LALI London: Beautifully Tailored Dresses with an Afrocentric Twist

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Born out of her passion to design clothing that makes women feel confident and proud of their own unique body shapes, LALI London takes exceptional pride in a bespoke service that provides made-to-measure designs especially for you. Our AW16 collection is out now with 4 base designs to choose from and custom orders available. Catch them on Instagram or contact them at; for more information.


Insta: /LaliLondonltd | Twitter: @LaliLondonLtd | Enquiries:

It’s not common you hear of women dedicated to producing haute couture and ready-to-wear women’s clothing with a modern Afro-Caribbean aesthetic; but that’s exactly what Creative Director Seyi London envisioned when she set up LALI London in 2012. Elegant, modest and stunningly stylish bespoke womenswear is customised to suit you. Here are three reasons you should check out LALI London:

1. LALI London know what looks good, and more importantly what will suit you



If you want bespoke clothing; not only are Seyi’s designs capable – she’ll let you know what works best for you and your body shape. Women who want and need to dress with effortless elegance and most importantly a perfect fit – can look no further.

2. When you go bespoke, you become a walking advertisement for your tailor, they obviously want you to look the best possible


Not many tailors want this point mentioned; but it’s a fact. Tailors glow when satisfied customers glow in their tailor made dresses. LALI London ticks the bill with their designs. The 4 designs of their AW16 collection is already out and you won’t be disappointed. A bespoke service is also available upon request.

3. Dress that are crafted to fit your unique lifestyle with fabrics that suit your climate, and cuts complimentary to physical activity even how you sit or stand make a statement


LALI London do exactly that – their designs give you confidence. T H E . R A I . D R E S S (pictured) for example is made in rich matte satin this dress is available in a variety of colours and can be customised to suit you.

The brand advocates for women’s human rights and creates greater awareness of social justice and development issues. Find out more about the good work they do here


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