Les Camerounais à Londres: Mapping London’s Cameroonian Community (2016)

D’accord. Cameroonians have been increasing in London coming from Belgium and Netherlands whilst French speaking Cameroonians are migrating over from Europe and France in particularly to London after the hearsay of London’s large and growing Cameroon diaspora. This trend has been happening over the last 10 years.

Cameroon Student Society, University of Huddersfield

Furthermore, there are over believed to be over 12000 Cameroonians residing all over London with the borough of BrentHackney and Islington leading the way. You can also find pockets all over North London, Newham and Lambeth. In addition to formal organisations, many Cameroonians have set up highly effective small scale informal networks, typically consisting of a few dozen people. The purpose of these networks is to provide each other with help and assistance not available elsewhere, ranging from finances to babysitting.


Connections with friends and family back in Cameroon are of utmost importance; according to interviewees, most Cameroonians send remittances on a regular basis. It’s also random but worth pointing out British-Cameroonian activists, entrepreneurs, migrants and professionals are growing as a base on Twitter. Do check out Happy Cameroonians such as: @The_UK_Migrant, @ReneRenegena, @CHRGUK, @SheGotSoul and @JPOkabol and more. Furthermore, organisations that support both Cameroonians in the UK and back home across various projects have existed for while.

Thomas Gaëtan Bong (born 25 April 1988) is a Cameroonian professional footballer who plays for Brighton & Hove Albion as a defender

The Association of Cameroonians in North Somerset was formed in 2006. The idea was to amalgamate the Cameroonian community living in Weston Super Mare (South west of England). The objective is to meet members in view to socialise and create a forum for discursion and entertainment. Similar organisations akin to these have also emerged as seen below:

Checkout some of the amazing Dance classes from Cameroonian Afrohouse Tutor Maryval Bams who teaches Traditiona Bikutsi dances and more



*** Feature: Matango SupperClub ***


Insta/CarineOttou | Facebook/MatangoSupperClub | Twitter/OttouCarine | Blog/CarineOttou

Cameroonian/French Chef Carine Ottou runs the Matango SupperClub. Sensational A Star Food with an AfroCentric Twist and Traditional Flavours from Cameroon is served and enjoyed live from her dining room table. Each month, MATANGO Supper Club celebrates the culture of a particular country. But it’s all about Cameroon in this article; and Carine doesn’t disappoint. Expect to enjoy Ndole, Miondo and Poisson braise amongst many delicacies. Find out more about Matango Supperclub here



Facebook: /Bridget-Restaurant | Phone: 020 8594 9444 | Address: 15 London Road, ig11 8aa Barking

Bridget Restaurant do cook all type of African meals to eat inn and take away at a very cheap rate. We do special launch every Monday to Friday for 5£ from 12 to 4pm.


Facebook: /MyMaloko | Twitter: @MyMaloko | Address: 60 Camberwell Church Street, SE5 8QZ London | Phone: 020 3305 8913
Cameroonian-inspired French, Vegan and Vegetarian food. Pancakes doesn’t sound like an exotic African dish, but its website stated that their pancakes have a Cameroonian twist. Check these guys out in Camberwell.


Facebook: /BoboloKitchen | Twitter: @BoboloKitcHen | Phone: 020 8691 1325
These guys serve Cameroonian / African Food in SE4 London at their monthly SupperClub. Not much more needs to be said; probably the only Cameroonian Supper Club in London! #WellDone!




Catherine Ndeley is am the Founder of Cameroon Literary Group and CAMYUTLOVFEST. She is passionate about celebrating British-African youth of African and Cameroonian descent. Africa’s Got Talent was and is an annual awards ceremony for children between the ages of 5 and 20 showcasing poetry, drama and creative arts from young people across London and the UK that she started five years ago. CAMYUTLOVFEST is a Community Interest Group founded in 2010 for Cameroonian Youths of Ages 5 – 25 years. Our Aim is to Educate, Enculturate and Empower the Youths to help them bring their Skills and Dreams to Fruition. For more info; scroll below


Insta: /MammyPi | Facebook: /MammyPii | Twitter: @MammyPi
London based Fashion & Style Blogger Hilda Ngelo has one of the best fashion blogs in Cameroon. The London-based blogger was born in Limbe, Cameroon. She qualified as a Journalist with a penchant for fashion and photography. Her love for media and communications was triggered as a child in the mid-eighties when she was inspired by a chorus of renowned Cameroonian talents on the airwaves, notably Enanga Kebi and Jessie Atogho.


Insta/Mimi_Ninyi_Sisi | Twitter:@MimiNinyiSisi | Facebook/MimiNinyiSisi | Email: emmaako777@gmail.com
Cameroonian Heritage; Proudly Pan-African and passionate about conflict minerals and technology. Poet, Activist and Creative Director Emma Ako runs Mimi : Nyinyi : Sisi (meaning Myself : You : Us in Lingala) a London-based organisation focused on inspiring young people through creative arts via REAL music and REAL poetry – that have a background, a story, soul, heart and meaning. This creative and performance based events organisation uses a range of art forms with a substance & core to spread as well as raise awareness on Congo’s conflict minerals and our technology.


Insta: /Sergeo_London | Twitter: @Sergeo_London | Facebook: /Yengo.Serge | Blog: SergeLondon
Talented fashion designer, beauty and fashion photographer from Cameroon Sergeo London started his journey into fashion and photography a couple of years ago with his menswear collect has continued to grow from strength to strength and has worked so hard to meet the exclusive need of women to bring equality to his brand. In June 2016, Sergeo London launched his bridal/wedding collection of custom made wedding gowns, ladies dresses and Men’s Wedding Suits. The brand aims to be able to create unique pieces tailored to the needs, styles and preferences of the customers with the advice of the brand CEO Sergeo.


Insta/TayongTYN | Twitter@TayongTYN | Facebook/TayongTYN
Born and raised in Luton T.Y.N (aka Tayong) is a 26 year old singer/song writer, Rapper /MC, Producer & Dancer. Also Engineering his own Vocals with an unforgettable tone and a heart felt talent for making music. Cameroonians in the Diaspora are doing their thing certainly and the Luton based star makes it to this cut purely because of his heritage – Well Done Sir!


Face of Globe Rama (8)
Selected to represent Cameroon in 2016: Cameroonian born Rama Endely | Credits: FabAfrique
Facebook/Rama-Endeley-Cameroon | Twitter@RamaVliss
Rama Endeley is the 1st and only Cameroon representative to make it to the grand finals of FACE OF THE GLOBE International Beauty Pageant. This #GoodLady intends to use her title to encourage fellow young Cameroonian girls home and abroad to positively impact the globe by raising more funds for charitable organizations and other means. She is currently a crusader for the British heart foundation – Respect! Her vision is to create a unique business model that will boost private and innovate entrepreneurial ship in Cameroon and Africa. Find out more here





Facebook: /Cameroon-Literary-Group

Okay; these guys are one the leading London and UK Cameroon-diaspora focused events organisers that target Cameroonian and African youth to develop, nurture and inspire. I brought one of their ‘Poetry by British Cameroonian Youth’ collections last year and it’s highly recommended. Maman Cathy Ndeley along with Poet and Creative Marie-Solange Ndeley are dedicated community-activists determined to celebrate Cameroonian and African Youth in London, Leicester and Beyond. Cameroon Literary Group hold Seminars, Workshops, Symposiums, Assessment Meetings, Educational Tours, Talks and more.



Facebook: /SCNCuk | Phone: +44(0)7438934058

Welcome to the official site of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) United Kingdom. The SCNC is a group advocating for self determination aiming at obtaining independence for the former British Southern Cameroons. It is a non violent and a non political group of activists with its motto; “The Force Of Argument Not The Argument Of Force”



Twitter: @Cameroon_Forum | Facebook: /CDC | Address: Legacy Business Centre , Town Hall Approach Road, London N15 4RY | Phone 1: (0044) 7828 472 147 | Phone 2: (0044) 7901 399 512

Cameroon Forum is a civil society organisation. Established in 2003 and registered in England and Wales in 2002 under the Companies Act, the organization’s Headquarters is in London from where it currently serves its 2 Regional Chapters and growing. Membership of the organization is open to all Cameroonians, aged 18 years and above and resident in Europe. Corporate membership is open to all Cameroonian professional and community organizations in Europe. A Youth Wing of Cameroon Forum has been formed.




CAMYUTLOVFEST is organised every year by the Cameroon Literary Group. Cameroon Literary Group is a Community Interest Group founded in 2010 for Cameroonian Youths of Ages 5 – 25 years. Our Aim is to Educate, Enculturate and Empower the Youths to help them bring their Skills and Dreams to Fruition.  The Goal is to Encourage Good Conduct, Positive Actions and Works, in order to Reduce Knife and Gun Crime, Teenage Pregnancy, Drug & Substance Abuse and all Negative aspects of Life. CAMYUTLOVFEST is a Forum that brings together the Youths, their Relatives, Friends and the General Public, to Celebrate a great Love Feast Festival.

5) SOBAintheUK


Facebook: /SobaintheUK | Phone: +44 (0) 7956-311-637 | Email: soba@sobaintheuk.org | Twitter: @SOBAintheUK | Email: soba@sobaintheuk.org

SOBA:UK is an alumni association in the UK whose members are ex-students of St Joseph’s College, Sasse located in Buea, Cameroon. The college was established in 1939 and it is a premier educational establishment in Western Cameroon. The college is a fee paying Catholic boarding school and is renowned for producing high calibre students many of whom have progressed to high positions in industry, renowned professions and in government, including the position of a former Prime Minister of Cameroon and Head of Government being an ex-student of Sasse College.



Address: LESA UK Charity, Sunnyside, Crossway, Walton-on-Thames KT12 3JA | Facebook: /LesaUK

LESA UK is an alumni of Our Lady of Lourdes College, formerly Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School, Mankon, Bamenda, in the North West Region of Cameroon.  It was founded in September 2004 after a consultation with ex-students in April 2004.  Its members are resident in the UK and voluntarily adhere to the common goals of unity, love and service as they seek to support for the development of its members and contribution to the welfare of the alma mater.



Facebook: /Mecada_UK | Phone: 07414123271 | Email: sabiedi@yahoo.com

MECUDA UK is a non-profit organization that seeks to enhance integral development, among the Meta’ people living in the Meta‘ Clan, as well as in different parts of the world. MECUDA also seeks to safeguard the cultural heritage of its people, everywhere, as a means of preserving worthy traditional values that highlight and affirm the Meta’ identity. Above all, MECUDA UK is aware that meaning success in promoting the social, educational and cultural well-being of the Meta’ people is achievable through partnership with the various branches as well as the friends of Meta’ people.




90 Wyndham Road, Camberwell SE5 0UB | Phone: +44 020 77018008 | Email: casauk55@gmail.com



Welcome to CamDocUK. They are an Association of Medical Doctors and Dentists of Cameroonian origin living and/or working in the United Kingdom. This is a non-political and  non-denominational association providing a forum for Medical Doctors and Dentists of Cameroonian origin working in the UK to meet and share ideas about various aspects of healthcare provision in UK and Cameroon.



NECA was created in 2006 when a few Cameroonians met to condole with a recently bereaved brother. It was born out of the idea to create a forum to associate, share and encourage the growth of its members.  Through its motto of Transparency-Integrity-Progress, NECANS strive to bring together the best aspects of   Cameroonian and British cultures. NECA currently brings together 35 Cameroonians without regard to age, gender, religion or political affiliation.



Facebook: /CAF237UK | Twitter: @CAF237UK | Email: info@caf-uk.org.uk

CAF-UK stands for Cameroon Associations Federation in the UK. This organisation will serve as a one-stop shop if you want to find out what’s happening within the Cameroonian community in the UK.



A) Provides advocacy/advice/information

B) Acts as an umbrella or resource body

C) Provides services such as: Amateur sport; The advancement of health or saving of lives; Arts/culture/heritage/science; Environment/conservation/heritage; The prevention or relief of poverty; Economic/community development/employment; General charitable purposes and Education/training



Phone: [07474327334] | Email: [info@camnursesuk.org] | Address: 120 Haig Road  East E13 9LP

The Association of Cameroonian Nurses UK, aims to support Cameroonian Nurses working in the UK, professionally, socially, and when the need arises to assist with health related issues in Cameroon. 

To Provide a Forum for Cameroonian Nurses to meet, exchange ideas, views and support each other.

To organise educational meetings, training and courses for members where possible.

To Promote Communication between the Association, other relevant bodies in the UK and the Nursing body in Cameroon.

To raise Funds and support,

To Identify health needs in Cameroon and assist as needed.

To Eventually register as a charitable Organisation

If you are interested and want to join CNA UK please click here



Address: Hornchurch, Essex, RM11 | Phone: +44 7838 248 466 | Phone: +44 7957 606 266 | info@camacc.co.uk

CAMACC has over 50 active members who are all professional accountants. Members take active part in the work of the Association.

Membership is open to all professionally qualified accountants, graduates with a professional accountancy qualification and individuals in the field of accountancy.



4 Dryden Street, LE1 3QE, LEICESTER | Phone 1: 07853306705 | Phone 2: 07881239005 | Email: info@cameroonleicesterassociation.org

Their aim is to bring together all people of Cameroonian descent and beyond, promote the integration of Cameroonian within Leicester and beyond, promote the Cameroonian culture, and promote the Cameroonian community health and development. Furthermore, CLA also organise events, run workshops, participate in voluntary community work in Leicester and we organise academic exchange.



They are unique and their society represents the Cameroon in Central Africa. Their aim is to share our culture, educate our followers and be innovative.



Insta: /KinnakasBlog | Facebook: /KinnakasBlog of /KinnakaTV | Twitter: @KinnakasBlog | Email: Emilykiki2015@gmail.com

Cameroon’s Finest News, Entertainment, Gossip and Fashion blog. We Inform. We Educate. We entertain. We promote.



Facebook: /Bali-Cultural-and-Development-Association

BCDA-UK as it is known for short in the Cameroonian Bali diaspora community in the United Kingdom. BCDA-UK brings together members of the Bali Nyonga community for the purpose of promoting the cultural heritage of Bali Nyonga and to foster and assist where possible in the the development projects in Bali Nyonga.

19) 237 SHOWBIZ


Insta: /237Showbiz | Twitter: @237Showbiz | Facebook: /237ShowBiz

These guys are one of the Most Professional Entertainment Powerhouses which delivers Trending and Spanking new Cameroonian music content (Rap, RnB, Makossa, Dancehall, Bikutsi etc) daily to Cameroonians and also by exposing outstanding Artists from the fast growing Camerooonian Music industry to the World.



“CamerLinked, Promouvoir le Cameroun et les Camerounais dans le monde…c’est notre devoir. CamerLinked – CL, le Réseau Social 100 % Camerounais”

Insta: /CamerLinked | Twitter: @CamerLinked | Facebook: /CamerLinked-Reseau-Social

Founded by UK based Cameroonian Entrepreneur Serge Nguele; CamerLinked is social network blog platform that connects friends of Cameroon and Cameroonians all around the world. Contribute to the strengthening of this social network for Cameroon via Cameroonians on Camerlinked.



To Stay in touch with our world; feel free to comment below or contact us below via:

Twitter: @AfricanCB or Facebook: /AfricanCultureBlog


*** Whether it’s information on the Best 50+ African Tailors, Fashion Designers & Seamstresses;  Ghanaian RestaurantsAfrican Wedding PhotographersNigerian Restaurants and Food Pop-upsAfrican Catering Companies in London. Or info on African migrants living in BucharestValenciaAthens. Or Info on London’s Diverse and rather unknown African Communities of NigeriensIvoriansMaliansGaboneseCongoleseAngolansSomaliGhanaiansSouth Sudanese and more. Or info about some of the dilemmas of International Students in the UK and even organisations that aid UK-based African International Students; we have it here on AfricanCultureBlog. Fresh local content on the UK and London’s Diverse African Community is available on this blog. ***

4 thoughts on “Les Camerounais à Londres: Mapping London’s Cameroonian Community (2016)

  1. Hello, my fellow countrymen/countrywomen.
    I have the honour to contact you and to tell you about my sad situation.
    I am a Cameroonian. After having obtained my PhD in Spain with the
    qualification of excellent, I returned to Cameroon, but the
    decision-makers of this country are closing me all the doors. I have
    difficulties finding a job that matches my rank and my training as a
    specialist in foreign language didactics. I face a lot of frustrations
    and I’m fed up. Here the jobs are paid. Our bosses obstinately
    believe that I came back from Europe with a fortune and I do not want
    to share.
    I am writing to ask for your help because I want to leave this country
    of injustice and settle down abroad where my talents and skills can be
    valued. I thought that Germany could be a great destination for me but
    I don’t know where to start. I’m counting on your valuable help.
    Yours Sincerely.
    Luc Bonaventure MBEDE AMBASSA


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