB: /highlifetailored | Twitter: @highlifetailor | Vimeo: @hlt

Well Well Well. Super colourful and kente embroidered suits may not be on everyone’s radar but when Tom D Morgan came back to London from Ghana wearing intricately colourful suits across the city; ‘Where did you get that wonderful suit from?’ soon became “I’d like one of those” and the rest is history. Or should I say: High Life Tailored. If you’re looking for tailor that can make western style suits using six yards of local textile; these are the guys. More info about them is available here.



Boutique: Boutique.Sika | FB: /SikaDesigns | Timblr: Sika.Designs | Pinterest: Sika-Designs | Email: 

London based boutique, brand and seamstress Sika Design is a UK brand whose collections are made in Ghana. It seems there are quite a few Ghanaian inspired talents in this guide – good on them! Sika Designs was founded by Phyllis Taylor, born in the UK from Ghanian parents. In early 2012, she opened a shop in Accra, Ghana; and the rest is History. They deliver worldwide and carry a range of styles from work place casual to floor length gowns, so you can find outfits for nearly any occasion.  Find out more about them here.



Insta: /SarahArthmanDesigns | FB: /SarahArthmanD |  Twitter: @Sathman28

SARAH ARTHMAN is a London/Nairobi based brand whose main aim is to create culture melding women’s wear for all shapes and sizes, events and occasions. This Kenyan designer is all about African print and western designs. Her designs graced AFW2015 last year and has a boutique to be launched this year. Her designs are both novel and fashionable, and suitable for a wide range of events and occasions. Find out more about her here



Insta: /Boutique.de_lafrique | FB: /Boutique-De-LAfrique | Twitter: @BoutiqueDeLAfri | Pinterest: @Boutique-De-Lafrique | Email:

Ms. L Asante is name and talented seamstress and designer behind Boutique de L’Afrique. The brand is a high-end fashion boutique which specialises in elegant/corporate/cocktail limited edition pieces for all ages, founded by the talented ex Miss Ghana UK contestant and international commercial/editorial model, Lorna Asante. Find out more about the very reputable Boutique’s Etsy shop online, Asos,Ebay account and more; visit them here



Insta: /IndivisualFashion | FB: /IndivisualFashioninfo | Email: 

Award winning Luxury Bespoke Fashion & Image Consulting service focus on corporate menswear and womenswear. Keye offer bespoke Suits, blazers, jackets (winter, leather and casual) and shirts. Bespoke and fitted suits are designed in London and Lagos, Nigeria. They currently have tailors in both cities and plan to open a Lagos operation in summer 2016.



Phone:  +44 (0) 7830 236 223 | Email: | Notjustalabel: here

A Plus Size African Inspired Bridal & Evening Couture Collection inspired by the Internationally acclaimed Kemi Farquharson. Nigerian born, Kemi grew up in London and established her first career in Business and Finance before Studying Professional Sewing, Pattern Cutting, Draping and Fashion Illustration at Morley College. All their designs are Hand Made within their London Studios and have a ready to wear range that serves customers from UK sizes: 12 to size 2. Their bespoke service serves women of all shapes and sizes. Find our more about them here



Contact: 07952000562

Essex based Katie trained at London College of Fashion in creative pattern cutting. Apart from having  a degree in fashion design and being well experienced in working with various high street brands; her African-themed designs are also on point! Check out this very talented, humble and multi-trained lady who provides pattern cutting and making samples – turned designs for Men’s wear, Women’s wear, Children’s wear, Image consulting, Professional Adobe designs and even one to one tuition! Find out more about her here



Insta: /Korlekie | FB: /Korlekie | Twitter: @Korlekie1 | Email:

There is a lot that can be said of this brand. In nut shell; they are classy and have designs well detailed and finished. The Korlekie brand is steeped in an Afro-British context, blending inspiration from Ghana, where Beatrice’s family is originally from, and know-how from the traditional manufacturing techniques of the UK industry. Korlekie is a unique luxury womenswear brand combining hand weaved fabrics & heritage techniques with sensual elegance.



Insta: /BolaObileye  | FB: /TextilesbyTote | Twitter: @BolaObileye |  Blog: BlogSpot | Address: 190 Stroud Green Rd, London N4 3RN | Phone:020 7272 0224

Textiles By Tote has worked with many professionals and small start up’s taking them through the design process, pattern cutting and and sewing in African Fabrics. Designs, Bespoke Tailoring and Image Consulting are available from the woman behind the self-proclaimed Ankaranista, Bola Obileye. Toté Collections is a fashion brand that stands out for its extensive use of ankara prints in designing high-quality hand-made bags, head-wear, shoes, purses, gadget cases and many more kinds of accessories. Ms. Obileye is also the creative designer and founder at Alaaso London Couture.



Sheer Elegance. Whether is classy black evening dresses, Lace and Ankara designs, Aso Oke on lace, satin designs, Ankara and Chiffon, Shoulder lace blouses and more – then Sharon is the one! Check out her Facebook profile here



Insta: /Finetex_Creative | FB: /FinetexCreative | Twitter: @FinetexCreative | Address: 52 Streatham Hill, London SW2 4RD | Email: | Phone: 020-8678-8772

These guys are Specialist in African Inspired Wax Print (Ankara) & Bespoke Fashion based in London. Wholesale & Retail, Pieces & Readymade designs. Whatever your shape or size, their expert dressmakers will make a garment especially for you with their made-to-measure dressmaking service. For more info about their service; click here

54) BOT i LAM


Insta: /Bot-i-LAM | FB: /Bot-i-Lam | Twitter: @BotiLam | Pinterest: @botilamdesign

British designer Xaverie Bakemhe is the creative brains behind Bot i Lam; a fashion label that fuses traditional African wear with modern contemporary styles. Bot I Lam specialises in the translation of iconic Cameroonian garment styles and represents an innovation in ethical fashion. An initial focus on the traditional Kaba dress saw founder and creative director Xaverie modernise the free flowing shape, lifting the hem and tailoring the silhouette in line with contemporary trend. Find out more about them here.



MOJA Clothing was started as a way to bring traditional African fashion to the west. All their products are made from local Tanzanian Kitenge material supporting local tailors in the process and factories in Tanzania, bringing them together and developing business opportunities in a fair and sustainable way. Find out more about them here


Insta: /AyaCouture_ | FB: /ayacouturebymalika | Twitter: @AyaCouture_ | Email:

Of Algerian heritage and over 20 years experience Malika Hemici is a stunning designer with stunning designs. Wedding Dresses, Dresses and Night gowns are her niche. And has developed an immense portfolio of clientele designs both in the UK and abroad. Ms. Hemici is renowned for her feminine and sophisticated approach in the design ofher dresses and accessories, using fine and delicate fabrics, french lace, 100% silks, Swarovski crystals, beading, and hand-made embroidery. Malika’s passion for art and design is the driving force that determined her success as fashion and accessories designer. Find out more about Aya Couture here

Outside of London:

1) MEI-LEI FASHION (Reading)


FB: Mei.Lai.FashionTailoring | Linkedin: /MeiSarson | Email:

She has many London clients. And it’s also fair to say She is one of the most Experienced and Well Reviewed Seamstresses in the country. Reading based Mei-Lei does Bridal Wear, Fashion Designs and Bespoke Creations. Whilst I can comfortably say her website does not do her justice; it doesn’t need to. With over thirty-five years experience. Her finished designs are exceptional. Mei-Lai Sarson has been a blessing to several African women that have come across her and also has very good skill in dress making, children’s wear and bridal gowns including African fabrics. She is a creative; designing it on to paper and translating that into a beautiful garment. Attention to detail and systematic idea formulating make her quality finishes applauded by every woman that comes her way.

2) FFÖLÁJÍ (Milton Keynes)


Insta: /FFolaji |  Twitter: @FFolajiLondon | FB: /FfolajiLondon | Address: The Tecton Centre 46A, Church Street, Fenny Stratford, Milton Keynes MK22NY | Phone 1: +441908 926393 | UK Mobile: +447467 843937 | Email:

Wow and Wow again. If only FFÖLÁJÍ was based in London. Nevertheless, this high end high quality brand are amazing. Their African-themed apparels and accessories distinctively mark this brand out for women who desire to dress strong and feel confident. A strong presence mixed with African heritage that leaves one confident and with pride through fashion and style.

3) IJEVE DESIGNS (Dagenham)

Ijeve Designs

Insta: /ijevedesigns | Youtube: Ad | Email: | Address: 124-126, Church Elm Lane, Dagenham, Essex,RM10 9RL | Phone:  020 8595 6114

British Female Inventors Network UK Evelyn Anita is truly an Exceptional Creative Designer. She was the 2011 winner of  British Female Inventors and Innovators Award. Whether it’s dresses,  shirts, summer shorts, waist coats, bow ties scarves or women’s high waisted skirts, it can be done. Find our more about them here

4) DEBBIE SOOBEN (Surrey + South East England)


FB: /DelphineBridalCouture | Twitter: @DelphineCouture | Email: | Phone:  07984 637 924

Interested in Bespoke Wedding Dresses? Mauritian Debbie Sooben is a bespoke dressmaker specialising in bridal couture.  Skilled pattern cutter and seamstress has been involved in garment design for over 20 years. To supplement this she has also provided specialist seamstress services to several bridal boutiques in the South of England stocking high-end bridal garments including Jenny Packham and Ian Stuart.

5) ELFREEDA (Luton)

Elfreeda Again

Contact Elfreeda if you want fine tailored clothing for both men and women. This humble and hard working lady is a seasoned designer and has a distinctive range of clothes that represent a fusion of contemporary design and African textiles. Contact Elfreeda via Gumtree here

6) LAITAN (West Midlands)


Insta: /KitiKete | FB: /LaitanFashionandStyle1 | Etsy: /Statement-bubble-tulle-skirt | Phone: 07825265453 (Business-only)

Check out Birmingham based Laitan.  Specialist Tailor who makes English and African outfits for all occasions, African weddings, Proms, Brides maids outfits, my services are affordable. Whether it’s ASOS, River Island, Topshop and other fashion retailers outfits; if they’ve run out or you’d like an alteration – this talented lady has more than able hands and service. Find out more info about her prices and contact details here.

7) KARENTINO (Derby)


Insta: /KarentinoJongaDesigner | FB: /Karentino.Online | Phone: 07930 354296 | Address: 69 Bridge Street, Derby, DE1 3LB, United Kingdom | Email:

The Derby-based multilingual Karen Tino heads up this growing and reputable fashion brand: Karentino. Karen is a gifted dressmaker specialising in made to measure silk, ankara and lace. Karentino design and make beautiful bespoke dresses for any occasion. Wether it is your wedding day, prom night or graduation ball,a dress by Karentino will make the experience truly unforgettable. 

8) KHUKHUZ FASHION (Manchester)


Insta: /Khukuz_and_Berylphala | Email:

KhuKhuZ is a luxury ladies wear brand. They specialise in bespoke and limited fashion lines. The woman behind the brand is Beryl Phala. KhuKhuZ fashion is a bespoke fashion brand that beams with energy. Women are attracted to our stylish fashion due to its uniqueness and quality, They really make a statement. Check them out here

9) TUTU BENSON (Newcastle)


Contact: PeoplePerHour | FB: /tutufurnishings | Pinterest: /TutuFurnishings

Interior Designer and Bespoke Dressmaker Tutu Benson is based up north and her designs are very much in demand. Her pieces, fittings, cushions and home accessories allow for this talented and humble lady to make it to this blog post. Whether it’s Garment Construction and production, Pattern Cutting and Grading, Creating Mood Boards and Concepts, Fabric Sourcing and Mock-ups – Tutu can do it all. Whether dresses or in house accessories. Find out more about her here.



Pinterest: AfroFrocks | FB: /Afrofrocks | Email:
Afrofrocks is an online shop for African clothing, African arts and crafts, jewellery, accessories and African print bags. Their products include, African dresses, African print shirts, skirts and trousers, boubous, kaftans and African print handbags. These guys are based in Bedfordshire but do also provide a bespoke tailoring service. Find out more about them here.


Facebook: /PieazaFashionDesigns | Pinterest: /PieazaDesigns | Phone 1: 07456061411 | Phone 2: 07740351111 | Email:
Pieaza Fashion designs is an African and European based fashion on dresses for both men, women, boys and girl in the United Kingdom. The company has been established for over 15 years and own by Pierrette Azangisa who has been in experience for over 30 years.


Email: | FB: /IderaStylesUK

This Bolton based fashion label produces tailor made to measure garments with a focus on Womenswear and Childrenswear. Aside from supplying boutiques and reseller at wholesale price; Idera Styles design unique and classy clothes and fashion in general. You can rely on them for your aso ebi indeed.



Insta: /GlamelleBoutik | Twitter: @Glamelle_Boutik | Email: | Phone: 07936855793

Laurette Lopo is the CEO of Glamelle Boutik, designing and making elegant ready to wear evening gowns for ladies. Glamelle Boutik also hires out gowns for occasions such as photoshoots, pageants and music videos at reasonable rates. She has expanded her very own Glamelle Boutik onto the next level, opening a mini boutique store in Manchester and well on the way to eventually rolling this out across Europe. Good on her!



Insta: /FashionbyMiaNisbet | FB: /FashionbyMiaNisbet | Email:

MIA by Mia Nisbet fuses recycled fabrics and traditional Malawian textiles to produce a collection that combines the richness of African textiles with Western styling. She does have a bespoke tailoring service which is very well reviewed and is often in and out of London and Scotland as a busy African fashion designer.


To Stay in touch with our world; feel free to comment below or contact me below via:

Twitter: @AfricanCB or Facebook: /AfricanCultureBlog


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Agree with what you see on this list? Do you know another tailor and/or seamstress gifted in satisfying his or her clients with quality african fabrics and designs? Drop a comment below or tweet me at: @africanCB


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  1. Hi, nice and informative. so important to celebrate with this hardworking and gorgeous designers they put a lot of smile into peoples faces.
    check out iderastyle Uk on instagramm (Idera Dawd) or facebook. an up coming and a talentend Nigerian designer based in Bolton Manchester


      1. How much should I expect to pay for a mens one piece top? I know material/ designer vary but ballpark range? Any ideas?


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