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UK International Student Dilemmas: Work Placement is Education and not Employment

'We want work placements to finish our studies' is not the same as 'We want to work in the UK after our studies are finished'; Here are Five reasons why:

Officially Unwelcome: Great Britain making Great measures to deter Foreign Students

From un-official to official: why the British Government is ignoring the growing cries of International Students in the UK:

Books2Africa: Equipping Africa’s Rural Education Sector

How 'Putting a book in the hands of every African child' begins from donating books; Books2Africa UK does exactly that. Find out more here:

5 Organisations International Students in the UK should know (2016)

Are you an International Student from Africa in the UK and in need of support? Get in touch with these organisations here:

Dilemmas International Students face in London: African Perspectives (2016)

A couple of things International Students need to know upon arrival to the UK and London

Mapping London’s African Community (2016): Demographic, Dilemmas & Discourses

An informal report on the changing demographic and dilemmas of London's Diverse African Community (Part 1)

Returning Home: The Diaspora’s Fears

In continuation with a previous account that touched me to write concerning young people within Africa's Diaspora and some of the troubles they face growing up abroad and staying in touch with their cultural heritage; the number of the Diaspora’s adults interested in returning home … Continue reading Returning Home: The Diaspora’s Fears