Where can I learn African Languages in London? (2018)

Very Very Important! Especially for our Black British Young people and old people alike interested in re-connected with their heritage via African Languages. London (unknown to many) has a growing number of African Language Classes/Tutors and Translators and here is a list of some of the best.

Where can I learn African Languages in London? It’s a Poignant Question. Straight to the point with the answer: A number of places. Whilst many are aware SwahiliHausa and Zulu are most popular African languages to learn (at academic levels) within London; there are a number of good community level organisations working with African Parents, Children and interested folks learn other languages such as TigrinyaTwiYorubaLingalaGaAfrikaansAmharic and more. Here is our 2017 guide:


If you want reliable, face to face (or via Skype) and certified native speaker learning then checkout Tutor Hunt. There are several Afrikaans language speakers and tutors on the online platform across the UK and in London.


Added to this; you have meetup groups, tailored 1 to 1 classes and even random Afrikaans speaking professionals who were former teachers back in RSA (now living in London) that we be more that happy to help upon request. Language Studies International off Tottenham Court Road runs a 10-week Afrikaans evening course for beginners offering 20 hours of tuition. Please click on the links below:

1) Afrikaans London (Recommended)
Language Studies International (Recommended)
3) Tutorhunt
4) Listen and Learn
5) Communicaid: Business Afrikaans

Notes: https://wearechatterbox.org


1) Mr Wilfried Willy (Seasoned Bambara Linguist) via Email: w2foteh@yahoo.co.uk


*** HAUSA ***​

Hausa is known amongst many West Africans as Africa’s exotic language. Translators, Interpreters and Tutors in this language are usually always highly sought after; and we’re blessed to have many within our team here. We can put people directly in touch with experienced Hausa language tutors here in the UK.

Helen Aisha Ward

1) UK based Hausa Teacher/Writer Helen Aisha Ward (Author of ‘Magana Sai Mai Ji’ (Hausa Novel) hward2011@fsmail.net

Helen Aisha Ward is the leading Hausa Tutor in the UK. The Surrey based Hausa/Fulani and Spanish Multilungual Guru is an International Lecturer and EFL English Teacher – Furthermore; I know her personally and can comfortably say she is highly rated and has been precious to my Hausa language learning also! She is an established Book Author also! Checkout Magana Sai Mai Ji

Hausa Speakers in London


This is to create a network of hausa speakers in london. I have no one to speak the language with. Am currently teaching my daughter hausa and at the same time relearning hausa myself. Using the BBC website. I would also perhaps like to create cartoons for kids in hausa.


*** LINGALA ***

TIM’S Lingala Meetup


Email: timseke@hotmail.co.uk | Phone: 07821983537

Mr. Tim Seké or Dr. Tim is London’s foremost and leading Lingala Translators in London. As a seasoned and experienced Teacher; Tim has over 25 years experience teaching French and Lingala and is a mobile teacher who is free to meetup with you at a cafe or at the comfort of your own home. Get in touch with him via the details above. He is reliable, funny and very passionate about the Lingala and African Languages.



Insta: /LingalaInstitue | FB: /Lingala-Institute | Twitter: @LingalaSchool | YouTube: /LingalaINSTITUTE | Phone: 07913 960596 | Email: jonaslusalusa@hotmail.com

Jonas Lusalusa is a successful Congolese YouTuber who has 3 main YouTube channels, Lingala Institute, Soukous Lyrics and Masolo Ya Jonas. He is passionate about translation,  teaching Lingala and making Londoners and those within the UK and beyond aware of Lingala Music, Culture and Customs via Songs, Proverbs and Visual Traditions.



FB: /Learn-Lingala-Yekola-Lingala | Email: saxlink@yahoo.com

In spite of one’s location, belief, personality or occupation; Yekola Lingala is a forum that brings us together to explore and learn this language that takes us back to the roots of our origin, and helps us to maintain good morals in the society.

Get to know all about the poetical lyrics and life lessons that will help you in your day to day activities. By learning this language, your personality is enhanced as you develop a wide range of life’s vocabularies. It’s undeniably intriguing!

This is beautiful! Full of figurative expressions, metaphors, proverbs, suspense, love, imagery, riddles, similes etc.

An offer like no other, you’ll only get it here!
Free translations
Free notes
And audio CDs

Find out from their experts today and start your lessons immediately

*** OROMO ***

We have a small network of Oromo translators within our network but the best bet for tutors would have to be online skype lessons.


It would be worth noting to get in contact with the Oromo Community in the UK or the England Oromo Community as they are connected with a large network of Oromo professionals throughout London and the UK.

1) Oromo Community in the UK
2) England Oromo Community

*** SHONA ***

There are very few contactable Shona and Ndebele tutors in the UK; but there are some. We strongly recommend online courses and if so: D checkout ShonaNdebele Tutor.


These guys provide affordable one-to-one online tutoring in chiShona and isiNdebele languages. Highly qualified Zimbabwean teachers are there to help teach Shona and Ndebele language for beginners and those that want to perfect their Shona. Though this is an online tutoring organisation; ShonaNdebele may be able to provide 1 on 1 tuition upon request;

1) Chejerai Shire, Shona Tutor (Recommended)
2) ShonaNdebele Tutor:

*** SOMALI ****


For East African Languages: Somali is best to get in touch with/or email Abdulkadir Warsame or the Somali Cultural Centre that do a few courses during the summer. Language Trainers UK have a few tutors – though be prepared to spend. The Islington Somali Community should also be contacted along with the Somali Cultural Centre who can also put you in touch with the right people.

*** SWAHILI ***

For Swahili, the list is exhaustive; do check out the African Languages Matter London Directory for all but London SwahiliCityLit and First Tutors is a good start. Furthermore; WeAreChatterbox are a language and cultural training service delivered by refugees | For individuals, education, and workplaces. They teach Swahili and Arabic amongst other languages for those that are interested at reasonable rates.


There are several Kiswahili tutors, translators and even lecturers across London and the UK. There is the Learn Swahili in London (Swahili Meetup); this is a mixed group of Swahili speakers that usually meetup every sunday afternoon in central London to converse in Swahili. Learn Swahili in London (London Swahili) began in 2009 as a result of discovering the growing interest of people in the UK wanting to learn Swahili. We discovered that Swahili was being taught at high prices with quite complex resources which created a barrier between the learner and the language.

1) Learn Swahili in London (London Swahili)
2) Learn Swahili in London (Swahili Meetup)

*** TIGRINYA ***



There are a handful of Tigrinya linguists and tutors that we are fortunate to be connected with; whereas Tigrinya translators and interpreters are more easier to come by. There are some trendy blogs and PDF files to begin learning such as Efrem Zecarias and Russel Bears along with video tutorials from Miss BissiratAzeze Hagos and Naomi Adenay amongst others. For those that want face to face and classroom lessons in and around London; please do get in touch with us or some of the following below:

1) Eritrean Community in the UK
2) Berhane Woldegabiel (SOAS)
3) VS Languages

*** TWI ***



The Monday Twi Club is an ongoing initiative designed to foster a stronger sense of community amongst Ghanaians living in the UK by speaking the language | Connect • Converse • Celebrate | Email: info@Project1957.com



FB: /TheGhanaianLanguageSchool | Twitter: @GLSuk | Email: info@theghanaianlanguageschool.com or info@neo-native.com | Phone:  +44 (0)7985 142 949

The Ghanaian Languages School has been created to help people who embrace Ghanaian culture and want to further enhance their knowledge by learning the language. In addition it exists for Ghanaians who were born or live in the diaspora and want to improve in their proficiency of the native languages.

“GLSUK run group and individual classes and offer general or business language tuition. We build every course specifically to our students’ needs and only employ native speakers to teach their own language.”

LearnGaTwi (Essex)


FB: /GaTwiLessons | Email: nii@learngatwi.co.uk | Phone: 07835701767

Godfrey Nii Buckles loves Ghana and is passionate about his country, culture and language and want to impart his knowledge onto those who have that same interest – To learn Ga and learn Twi. This is what led him to start his own classes teaching adults in the UK; the rest is history.

“If you been thinking about learning Ga or Twi and thought you are too late? Or simply too busy to travel anywhere for lessons? Don’t worry, you have not missed your opportunity. Checkout LearnGaTwi‘s latest Summer 2017 Courses here



Insta: /GhanaUnion | FB: /Ghana-Union-UK | Phone: 0207 267 3224 | Email: info@ghanaunion.org.uk

For those wanting to learn Twi or Ga in North or South London take a look! For more info contact starproject@ghanaunion.org.uk | Ghana Union are a UK charity organisation for UK based Ghanaians

Ghana Union is a welfare charity committed to serving the Ghanaian community in the UK & has been working hard to ensure that they are able to connect and keep the community informed. They work in partnership with external agencies, community groups, governmental organisations & our Corporate members for the benefit of the community.


[For the Next Generation]


Date: Saturday 20th May (every Saturday) | Time: 12pm – 3pm | Venue: Forest Hill Pools, London SE23 3HZ | Facebook 1: /Destination-Africa-Group | Facebook 2: /Listen-Speak-Learn | Twitter: @DestAfricaGrp | Phone: 07974 82 93 42 or 07877 020458 | Email: info@listenspeaklearn.com

Boom! Creative Language learning classes for children and teens in Twi, Hausa, Yoruba, Shona and Swahili in South London at discounted prices – Yes!  Destination Africa run tailored Saturday Classes for young children between the ages of 5 – 16 in South East London. They have a vision to connect young Black British sons and daughter with knowledge of their ancestral heritage and creative language sessions make this particular Saturday school a fun and ‘must-try’ experience for parents and young parents with kids in London.  Parents are more than welcome to sit with their kids and meet a very small but growing hub Black parents who homeschool all their children at the classes – I have been truly blessed by attending and seeing our children excel in our languages!  For more info; contact them Mr. Ekoe or Abena Richardson via the details above or below.

For more info; please click here

*** WOLOF ***



Twitter: @Wolof101 | FB : /Wolof101 | Email: wolof101@gmail.com |

Wolof101 provides online Wolof lessons for speakers of English. Each program contains five lessons and a revision test. Each lesson includes audio, text and images. Lessons include downloadable activities and online activities. Learn at your own pace.

Suitable for tourists and volunteers | Program 1 assumes no prior knowledge | Each additional program builds on the previous program | Content delivered in bite-sized pieces | Learn on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Other Wolof Tutors:


Good Man and Good Friend Abdoulaye Samb is one of many gifted and talented Wolof Speaking Senegambians calling London home. Check out his album ‘Wouty‘ here or the famous Senegambia Supperclub & Food Pop-up ‘Little Baobab‘; and a couple friendly wolof speaking folks willing to teach their language to you!

There are no known Wolof Tutors in London; though we do believe that you can kind some with the help of some of the field linguistic circles in SOAS, London. In terms of online resources; checkout wolofresources.org who are the go-to site for Wolof learning material. Le Petit Wolof, the Wolof-Multilanguage Live Dictionary Project includes French and English-Wolof dictionaries, grammar, conversation and links. The site also advertises private paid classes via Skype with Abdoulaye Dial owner of the site who teaches Wolof in St Louis. Abdoulaye understands English and French. This info was made available via WolofResources.

*** YORUBA ***



Insta: /CultureTreeTV | Twitter: @CultureTreeTV | Facebook: /CultureTreeTV | YouTube: /CultureTreeTV | Email: culturetreeuk@gmail.com

At Culture Tree; you will find stunning and colourful animated videos of popular English nursery rhymes which have been translated to Yoruba, some of the evergreen nursery rhymes you sang along to as a child in Nigeria (for those who grew up in Nigeria), stories, lullabies and other educational materials. Soon your child(ren) will be impressing you with the songs they can proudly sing in Yoruba and the new words they have learnt. Please subcribe to the channel so that you are notified when a new video is posted. We are working hard to be able to provide regular uploads. Please also visit our website: http://www.culturetree.co.uk For enquiries, please email info@culturetree.co.uk.


*** YORUBA ***

Whist many people know there are large groups of the Yoruba community in London, language teachers are rare to find – but once again; we are fortunate to have some very good ones within our network. Whether you’re a complete beginner or someone looking to build up your conversational level of Yoruba; please see our recommended list below:

1) MKYCC Yoruba (Recommended)


Yoruba language lessons from Learn Yorùbá in London (MKYCC)

Mondays (18:15-19:45) South London (Brixton)
504 The Arches, Ridgeway off Loughborough Road, Brixton SW9 7HT

Thursdays (18:00 – 19:15pm) East London (Leyton)
Mama Afrika Kulcha Shap, 282 High Road Leyton E10 5PW

Saturdays (15:30-16:30) North London (Finsbury Park)
New Beacon Bookstore, 76 Stroud Green,Finsbury Park N4 3EN

Sundays 14:30 – 15:30 (and the occasional 15:30 – 16:30 pm class)
Mama Afrika Kulcha Shap, 282 High Road Leyton E10 5PW

Private lessons also available via Skype and in Groups.

Call to book your place (07944 438 470)


Yoruba 12 week course:


Beginners Yoruba (L1) – Every Saturdays from 1:30 to 3pm (starting 6th May 2017)

Beginners Yoruba course runs for 12 weeks, 1.5 hours each week.

Venue: We are based in South East London, Camberwell. Nearest tube/train station Elephant & Castle or Oval. Free parking available.

Course Fees:

Early Bird fee – Each session is £13.  £156 to be paid in advance of course or at first lesson.

Standard fee – Each session is £14.50.  Single payment (£14.50) is acceptable in week 1 only, followed by remaining course balance in week 2 of £159.50.

*** ZULU / ISIZULU ***

It is best to start ShonaNdebeleTutor who do good Skype Lessons and online Tutorials. The best IsiZulu Tutor as far as I’m aware is Mr. Chenjerai Shire at SOAS or Ms. Khale Mbonambi; get in touch with her via Bafundise Skills. She does excellent IsiZulu for Beginners/Advanced Beginners courses for those that want to learn it as a second language.


To Stay in touch with our world; feel free to comment below or contact me below via:

Twitter: @AfricanCB | Facebook: /AfricanCultureBlog | Instagram: /AfricanCultureBlog


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