Make a difference – Are Africans in the Diaspora Obligated to make a difference back in Africa?

“Back In Da Day We Used To Jam Da Most, Used To Plug Da Music Into Da Lampost. I Reminice To Much, But If A Man Don’t, He Might Forget Where He Came From, And Can’t Approach. The Place He Tryna Go, A Wise Man Won’t. I Ain’t At Da Top Yet But I’mm So Damn Close, My Bros Honest, So Modest, I Cant Boast, Fast Food I Can’t Coat. I Took Home Cookin For Granted ’cause I Couldn’t Imagine, These Girls Can’t Cook, They So Into Fashion, I Like ’em ’cause I’m So Into Passion, But Man When I Was Growin Up My Mama Was Multi-Taskin.”

Papoose – Make A difference

Make a difference – Are Africans in the Diaspora Obligated to make a difference back in Africa?

I was discussing with some friends whether Africans in the Diaspora should feel or have an obligation to help people back home in any way shape or form? Living in London, I am meeting more and more people telling me though they are Black and their parents are African they don’t feel inclined to help Africa since the UK is their home. And whilst this may sound controversial to the ‘Mama Africanists’ and traditionalists within the Diaspora; the reality is that this is a growing trend. There was a bit of division at first within the discussion; but we came up to more rounded conclusion that Africans are not obligated but if they feel; then they should.

Many a time, the Black Diaspora in search of Identity are sometimes taught to re-value and appreciate their home in Africa; but when it comes to spending our future there it may be a different story. One can argue is it better to be in the Diaspora yet wanting to make and impact back in Africa than to be far away not engaging in African Affairs in a any way? Whilst some say home is where the heart is; others say home is where you make it to be. Meaning; where I live is where I belong; and here is where we find our priorities. Within academics there is a sociological term known as ‘Moral Economies’.  The moral obligations a community feels obliged to perform to another; Can this term be applied to the black Diaspora towards the continent?

The above quote is from American Rapper ‘Papoose’ who was born to Sierra Leoneon Parents in New York speaks within this song urging the African American Community to make a difference and at the value of revaluing home… Me in the UK however, I am encouraged to see a growing number of young people of African origin taking an interest in developments back home; perhaps this is due to the growing news that Africa is the next place to invest in and how things are improving in some countries socio-economic wise… However one can argue that this is where it starts and stops; If one is to make a difference one is to go there and help out in one way or contribute to the sectors there in one way…..  and not merely stay talking and hopeful whilst attending a few “Africa is the next place to Invest” conferences back in the UK,  I include myself in this equation.

Food for thought?

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