5 African Supper clubs & Food Pop-ups to checkout in November 2016

Food Glorious Food! Either there has always been a community African Food Lovers and Chefs who have been humbly hosting people at their houses unnoticed; 0r 2016 has just been the year where they’ve all suddenly popped up. Something tells me it’s the former.

***Checkout: YinxTasty ***


Insta: /YinxTasty | Twitter: @YinxTasty | YouTube: /YinxFoodFestival

Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Conferences, Events and more can all be catered for to superb standard by Ms. Yinka Tasty. Privileged to have met this driven and inspiring woman via @toast2youngLDN’s event in late 2016. Yinka is focused and knows that h=she has been called to serve people with smiles and satisfied stomachs with her culinary gift. The passionate and humbly hardworking Afro-Sous Pro has been cooking since the age of 7! The Multi-talented and seasoned Chef is a specialist at Pan-African Dishes, A lover of Homemade African-inspired food and has an eye for detail. Find out more via her YinxTasty Food Festival event here.

Many are still unaware of the humble Gambian, Ghanaian and Nigerian Food Joints and Supperclubs that can be found in London; but according to my research alone; there are over 40 African Supperclubs (not restaurants or Food pop-ups) running in London each month; hence this write up. East African, North African and South African-inspired cuisine have made this list; including a special feature of YinxTasty who can cater to your event with superb African Food! Let’s do this!



Date: Sun 6 November |  Time: 17:00pm – 22:00pm | Venue: London Cooking Project, Ethelburga Street, London SW11 4AG | HostHeels in the Kitchen | Insta/hitkitchenNG | Twitter@hitkitchenNG | FB/hitKitchenNG | RSVPhere

Fantastic Surprise that Heels in the Kitchen makes a debut in London. The first of it’s kind, the Nigerian Fusion Food Tour presented by Heels in the Kitchen was created with the aim of exporting Nigerian food to a larger crowd. By taking some of our everyday food elements and tweaking them, we hope to raise them to a fine dining standard that not only makes them easier for a non-Nigerian palate to understand but also shows the versatility of our Nigerian ingredients. Basically Chef Imoteda is  turning Nigerian food into Mede-Mede!

For more info about this event – please click here



 Date: Friday 25th November | Time: 7.00pm – 10.00pm | Venue: Bijou Flat, Mile End | Host: Nim’s Din | Insta: /NimsDin | Twitter: @NimsDin | FB: /Nims-Din

Cham Cham supper club gives guests the opportunity to taste a variety of delicious food and drinks from the West African countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone (some dishes have a little Nim’s Din. twist on them!)

You’ll have the opportunity to discover how the dishes are prepared, the meaning behind the name of the dishes and the tradition around when and why some dishes are served at a meal or gathering in Salone and Liberia.

“And you get to meet the legendary Mama Saga! Nims”

For more info about this event – please click here



Date: Monday November 21st | Time: 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM | Venue: Vivat Bacchus, 4 Hay’s Lane, London Bridge SE1 2HB | HostsVivat Bacchus | FB: /VivatBacchus | Twitter@Vivat_Bacchus | Insta/VivatBacchus

The Vivat Bacchus restaurants, established in Farringdon in 2003 and London Bridge in 2008, are a celebration of rustic, robust food, artisan cheeses and great wines. South African in origin, they are known for the range and quality of our wines, our memorably stocked cheese rooms and a menu using daily sourced, quality seasonal ingredients from highly regarded producers. We feature rare breed meats, grilled to perfection. Come and see their famous big-Bertha charcoal oven at Farringdon! Checkout their South African ‘Wine and Dine’ experience this November

Big, bold reds; elegance & finesse; these grapes have everything to offer.

For more info about this event – please click here



Date: Thu 24 November | Time: 19:00pm – 22:00pm | Venue: Bethnal Green, Gathorne street, London E20 1FT | HostsCake & Cucumber | Insta/Cake_Cucumber | FB: /Cake.Cucumber | Emailinfo@cakeandcucumber.com | Phone: 07814 372872 | RSVP: here

Soul.Full Supper Club, brought to you by Cake + Cucumber, is an event for women that harmonises belly, body and being through the fusion of mindful dining and yoga.
Alongside Pennie Ludlow Yoga, the evening invites you to come as you are, reconnect to simply ‘being’ and begin to unearth your inner calm through a juicy and revitalising candle lit yoga practice.  You will then be welcomed into your dining experience, relishing in a scrumptious  two course meal featuring hearty, whole-foods sharing platters influenced by the aromas and flavours of North and East Africa. The fabulous finale will be a naturally sweet and decadent dessert.
For more info about this event – please click here



Date: Sat 5th November | Time: 18:00pm – 21:00pm | Venue: The Clerkenwell Kitchen, 27 – 31 Clerkenwell Close,  London EC1R 0AT | HostsJason’s Little Kitchen | Insta/JasonsLittleKitchen | FB/JasonsLittleKitchen | Twitter@jslittlekitchen | RSVPhere

It’s not the first time we’re writing about Jason’s Little Kitchen here, they were featured in our Best 20 Ghanaian Supperclubs & Food Popups in London some months back and have only been making great strides ever since. On this Bonfire Night Special; join them for a 4 course meal where we will experience the fine flavours of West African cuisine. Serving West African cuisine with a modern touch I have carefully obtained quality produce which have all been selected to bring out the finest flavours for my meals.

For more info about this event – please click here



Date: Sat 5 November | Time: 19:00 – 23:00 | Venue:  Willesden Green (Zone 2) London, NW10 | Hosts: Nigerian Express | RSVP: here

For their November event, Nigerian Express are drawing inspiration from our childhood memories of visiting our villages: star-lit nights, there was always an aunty with stories to tell under the moonlight. They plan on gathering around a fire, telling stories, singing, eating and generally having fun (as always). Menu includes:

  • Beef Suya
  • Chicken Pepper Soup
  • Nkwobi
  • ‘Native’ Jollof
  • Roast Yam & Ugba Sauce
  • A selection of Grilled Vegetables
  • Mulled Zobo

For more info about this event – please click here

*** If your in Brighton ***



The only thing that’s certain with Lerato’s exquisitely designed menu apart from good food is a sold out Food joint – so do book fast. WILD AFRICA is a feast of her ever growing collection of recipes of sumptuous meals reflecting the vibrancy and richness of Africa, with colourful vegetables, bold flavours, and cooked fruits, brought together for a wholesome yet decadent meal. The eco-friendly and fair-trade pro uses cocoa from cooperatives like the Kuapa Kokoo Ghanaian farmer co-op who secure premium prices and welfare of the farmers – #GoodWoman! We’ve been following Lerato’s London Supperclub Tour for a while – and be expecting big things from her next year!

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