Les Maliens du Royaume-Uni: Malian Community in London (2016)

Malians have one the smallest communities in the UK and certainly in London. Many of the Bambara and French speaking Malians are dispersed all over London and have effective community development organisations in London such as the ‘Conseil des Maliens du Royaume-Uni’ (Malian Community Council-UK) and the Community of Malian Refugees in the UK along with the Mali Development Group in Oxford. Some Malians live in Peckham, Hackney and near Edgware Road. More info is available from the groups mentioned below.

Le Conseil des Maliens de l’Exterieur


Le Conseil des Maliens de l’Exterieur est un organe à caractère associatif, apolitique, laïc et non discriminatoire et à but non lucratif.

Facebook: /Conseil-des-Maliens | Phone 1: 078 68 88 11 90 | Phone 2: 075 52 22 52 28 | Email 1: info@conseilmalienru.org | Email 2: info@maliancounciluk.org | President: Aboubacar Coulibaly

This non-profit organisation is the leading body for Malians in the UK assisting Malians to overcome the problems of integration and social inclusion. Life in the UK and London is very different linguistically, culturally and weather wise compared to back home and this organisation serves a very good purpose.

Le Conseil des Maliens du Royaume-Uni a pour but de:
– représenter les Maliens auprès des Instances et Institutions Nationales du Mali;
– rassembler tous les ressortissants maliens du R.U. sans distinction d’origine régionale, ethnique, religieuse, sociale, de sexe ou de profession;
– promouvoir l’union et la solidarité entre les Maliens du R.U.;
– aider les Maliens à surmonter les problèmes d’intégration et d’insertion sociale;
– susciter la contribution des Maliens au developpement économique, social, environnemental, culturel et sportifl du Mali;
– promouvoir la paix et l’intégration entre les communautés.

Malian Diaspora in the UK: London Meeting (March 2016) in Peckham



Address: Honorary Consulate of Mali, Vine Court, Church Street, London, W4 2PD | Phone: +44 (0) 203 7647 547 | Email: info@mali-consulate.org.uk

Special Consular service headed by the noble Honorary Consul Mr. Mark Saadea. The consul provides consular services (visas, legalising documents, community database, repatriation, etc.) from their newly established consulate in West London.


*** Do you know or want to recommend other Malian organisations and/or Entrepreneurs in London/UK that deserve a shoutout? Feel free to comment below or contact me via Twitter: @AfricanCB or Facebook: /AfricanCultureBlog

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