Best 20: Ghanaian Restaurants & Pop-ups in London

Many African Londoners are unaware of that there are several Ghanaian restaurants, cafes, bistros and bars across London. This community seem to be the most robust and organised amongst many of the diverse West African community based in London. Without going into too much about the similarities and differences between the Sierra Leoneon, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Ivorian and other communities; here is a small list of 20 Ghanaian-themed/owned eateries based in the capital. Check these guys out!

1) Zoe Ghana’s Kitchen
Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen is not just a ‘pop-up’ restaurant — it’s a food event: creating a look and feel from its Ghanaian roots that merges with a contemporary dining experience based in Brixton, South London. These guys are pretty big and pretty much spoken about everywhere in the capital! Check them out at:

– Address: Unit 36, Pop Brixton,
49 Brixton Station Rd,
London SW9 8PQ
– Facebook: @ZoeGhanaKitchen
– Twitter: @ghanakitchen
– Instagram: @ghanakitchen

2) Chalé! Let’s Eat
Ghanaian Street Food! These guys ‘Pop up’ all over London and in ‘odd tinz’ also. To put it short; they are all about flavour, colour and being completely stuffed! They honour the classic recipes but also innovate some of our own stuff.


Find out more about them at:
– Instagram: @chaleletseat
– Twitter: @ChaleLetsEat
– Tumblr: /Chale-Lets-Eat


3)  Jason’s Little Kitchen
This West African supper club based in London plans to bring and share authentic homemade West African dishes using organic and locally sourced ingredients. The founder was born to Ghanaian parents and surrounded by Ghanaian food.


Find out more about him and the club at:
​- Facebook: /jasonslittlekitchen
– Twitter: @JSLittleKitchen
– Instagram: /jasonslittlekitchen
– Soundcloud: /JasonsLittleKitchen


4) Chop Pot
Serving Traditional and Modern Ghanaian Dishes with a Twist of Snacks, Brunch/Meal ideas and Takeaways for a perfect afternoon light and full meal. Furthermore, If you like spicy food you have to try it! With their well balanced taste and big portions including exotic flavours then it might just be something for you.


Find out more about them at:
– Address: O2 Centre Finchley Rd NW3 6LU and 27 Liverpool St EC2M 7PN.
– Twitter: @ChopPot
– Instagram: @ChopPot
– Facebook: /ChopPot


5) Uncle John’s Bakery
Many wouldn’t have assumed there is a Ghanaian Bakery in London – Well – there is! A London based Ghanaian bakery and one that believes that home is where the heart (and sweet bread) is!


Find out more about them at:
– Address: 76 West Green Road, Tottenham, London, N15 5NS
​- Facebook: /UncleJohnsBakery
– Twitter: @UncleJohnsBakery


6) Spinach and Agushi:
Another Episode and Pop up of Ghanaian inspired street food! These guys are usually based in Exmouth Market and in a few other neighbourhood street corners within the M25. They are certainly one of the best well received and well rated African food pop ups in London.


Find out more about them here at:
– Twitter: @SpinachandAgushi
– Facebook: /spinachandagushi


7) Adowa’s Kitchen
Vibrant interior, authentic cuisine and a warm welcome blend effortlessly to create a truly unique and friendly atmosphere. Great Ghanaian dishes, lovingly prepared and cooked to order, will entice your senses – authentic in every way from the chef to the spices used.


Check them out at:
– Address: 35 Whitehorse Lane, London SE25 6RD, Phone: 020 8771 9444


8) The Gold Coast Restaurant and Bar
This award-winning bar & restaurant in London can be found in South Norwood. They call themselves a ‘Gastropub with an African Twist’ – and they’re certainly well placed and well presented and well established.


Check them out at:
– Address: 224 Portland Road, London, SE25 4QB. The ultimate African eating and partying experience.
– Facebook: @The-Gold-Coast-Bar-Restaurant
– Twitter: @TheGoldCoastBar


9) Waakye Leaf
Gathering the best culinary knowledge and natural ingredients from our African roots and presenting them to you in the most creative and imaginative ways.


Find out more about them at:
– Phone: 07515 783 902
​- Twitter: @WaakyeLeaf
​- Facebook: /waakyeleafcatering


10) Eat Jollof London:
This Ghanaian owned enterprise based in London act as the leading provider of refined Pan-African food and offer a modern and creative alternative for your intimate social gathering, upscale corporate event or large event production.


Find out more about them at:
– Twitter:  @EatJollofLondon
– Facebook: /EatJollofLondon
​- Instagram: /EatJollofLondon


11) Bongo Bar and Restaurant:
Sweet and comfortable. food, football, drinks, music, and the best host for all ages. African cuisine with a twist. The Bongo in Tottenham has varied reviews but they have been in service for a while in what many African Londoner would state is one of the traditional London bases  of Ghanaian Londoners, Seven Sisters.


Check them out at:
– Address: 65-67 Broad Lane, South Tottenham, London, N15 4DJ,

Phone : 020 8885 5572


12) Sankofa Restaurant
The Sankofa Restaurant is renowned throughout the London area for its divine style and presentation of traditional Ghanaian cuisine, this is achieved by paying special attention to every fine detail and only using the very finest ingredients.


Find out more about them at:
– Address: 76 Loughborough Rd, Stockwell, London SW9 7FB


13) Safari Restaurant & Bar
“Fantastic Red Red. This is a must visit restaurant in London!” is one the reviews of this Streatham Hill based tasty home-made African food serving bistro. A relaxing and calm environment. These guys provide Tasty home-made African food in a relaxing environment.


Check them out at:
– Address: 440 Streatham High Rd, London SW16 3PX, Phone: 020 8679 9055


14) Diddi Catering

Diddi Catering specialise in Ghanaian- Nigerian and Caribbean Foods and pride themselves in providing top quality service to their clients with comprehensive service. They cater throughout London be it a gathering of friends, naming ceremonies, christening, weddings, entertaining corporate guests, religious occasions, product launches, corporate parties, birthdays or just simply throwing a party!


Find out more about them at:
​- Twitter: @DiddiCatering
– Facebook: /DiddiCatering


15) Abokobi Restaurant
“A lovely neighbourhood restaurant with authentic, delicious food and nice Ghanian cuisine.” All their meals are cooked in house  using high quality fresh ingredients. And with a wide selection of delicious stews and soups; check these guys out at:

– Address: 33 Camberwell Rd, London SE5 0EZ, Phone020 7703 3966


16) Asafo Restaurant
Asafo are traditional warrior groups in Akan culture. Meanwhile in Streatham there’s a small and established Restaurant/Bar that has been serving Ghanaian Food for more than 5 years. The place is small but neatly presented.

Ghana Food

Check them out at:
– Address: 60 Morrish Road, Brixton, London SW2 4EG


17) ​Sweet Handz
This restaurant does pretty much what it says on the tin: A restaurant that blends a relaxed atmosphere with delicious authentic Ghanaian food achieved by using only the finest and freshest ingredients.


Check them out at:
– Address: 217 Holloway Road, London, N7 8DL, Phone: 0207 700 6427 or 07956296062
– Facebook: @Sweethandz-Restaurant


18) Amma’s Fare (Woolwich)

These guys genuinely do have great, authentic Ghanian cuisine. However, their customer service could do with improvement.  Quite a few reviews have mentioned that food takes ages prepare and the staff are rude and uninterested. You could be in for a long wait even if they say 15 mins, be ready to wait 30mins without any compensation.


For more info about them; contact them at:

19) Nana’s Kitchen:
Very niche and dedicated small catering business based in London. Their baked goods and food are all handmade at home with care and meticulous attention to detail. As well as specialising in Ghanaian Foods; they also specialise in Vegan Baked Goods, Gluten Free Baked Goods, Dairy Free Baked Goods, Wheat Free Baked Goods and more.


Find out more about them at:
– Twitter: @NanasKitchen
– Facebook: /Nanas-Kitchen-London


20) Miss Adu’s Kitchen:

A Sheffield and London based Ghanaian Entrepreneur makes delightfully scrumptious Home-made Gluten free, dairy free Cakes, Bakes & Savoury Treats. Available at farmers markets, to local businesses and to order. Miss Adu’s Kitchen provides personalised cookery workshops to individuals, small groups and classroom size classes on health eating, nutritional healing and Ghanaian Cuisine.


For more info; check them out at:
​- Facebook: /MissAdusKitchen
– Twitter: @MissAdusKitchen


Looking to do a few more of these kinds of posts this year. Stay Tuned =)


5 thoughts on “Best 20: Ghanaian Restaurants & Pop-ups in London

  1. Sounds Excellent! Can’t wait to visit, God Willing! either for ‘Mothers’ Day ! or another day soon… Thank You, so much for the ‘Inspiration’, and the hard work in planning, God-given, guise lead, and obedience to doing God’s will, as well. I Pray that this new venture will be successful, and many many people all over the world, will also find this restaurant excellent, as I’ve seen on the website. Our daughter from Wolverhampton has a special needed is a semi-vegetarian, gluten-free, find it so different to get the type of food she would like, at the best of times… Really can’t wait to visit in the Lord’s will, very soon, hope that by God’s grace I will be able to afford it and our family as well, some of us are on low- budget, and also unemployed as well, trusting, in God’s will, through much prayer, I will find work, very soon..

    Thank You ! for hearing me out! Our prayers go with your team, of workers, as you all keep a good standard also up! THANK YOU! AGAIN. Stay Focus on God Almighty! For the best is to come! All the Glory! goes to the Lord Almighty.


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