Books2Africa: Equipping Africa’s Rural Education Sector

Books2Africa is an international Non-Governmental Organisation that collects and distributes books and educational materials to equip students and establish libraries within classrooms, schools and communities across Africa. In other words; if you have books that are gathering dust or brand spanking new that are not in use; then Books2Africa is a very good charity worth checking out.


Books To Africa was founded in January 2012 by Tonson Sango, Chumang Sango, Gideon Sango and Precious Nonye Sango following a trip from the United Kingdom to their native Ganawuri community in Nigeria. The Sangos were confronted with the poor state of educational facilities and materials in Government Secondary School Ganawuri. They decided to help by collecting books from their UK universities and donating them to the students in Ganawuri.

Zambian Minister of Community Development and Social Welfare, Hon. Emerine Kabanishi praises Books2Africa’s donations to Kitwe Community Development College in March 2016.

Books2Africa’s noble work has been celebrated by various stakeholders, political figures, NGO professionals and staff across the continent. But it is the hands of Africa’s children and youth which Books2Africa seeks to empower through the many books and education resources they wish to give. Above is the Zambian Minister of Community Development and Social Welfare, Emerine Kabanshi handing over the books to Principal of Kitwe Community and development Social Welfare College, Aaron Phiri during the donation by Books To Africa to Kitwe Community Development College in Lusaka.

Fundraising jpg

The rest has been history since then; but the skies remain the limit. With a UK base at Canterbury and Dover; Books2Africa collect donated books across the UK from Schools, Universities, Organisations and individuals shipping them directly to African Schools and Universities in rural areas. They are in need of volunteers book donations and sponsorship; checkout their great video here. To find out more about what they do and how you can be of help; visit

Book Donations reaching Abuja, Nigeria in 2015. #GoodWork!

“Books To Africa aims to ship one million books to Africa by December 2015 as its contribution towards the Millennium Development Goals. To achieve this, the charity needs to ship more than 62,500 books every month at a cost of £15,000 per month. The books received by students from London will make a huge difference.” (Tonson Sango, Books2Africa)

Books2Africa believe that education is the key to defeating poverty and transforming Africa’s future. They have two offices, the main office in UK and the African office is in Nigeria. The books they collect are text books for primary, secondary and university education. They are donated to them from all over the UK and Europe and they in turn, donate to schools that apply for them from African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia and others. Most of their operations and book request correspondence are conducted online through their e-mail address: or our website:

Books2Africa Motto: “Putting a book in the hands of every African child”

For more information: visit or call: 01227 392239

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2 thoughts on “Books2Africa: Equipping Africa’s Rural Education Sector

  1. I really do appreciate what Book 2 Africa is doing. I just learnt of it few days ago as a friend told me about what you are doing. I recently started a non for profit education scheme for the less privileged in JOS Plateau state of Nigeria. I identified a number of children who were either school drop outs or have never been to school at all. Today SKAS CARE ACADEMY has 81 children who will love to benefit from what you are doing. We have taken a letter to you Bukuru office and we really hope you will help us.


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