Best 20: African Wedding Photographers in London (2016)

African Weddings. London. Venues. These three words are a visible sight during a London Summer and Winter as Newlyweds, Anniversaries, Memorial Services and Inaugurations take place amongst London’s colourful African Community. Last year’s notes on the Top 10 African Wedding Photographers in London needs updating and and expansion: so out with the old and in with the new! I guess this can only be a progression from the rigorous yet awarding research that was involved in the Best 50 London based African Fashion Designers and Tailors article last month.

Just in case you’re looking for a good and reliable London based Make-Up and HeadTie specialist, contact Remsco Creations! FB: /RemscoCreationsMua | Insta: /RemscoCreations | Email: | Phone: 07908216206

Many may want multiple photographers for their special occasion; others are looking for stunning photography whilst others want the best value for money. Here we suggest the best African Events Photographers that provide a great service for those wedding planners, partners to be and events organisers that need an efficient, reliable and quality service with no African timing! As usual this is split into three parts:

  1. Special Feature: Slick Photography
  2. Top 5: (Highly Recommended London-based Photographers)
  3. Best 20 (Yes. I assert that all the photographers here are worthy)



Insta: /SlickPhotograph | FB: /SlickPhotography | Twitter: @SlickPhotograph | Phone: +447 5387 09730

Based in London, Slick Photography are a source of inspiration. There’s something elegant, distinct and almost divine about their photos. Well reviewed on Facebook and Followed on Instagram. Kudos to the them and the rather low key yet gifted dude behind this label. Check them out here

Top Five: (London based Photographers, Recommended)



Insta: /AanuFamo | FB: /AanuFamoPhotography | Blogspot: /AanuFamo or /AanuFamoStudios | Email: | Phone: +447459490312

Certainly one of London’s Best Destination Wedding and Lifestyle Photographers. Very popular amongst circles in South East and East London and worldwide. This guy did an excellent Job at my cousin’s wedding in Hayes last year. Very patient, comfortable and attention do detail in all his photography. Find out more about Aanu Famo here


Yes! The Photo above was taken by Adebayo Deru. One Word: Priceless.

Insta: /AdebayoDeru | FB: /AdebayoDeruPhotography | Twitter: @AdebayoDeru | Email:

Adebayo Deru is a creative & inspirational wedding photographer.  Exquisite, Seasoned and International Luxury Wedding and African Wedding Photographer is an established name. I’ve seen this guy around at a few events and His all round service is on point. I know i’ll still see him at another two weddings this year. Checkout SD Weddings MGT who provide Wedding Planners & On the Day Wedding Coordinators or via Instagram here. He provides an excellent,  has numerous awards and reviews and very well known amongst many circles. Find out more about Adebayo Deru here



Insta: /KevinObosi | FB: /Kevin-Obosi-Photography | Email: | Phone:  (+44) 07961-156447

Okay – I’ve followed this guy for more than two years now. I know this will become a rather repeated comment in this post – but RealTalk: This guy’s photos are on point. Whether this guy is self taught or professional – I don’t know. But I do know his work stands out from the rest of the photographers because of his usage of mellow hues and facial portraits. As I mentioned before: “Unless you CHANGE DIRECTIONS you are LIKELY to end up where you are HEADED” (Chinese Proverb) – Change direction and head towards this talented photographer. Find out more about K.O. Photography here.



Insta: /PhotographybyAbi  | FB: /PhotographybyAbi | Twitter: @PhotosbyAbi | Email: | Phone: +44 7940 295 291 | 0208 279 0579 (daytime)

Boom. Photography by Abi. Deserving clients will only be put in touch with deserving photographers – and these guys – or should I say this guy is certainly one of them. Abi Rotimi is the Principal Photographer of Index Photography and Photography by Abi. With one of the largest followings on Social Media; This  award winning photographer has covered Nigerian, Ghanaian, Angolan, African Caribean Weddings. Truly pan-African indeed. Find out more about them here.



Insta: /Flyusi | FB: /SamuelFalusiPhotography | Twitter: @Flyusi | Email: | Phone: +44 (0)7939052698

From Barking to Blackheath to Bristol and beyond. Not many have heard of Samuel Falusi before but they have now! Great photographer. Professional. Affordable. Punctual and well travelled. This guy travels all over the city and country. Apart from being a well sought after photographer in the Newham and South East London area; Samuel’s photography has been featured on BellaNaija, LoveWeddings.NG and more. Find out more about this #GoodMan here.



Insta: /FJ_Visuals | Blog: /fjvisuals_blog | FB: /FJ_Visuals_Photography

Abigail is an amazing photographer concentrating mostly in weddings, church events and conferences and fashion. Her social media presence does not do her justice but attention to detail, client photoshoot consultation and a great listener make her a stand out. A good quality of service at a good price is enhanced through the fact Abigail has a limit on the number of clients she entertains and provides service for each month. So if you’re looking to have a decent and professional photographer at your Traditional Engagement or Wedding at a great price; book FJ Visuals within a good notice period, get in touch with her here.



Insta: /ao_media | Twitter: @AO_Media | Email: | Phone: +44 7983331883

More than A London-based Wedding. Lead Photopgrapher Ayo does Portraiture, Commercial Photography studi, Lifestyle photography, pre-wedding, traditionals en plus. Ago can capture your beauty, personality, uniqueness, and your feelings on your very special day. The best way to develop a really great rapport is to have an engagement session before your wedding day – which he provides.



Insta: /OlamintMediaPhotography | FB: /OlamintWedddingPhotography | Twitter: @OlamintProductn | Phone: 07951911126 | Email:

“Olamint media Production is one of the best if not the very best in England now, the production is second to none, with great technology nd modern day equipment. I feel truly proud to patronise this great company. It’s simply amazing! !!!!!!!!!”

Probably the best reviewed photographer in London. Olamint are growing and there portfolio show only one reason why: Quality! These guys provide services in Wedding Planning, Toastmaster, Cinematography, Fashion, Portrait, Studio shoot and more. Find out more about them here.


Advert: For all your event planning; do get in touch with the East London and Romford based ‘Spot On Decor‘ on: 07986222506 or 07951202220



Insta: /SiobhanandCoPhotography | FB: /SiobhanandCo | Email:

#GoodLady and #GoodFriend Siobhan leads this very interesting and culturally diverse portfolio photography site. Asian, African, Latino Weddings are included within her portfolio amongst others. Very well reviewed, reliable and London based lady is talented and a camera pro. Whether your business is holding a conference, getting married, or would like some professional photos Siobhan and Co are here to help you from start to finish. Find out more about them here.



Insta: /Bridge_Weddings | FB: /BridgeWeddings | Twitter: @BridgeWeddings | YouTube: /BridgeGapMedia 

I’ve been following these guys for a while also. And haven’t regretted it.  Experienced Team of 5 were formed more than three years ago and haven’t looked back since. They offer the ultimate wedding experience with Photography and Cinematography. If you love weddings or are a bride to be, check out their blog page. If you desire artistic pieces that capture and story-tell the day of your wedding so well that you relive the moment EVERY TIME! BridgeWeddings aim to do just that and have been doing this for more than 5 years!




FB: /Toks-Media-Productions-Ltd | Twitter: @ToksMediaProd | Phone: 07930601587 | Email:

Okay. If you’re in need of a wedding booking, require a professional Wedding Photography and Filming Company then checkout Toks-Media. Toks Media Productions Ltd is a creative media production company that specialized in filming, photography and other multi-media productions. They are engaged in the development and production of motion picture films including photography. Find out more about them here.



Insta: /AdamsPhotoArt | FB: /Adams.Photo.Art.Photography | Twitter: @AdamsPhotoArt | Phone: 07944 581986 | Email:
No he’s not Nigerian but he has done quite a few Nigeria + African Weddings too. Adam Szczepanski has been lucky enough to photograph a number of Nigerian wedding celebrations. Nigerian weddings are bright, colourful and lots of fun and provide plenty of opportunity for breathtaking wedding photographs. So whether it’s Destination, English, Jewish, Nigerian, Asian, Greek, Tamil, Chinese, Polish… Book him at: or Check him out here.



Tumblr: /TwistPhoto | Insta: /Just_Twist | FB: /JustTwist | Email:

The Bristol and London based Ghanaian Photographer Sean Markwei has describes his eyes  as shutters and his mind as the lens. Day in day out, JustTwist Photography employ filters intentionally or unintentionally that limit our view of life. Somewhere in that gap, Sean’s camera skills captures The Way I See Things (T.W.I.S.T).

“Through my lens I capture the little things others may have missed that add a little TWIST to my perspective.”


Insta: /MyNameisObi | FB: /PhotographybyObi | Twitter: @MyNameisObi | Email:
Excellent portrait and wedding photographer of Nigerian and African weddings. Both in the UK and Nigeria. Widely reviewed on Facebook, followed on Instagram and regarded abroad.


Insta: /SottuPhotography | Twitter: @Sottu | FB: /SottuPhotography | Phone: UK: +44 753-847-6088, US: +1 401-952-8675,  NIG: +234 805-319-8619 | Email:
Since 2010, SOTTU’s work has been phenomenal. Through documentary photography, they provide wedding documentaries to clients across US, Europe, Africa & rest of the world. Segun Olotu is the main man and he specialises in a Documentary style photography that captures life’s important moments and His Photographs are visual treasures prized by clients.



 Insta: /Philliparnell | FB: /PhillipParnellPhotography | Twitter: @Phillparnell

This guy is actually based in Birmingham; it would seem bizarre for me to include someone so far away but Phillip is also nearby. I’ve been following him for a while and his gift in picturesque photos are the reasons why. If you;re looking for photographers that are very skilled at capturing the more unstructured, natural and random faces and moments of the day away from the usual staged shots – then this guy is the way forward. Phillip doesn’t only do weddings but his vintage collection on African weddings so far does not disappoint. Mr. Pharnell has continued to create, grow, evolve, hone and expand himself and skills as a photographer from day to day, from project to project.

“We got married last month & Phillip captured our day beautifully. I had no idea what happened before I arrived at the venue but seeing the photos has given me the whole story. Aside from the staged family & friends shots, all of the photos are natural and chart our day in gorgeous pictures. We can’t thank you enough, you have given us amazing photos to remind us of our wedding day.” (May 2016 Review)


ao photography

FB: Abi.Oshodi | Insta: /ao_photography | Twitter: @AO_Photography | Purpleport: /ao-photography |  ModelMayhem: /ao_photography

Potrait, Fashion, Event, Commercial, Digital, Studio, Fine Art, Magazine photography – Abi Oshodi does it all. But since we’re focusing on Weddings here – Wedding Photography on his portfolio is magnificent. Had it not been for the gb storage on this blog; more would have been uploaded like his Bella Naija featured work. Look out for the Principal photographer Abi. Quality, Classy and well finished photography from a person that believes “anything you want to learn about her photography can be learnt by view my Images.” Find out more about Him here


Phone: 07415 098328 | FB: /YourAfricanWeddingPhotographer | Twitter: /DelPierroPhotos | Email:
Certainly the photographer with the Best Logo out there! And yes – that is the name. YAWP = Your African Wedding Photographer. Marc is a wedding photographer living in London. He creates wedding photos that tell your story in an artful and unique way. Marc creates emotional and whimsical stories through his images. He captures people in dream-like scenarios, adding natural environments to the piece, where he juxtaposes dreaming and reality. Find out more about him here

Insta: /JotPhotography | FB: /JotMMS | Twitter: @JotPhotography_ | Email: | Phone: 07951828503
There’s a maturity, a certain swag and finesse that JotPhotography have. This International Photographer specialises in weddings, events & portraiture. They are the last but certainly not least. Their portfolio is full of inspiring African Weddings in London photos with bright colours and striking photographs reveal an unexpected (or should I say expected) interior world of colour. Find out more about them here.


FB: /JoeMensah | Phone: 07950 34 00 55 | Email:
Joe Mensah Photography specializes in Fashion Events Photography as well as, Beauty, Weddings, Studio, Destination Weddings, Events, Conferences and more. #Ghanaian and Proud Joe Mensah is recognised for his works & providing photography services for cliental in Portraits & Special Events. Some of the most recent works & photography projects have included – The Top Model of Colour Show, African Fashion Week London, & The Beffta Awards.


Agree with what you see on this list? Do you know another Photographers skilled and gifted with the lens? Drop a comment below or tweet me at: @africanCB




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