Five Cameroonian Food Joints to Check Out in London (2016)

There are over 30 Cameroonian Food Joints in the UK consisting of Supper Clubs, Restaurants, Food Pop-ups and more; ‘Nkono: Cameroon Curry in a Cone’ in Bolton, being one of them. That may come as a surprise to some observers who regard London’s African Restaurant Scene a heavily Nigerian, Ghanaian, South African and Ethiopian affair.

Ndole is popular with many tourists that visit Cameroon but is NOT the national dish of the country. Cameroon has over 200 ethnic groups so it’s hard for any one dish to claim that title; and neither do I desire to throw my assertion into the mix.

*** Feature: Matango SupperClub ***


Insta: /CarineOttou | Facebook: /MatangoSupperClub | Twitter: /OttouCarine | Blog: /CarineOttou

Cameroonian/French Chef Carine Ottou runs the Matango SupperClub. Sensational A Star Food with an AfroCentric Twist and Traditional Flavours from Cameroon is served and enjoyed live from her dining room table. Each month, MATANGO Supper Club celebrates the culture of a particular country. But it’s all about Cameroon in this article; and Carine doesn’t disappoint. Expect to enjoy Ndole, Miondo and Poisson braise amongst many delicacies. Find out more about Matango Supperclub here

 Anyways; back to the narrative. Are there Cameroonian Cuisines in London? Yes. Here are Five you should check out:


These guys serve cassava, cocoyam, yam, rice, plantain, potato, maize, beans, millet, ndole, and achu. The idea behind Kalabash restaurant is to bring authentic Nigerianand Cameroonian cuisine to everyone who is passionate about food. A simple Concept of bringing some very traditional African dishes to be appreciated by those who know about it and whose who are adventurous. Some of the cuisine are from regions who try to balance mans desire for taste and healthy eating, some others are purely for taste.


Address: 134 Brixton Hill Sw2 London | Phone: 020 3490 1160

An Afro-Fusion Blend of Vegan and Vegeterian inspired foods. If you’re vegetarian and a gluten free; this place is for you.

I love the galettes and juices. I went with several elderly relatives and we had a big table in the back of the restaurant which was almost like a private dining room. Everyone enjoyed the food, it’s very tasty and service is friendly. (June 2016, Review)


Facebook/Bridget-Restaurant | Phone: 020 8594 9444 | Address: 15 London Road, ig11 8aa Barking

Bridget Restaurant do cook all type of African meals to eat inn and take away at a very cheap rate. We do special launch every Monday to Friday for 5£ from 12 to 4pm.


Facebook/MyMaloko | Twitter@MyMaloko | Address: 60 Camberwell Church St, London SE5 8TU

Street, SE5 8QZ London | Phone: 020 3305 8913Cameroonian-inspired French, Vegan and Vegetarian food. Pancakes doesn’t sound like an exotic African dish, but its website stated that their pancakes have a Cameroonian twist. Check these guys out in Camberwell.


Facebook/BoboloKitchen | Twitter@BoboloKitcHen | Phone: 020 8691 1325

These guys serve Cameroonian / African Food in SE4 London at their monthly SupperClub. Not much more needs to be said; probably the only Cameroonian Supper Club in London! #WellDone!

*** To read more; please click on the Les Camerounais à Londres: Mapping London’s Cameroonian Community (2016) article here ***


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