Talented Africans in London: 7 Reasons to visit East Ham Market Hall

Nous devons être un catalyseur en favorisant et en mettant en relief l’excellence artistique dans les collectivités africaines de toutes les régions du Royaume-Uni. Si tu aimerais que tes efforts soient mis evedette sur ce site, envoie-nous un courriel! africancultureblog@gmail.com | Cet poste est uniquement disponible en anglais pour le moment.

Just within a few hours strolling down here; I gladly conversed in English, French & Pidgin with Africans from all walks of life and countries. You’d be very surprised that I was completely unaware of a group of very dedicated and hard-working Africans in East Ham Market Hall. Walking from East Ham Station; you’d assume Indians, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Mauritians amongst pockets of Somali and Eastern Europeans dominate the High Street; but the odd turn right in the middle of nowhere there glares at you the entrance of East Ham Market Hall.

Your Treats Cakes – Find out more about this amazing Bakery below

Angolan, Guinea Bissau, Congolese, Nigerians and Ghanaians alike – some who have resided in the community for more than 20 years humbly hardworking chipping away at their various passions conversing with clients and rather perplexed to see me with my laptop, notepad and photographer strolling through that I assume doesn’t get much attention to Londoners outside the borough of Newham. However; there’s something noble about these guys – many of them first Generation African Migrants, doing (unawares) what many of us remain rather hesitant to do – owning their own businesses and ‘keeping it moving’ with regards to trade and commerce – and hospitality too.

The Multilingual Liberian Shop Owner behind this shop has an interesting story to share about how she ventured into clothing

I was privileged to be invited down by the vibrant and sociable manager Michelle; and the rest was literally me learning about a community within a borough that I had never knew existed. If you’re ever in around East Ham; do pay these talented guys a visit. At @AfricanCB; we’re all about promoting and supporting Black Businesses and Migrants across London.



FB: /MyKitchenStreetFood | Email: mksf86@gmail.com | Phone: 07405 457615 | Opening Times: Tuesday – Saturday 10am-5.30pm | Address: Pilgrims Way, East Ham – E6 1HY

Great Food. Great Chef. And readily available to purchase on the streets of East Ham and beyond! I got chatting with Michael (the #GoodMan behind My Kitchen) and be expecting big things from these guys next year! Supperclubs, Food Popups across London and greater recognition of his food isn’t a matter of if – but when. Jerk Chicken, Lobster, Rice and Peas, Beef Stew, Lamb Curry and Plaintain are some but not all of the cuisines this talented chef can deliver.

” Kitchen is one of the best Afro-Caribbean Takeaway in the East London Area. The food from my Kitchen are one of the best that I have for a long time. The Curry Goad are the best that I have eating so far. The Chef Special are the Fish stew that everyone talk about.” (Customer Review)


With a wealth of experience as a seasoned Tailor; Mr Hakeem makes all kinds of dresses for ladies, gents and children’s wears including embroidery and more

Contact: 07951638722/07448531221 | Email: salami.akeem45@gmail.com | Address: Unit 94, East Ham Market Hall, London E6 1HY

Mr Akeem is a man on a mission, very popular and in demand. The Charming dressmaker and menswear pro is very experienced and more than able to design and complete grooms Aso-Ebi clothing and bridal train wear also. Whether it’s classy evening African dresses, Lace and Ankara designs, Aso Oke on lace, satin designs, Ankara and Chiffon, Shoulder lace blouses and more; Mr Hakeem and the rest of the team are Reliable, Affordable and keep to deadlines!



Instagram: /YourTreatsBakery | Twitter: @YourTreats | FB: /YourTreats | Address: Unit E3 East Ham Market Hall, Myrtle Road, London E6 1HY | Phone: 0203 727 2587 | YouTube: /YourTreatsCakes | Email: info@yourtreats.co.uk

Lovely Family run business in Unit E3 here!  YourTreatsBakery ensure that every day they expand to a new ideaflavourtechnique to make fantastic cakes for your occasion. From soft moist Cakes, to delicate small cupcakes – and yes the KFC Tasty Chicken above is one of their own creations! Get in touch info@yourtreats.co.uk for your cake order. 



Insta/CatahDresses | FB/CatahDresses | Email: info@catah.co.uk | Phone: 07541 622 138 | Address: Unit E2, East Ham Shopping Hall, Myrtle Road, London, E6 1HY

She may be Romanian; but this designer is certainly making a name for herself. I’ve met Catah Haghiac in person and her boutique carries some of the best collections of glamorous evening and prom dresses. Inspired by the biggest fashion shows. Catah’s mission and values are to give to all ladies the peace of mind when it comes to special occasions. East London’s diverse community of African women are also popular fans of Catah’s dresses;  checkout their instagram page to approve! For more info; get in touch via their details above.



Address: Unit 73-74 East Ham Shopping Hall, Myrtle Road, London E6 1HY | Phone 1: 07737115283 | Phone 2: 07404211159

Wonders indeed shall never end. Mrs. Magdaleen Ozurumba is the shop owner in Unit 73-74 here and is practically a seasoned and well experienced Seamstress and Boutique owner for over 25 years. CIO UNNIC TEXTILES are specialist in Afro-Caribbean Fashions; Laces, Georges, Super – wax Hollandis, Headties & Ready Made Unisex clothes at all affordable prices. Her designer machinist is available upon request and there are several fabrics on display in her shop. This place without doubt is the only place in East Ham where you can find these fabrics plus lots more at affordable prices.



Contact0208 586 8586  | Email: 

Why not try something different? Ashabi Fashion at East Ham Market Hall have a beautiful range of ladies clothes including jumpers, T-shirts, Africanwear, Long skirts, Matching bags and shoes and Jewellery. The delightful and hilarious shop owner also provides nose studs, body piercing, beads and a changing room before purchasing. Try on before you buy! They cater for sizes 10-26 at affordable prices.



Address: Unit 103-105, East Ham Shopping Mall, London E6 1BY | Phone 1: 07506687635 | Phone 2: 07947260250

Yes this shop gave me memories of when I use to go shopping with my mum in Dalston and Peckham 2 decades ago; but here we are in Unit 103 in East Ham and this lovely lady Ms. Felicia Adenigba definitely lives up to her motto of delivering good “Service with a smile“. All the essentials of Nigerian, West African and Caribbean food items can be found here including including green banana’s, yams, okra, ackee and plenty of frozen fish. If that’s not enough; Herbs spices, Large bags of rice, dried fish and soup along with plantain will certainly leave customers with plenty to choose from and plenty to cook with. This general food store has a variety of unlimited food items.



Email: neusa_marino@hotmail.com | Opening Times: Monday -Saturdays 11am – 6pm | Address: Myrtle Rd, London E6 1HY

This humble Guinea Bissau/Portuguese Shop in East Ham Market named Cafe delicious; consists of two hardworking women who sell various Spanish/Portuguese food items and serve excellent food within their humble corner hop. I was so hungry by the end of the time here that I popped in only to find the smiling Ms. Neusa tell me the canteen was closed as “We’re sold out.” That can only mean good news – in demand food means quick consumption. The Angolan, Cabo Verde, Guinea Equatorial and Bissau cluster certainly represent a growing community in London. Do get in touch with Ms. Marino at: neusa_marino@hotmail.com for further info.

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