Ten Best Natural Hair Salons in London


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If you have natural hair in the city of London, you may want to get to know stylists in the area. Going to a professional stylist is no longer for just relaxed hair and weaves. Some hairdressers know all about natural hair, and they can examine your hair to see what you may be lacking.

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While the concept of hairdressing isn’t new, finding someone who knows how to care for natural hair is rare. Natural hair care salons are a new concept in the Western world, and generally are only available in metropolitan areas. Luckily, you have a choice of salons in London.

What to Look for in a Natural Hair Salon

Finding the right natural hair stylist takes time. The last thing you want to do is book an appointment and sit in the chair without asking any questions. Here are some tips to finding a good natural hair stylist:

Do they Understand What Natural Is? Stylists who are not hip to the Natural Hair Movement will not understand the importance of being natural. Avoid anyone who suggests a relaxer to make your hair more manageable. You want someone who will inform, educate, and encourage you on your hair journey. They should be well-versed on moisturization, detangling methods, and have ways of protecting your hair from heat damage. They should also offer tips on how to manage your hair between visits.

Book a Consultation First. Interview your stylist beforehand so you know if they’re the right one. Ask if they have experience working on your hair type and porosity.

Get Specific About Ingredients. Ask them what kind of products they use and write the names down. Nearly all commercial products contain 1-2 wholesome ingredients in them. The question is, what else is in it? You can look at your list and Google each product for specific ingredients after your consultation. Avoid any stylist who uses sulfates, parabens, silicones, and other chemicals that destroy natural hair. It’s a dead giveaway they’re not styling with your best interests in mind if they’re using harmful products on your hair.

Do they Listen to You? One of the most frustrating things is having a stylist play an authoritative role and ignore your wants and desires. The key to getting what you want is to be firm and precise. Don’t leave anything up to guessing because you might end up disappointed. If it’s a struggle to communicate, or they fight about methods or styling, just leave. It’s your hair, and it’s better to walk out the door than to endure months of suffering from a hair tragedy.


Ten Best Natural Hair Salons in London


1. Adornment 365 Salon

Adornment 365 is a newcomer to the scene, but they are well-received in the community and have an impressive 4.5 stars on Google. Their boutique salon looks chic and comfortable. Located in Brixton, they are formally trained and ready to help you look your best. They do cuts, moisture treatments, colors, and more. They offer a generous, free 30-minute consultation, and are knowledgeable about natural hair care, including locs. Phone: 020 7737 5533.


2. Purely Natural Hair

Styling natural hair is not new for Anastasia Chikezie, the owner of Purely Natural Hair. The salon has been around since 1990 and was one of the first natural hair salons in London. She has won numerous awards for styling and was even featured on BBC in 2012. They offer several patterns of twists and locs, and an extensive selection of braiding and weaves. They are located in Stratford. Phone: 020 8221 0122.


3. Morris Roots

Morris Roots first opened in 2001 and boasts four locations across London to serve you. They offer cuts, twists, and coloring. Interested in learning how to style professionally? Morris Roots has an academy, where they provide extensive training for budding stylists. They carry their own product line, including locking formulas. Locations include Highgate (020 8347 6478), Fulham (020 7731 7999), Tooting (020 8672 8003), and the Tooting Academy branch (020 8672 0713).


4. Tia’s Hair Salon

Tia’s Hair Salon in Southwest London offers twists, coloring, and cornrows, but they specialize in locs. Their motto is, “Be honest, be natural, be yourself…anything less and you will forever need more.” Their approach to being natural is refreshing, and they seem to hold natural hair in high esteem and have pride in styling it. Phone: 020 8623 9797.


5. Hair Lounge

Hair Lounge is an upscale boutique on the eclectic Portobello Road, run by Charlotte Mensah. She offers a comprehensive menu of options, including natural hair styling and micro braids. They have their own line of products which feature manketti hair oil. She is the winner of several prestigious styling awards and gets solid reviews on Google. Phone: 020 8969 9444.


6. Honey Hand

Honey Hand is a salon that specializes in wigs and weaves, perfect for when you want a beautiful protective style to cover your curls. They have deep conditioning and protein treatments so that you can take care of your natural hair underneath. They offer online booking for appointments on their website. They are in Leytonstone. Phone: 020 8534 1450.


7. Devine Rootz

Devine Rootz provides an extensive line of services, from twists and braids to weaves. They have special pricing for children, so it is the ideal place to bring your little one. Uju, the owner, has been styling hair for over 20 years and has a chemical-free line of natural hair care products. The salon is at her home, which is based in Enfield. Phone: 075 6200 7282.


8. Sen Style Hair

Sen Style has raving fans on Facebook, Google, and the No Scrunchie review website. The owner, Nina, seems to prize and value natural hair. The salon is located in Woolwich and was founded in 2009. They offer a variety of services for African hair, including Keratin treatments. Phone: +44 7920 178807.


9. Ziuzo Hair and Beauty Salon

Ziuzo offers a full range of services for natural hair, including updos, intensive care treatments, and flexirod styling. They also have weaves, extensions, and hair coloring. They are in Lewisham. Phone: 020 8852 4969.


10. Smiths Salon Hair and Beauty

If you’re looking for an upscale establishment, go to Smiths Salon and ask for Vernon François. He is a celebrity stylist who has worked on Lupita Nyong’o, Serena Williams, Solange Knowles, and Kerry Washington’s hair. He grew up in a Rastafarian household, and he is an expert in kinks and coils. Vernon François sells his own line of products on his website. Smiths is located in Soho. Phone: 020 7734 3004.

What have been your experiences at natural hair salons in London? Do you have a stylist to add to the list?


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